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  1. Michael says:

    I’ll speak to this when I can type.
    For those unaware, my cat bit me and put me in the ER this morning.
    i was already down to one hand, the one she bit.

    The bottom line is I’ll take him at his word.

  2. Paige says:

    Oh no Michael. Yikes. ???

  3. Steve says:


    Sounds good but I’m very confused. As chairman of the board I assume you are a board member and you just said that the current board members are ALL resigning. Does that include you? How are officers and directors “elected”? Curious, how were you elected or were you appointed? Who votes to elect the officers and directors of the board? Do Mike and Pam still have voting power to appoint their successors? Also, curious who are the independent pastors that are assisting you and how were they chosen and what power do they have? Thank you for willingness to be transparent in this situation.

  4. Michael says:


    No need for an Inquisition.
    McCoy was put on the board to liquidate the assets, after which the corporations will be liquidated.
    I believe he is taking the path necessary to accomplish what needs to be done…an outside audit and funds to help the young people traumatized.
    There is a lot going on here and full disclosure will come.
    I’ve had two conversations with Mr. McCoy and I’m satisfied that he’s acting in everyones best interest here.

  5. JM says:

    Thanks for the update, Michael. Hope you are feeling better.
    I confess that history makes it very hard to trust all of this.
    However, will hope it is as you say.

  6. DM says:

    Sounds more like a Politician than a Pastor…

    A pastor and his wife have hurt many people, and all he can talk about is the money. I guess we should just expect these Christians to act like the world now.

  7. DM says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Michael!

  8. Captain Kevin says:

    Hang in there, Michael! To aid in your recovery, may I suggest that if comments on this thread become too contentious, you close the comments. Just a thought. Praying for you, my friend.

  9. Wait a minute..
    Lets go back to the statement discussed in the earlier post, (Does PFM Still Exist)
    Here is the quote regarding auto/debits. If I did this personaly with a customer/s, I would anticipate my arrest for bank, or wire fraud. You can not liquidate Entity A and transfer debits to Entity B. B could assume A including financial associations, including liabilities, but that is hardly what is being described below.

    …”For those of you who give via credit/debit card or bank draft, we will be suspending all automatic donations until August 1, 2019 at which time all active debits will be reactivated for their typical draft schedule. If you wish to discontinue your support of the children’s programs, please contact us prior to August 1, 2019.”…

  10. Jessie says:

    Can I just say this? I very much dislike the implication that it is the fault of those bringing accusations or the accusations themselves that threaten the sponsorship programs. It is not. It’s the actions of the Rozells and those knowingly allowing the abuses and financial indiscretions that are responsible. The ends don’t justify the means…even in ministry…especially in ministry…and maybe another ministry altogether needs to start in those oversees locations “for the kids”. Since that is what they keep worrying about. What about the youth here who were harmed?
    Also this isn’t rumors or hearsay-we have here multiple witnesses coming together saying the same type of abuses happened to them. People of character…who gain NOTHING except to know they aren’t alone. This is even more than the two witnesses required in the Bible. So as an outsider, looking into this situation, I’d ask the church/ministry leaders to stop shielding the Rozells, stop making excuses for them, but encourage them to repent (truly, not just lip service) for how they mislead and harmed so many people. THAT has not happened…They used the ends to justify their horrible means. They used people, cherished by God, and enslaved them. This is NOT good. And the church needs to take a stand against this mentality and not stand for it within their walls.

  11. Michael says:


    Well said.

  12. Tim Brown says:

    Rob McCoy is an honorable man. He is not part of the problem, but part of the solution. Paul tells us that love believes all things. I understand this to mean that love is not suspicious or looking for the angle someone is playing. Love doesn’t assume that someone has less than virtuous motives – let him/her manifest their duplicity first (then lay into him/her!).

    Rob McCoy being a Calvary Chapel pastor should not be a strike against him anymore than if he were Baptist or Anglican or Methodist. We are all aware of bad actors in Calvary Chapel (as well as any other family of churches one could name). Calvary Chapel is not monolithic. To assume so is to make the same error as identity politics – it’s the lazy man’s gambit.

    No doubt, if Michael had been called into a similar scenario to bring order and clarity and confessed a trepidation about wading into unfamiliar waters, much grace and understanding would be extended to him. If a false start was made and it seemed as if he were going to be ineffectual, encouragement and prayers would flood his way. Let’s do the same for Rob. By his own admission this is new territory. I thank God that this situation was exposed and the bad actors expunged and the ministry extinguished. I thank God that a man of integrity has been called to do what is necessary to right the wrongs that can be righted and to bring things to an ordered end. God bless you, Rob. Let’s pray for and encourage Rob.

  13. Tim Brown says:

    I forgot to mention that I pastor Calvary Chapel Fremont, CA.

  14. a voice says:

    “While the ministries have already been tried in the court of social media, the current allegations…”

    And here in lies the problem within many CC and their affiliate like PFM… The wolves pretending to be shepherds are not used to and certainly resist with “gas lighting” rebukes when the dumb, pew sitting sheep dare to rise up, think for themselves and question their unethical and ungodly practices.

    It is far too easy for them to slither under the pretense of the Moses Model and discredit those “disgruntled” rebellious sheep whose eye are open to their scam… In the above announcement by Roy I read… Trust me we have it handled, KEEP GIVING MONEY, shut up and move along so this can all go away quietly….

    Most of those who have rightly judged PFM and you ROY on social media are the abused sheep themselves!!! They have no other platform to express their own hurt and outrage!!!

    OWN IT Roy and address the serious allegations made by those who have been deeply affected by the Rozells…

  15. BD says:

    Yes, Love believes all things; trust but verify and monitor carefully are also loving.
    Trust is earned, called or not.

  16. Jerod says:

    “While the ministries have already been tried in the court of social media, the current allegations made through the media and in personal conversations with me, against leadership of Potter’s Field Ranch, Inc. (known as PFR) carry the potential to result in the ruination of the sponsorship base that supports both children and missionaries domestically and internationally.  In an effort to minimize the potential losses to the children’s funding… [Mike and Pam did the right thing, and 40 people are now unemployed in Montana]…”

    Yeeeaaah, that kinda sounds like a half hearted attempt to turn this on the victim’s head…

    Hard not to read, “It’s about the kids, you libelous jerks.” Maybe you misspoke, Mr.McCoy. In truth, it is! There’s an awful cost to these kids here and around the world. It may be unavoidable.

    These days, with the greased skids we’re all so well aware of, it’s hard not to believe CCA might circle the wagons and Mike and Pam tunnel their way to someplace unheard of.

    Then again a flash mob exaggerating perceived slights and mistreatment is not unheard of, as we’ve seen in the media with many politicians and celebrities.

    Then again the particulars of it all, the triangulation, the gaslighting, seem so very much to fit the mold. And PFM is a pretty small meal for any class action.

    Trust but verify, indeed. On both sides. Sorry folks.

    You better be the real McCoy, Rob. If you do your job well you’ll definitely piss off everybody involved.

    Does PFM support long term or indigenous missionaries? 3 mil a year seems awful slim to do that with.

  17. That says:

    Bob Coy
    Michael Rozell
    Roy Mcoy

    Who’s next?

  18. MM says:

    I’m rather chatty today I guess.

    Here’s my takeaway from all this; how one starts something has a huge effect on how it ends.

    For some reason humanity always wants a short cut and while sometimes those methods do work out they after lead to a dead end.

    How’s the saying go?
    “You never have enough time to do it right, but always have the time to do it over.”

    Seething like that.

    Look at the carnage PFM and Rozell have left along the shoulders of their short cut.

  19. MM says:

    After, seething. Corrections often, something

    See if I first read the post and checked for auto fill and spelling the outcome would have been better.

    I’m an example of my example.

    iPad, can’t live without them?

  20. Chlodwig says:

    Is Rob McCoy using this website as the platform for releasing public statements?

    Or does this statement of his also occur elsewhere?

  21. Michael says:

    It’s a press release. All the local media received it. I chose to publish it in its entirety.

  22. Outside T. Fold says:

    ??Oh my ??

    “While the ministries have already been tried in the court of social media”


    When there is hardly any / no accountability, and along comes a method to give a voice to those who’d been voiceless, I read a statement like this and I just… shake… my… head.

    The Mayor of Thousand Oaks would have done well to proofread his press release one last time and delete this.

  23. Billy says:

    “While the ministries have already been tried in the court of social media, the current allegations made through the media and in personal conversations with me, against leadership of Potter’s Field Ranch, Inc. (known as PFR) carry the potential to result in the ruination of the sponsorship base that supports both children and missionaries domestically and internationally. In an effort to minimize the potential losses to the children’s funding, Michael and Pamela Rozell have voluntarily removed themselves from the day to day operations” – I wanted to quote this for context.

    Please read that quote several times. It’s the most important comment in the entire press release, because it shows the motive for the entire piece.

    #1 – It casts a very fine web of doubt and dissent on the allegations of abuse by noting that it’s already been tried and convicted on social media. It reads as if there’s an insinuation that it’s unfair to have these allegations out publicly, because this sort of abuse always leads to those who allegedly completing the abuse to be ‘unfairly’ tried before due cause. How many other times has anyone seen that type of comment? Why, that’s a defense lawyer’s comment with regard to his client, who just so happens to have several allegations against them, but that lawyer just wants you to know that these are ONLY allegations and he is not guilty until a court of law says so. More importantly, that lawyer knows you don’t admit to the wrongdoing before official conviction. Admission and repentance would be the correct moral and ethical thing to do–however, the lawyer knows it’ll get you in trouble.

    But what’s beyond that obvious statement? There’s a tragic irony of anyone affiliated with CCA insinuating any sort of unfairness toward PFM; while CCA had years, LITERALLY YEARS, to listen to any of the victims who had come forth and pointed out this behavior. CCA could have stepped up and looked into it, but stood by and did nothing. And now that the ugly secret is out in the wild and uncontrollable, it’s unfair. CCA had the opportunity to fix this years ago, and didn’t. This result was chosen by PFM and CCA due to their inability to have proper oversight and abuse training within their affiliated churches.

    #2 – This press release does not speak to the victims who have been hurt. It does speak to some of the people that have been negatively impacted by the immediate shuttering of PFM (such as current volunteers or interns), and it only speaks to them because there’s likely no lawsuit pending from the majority of those personnel. This section in particular gets to the particular heart of this entire message, by essentially saying, “Here’s some official info on what’s happening with PFM. So, all of you donors out there, please be advised and DO NOT STOP SENDING THAT MONEY!”

    As a pastor, as one of god’s shepherds to his flock of millions, where is the care taking heart in all of this? When a shepherd learns that some of his flock are hurting, what ‘good’ shepherd waits until a lawyer tells him it’s OK to acknowledge the hurt and tend to his flock? Where in the moral compass do you sit there, praying to God, and note that I cannot speak to these multitude of victims until a lawyer tells me it is OK? I mean, you shut down a ministry in 72 hours upon seeing the allegations — and you would only do that if there is merit in those allegations. So, why continue hurting people by not even acknowledging their pain and suffering? Oh that’s right, because pain and suffering is something that gets you sued.

    In all of this, CCA and PFM’s inability to acknowledge the victims created this abuse, fostered this abuse, nurtured this abuse and their continued inability to be a responsible messenger of Christ will have this judged not only in this small corner of the social media community on Phoenix Preacher, but in the U.S. as a whole. Now tell me, CCA, do you want this story on FoxNews, CNN, NPR, MSN as well? Acknowledge the victims! Do what is right and trust in God to provide for all these wonderful things you want to continue doing through PFM. Why must you wait to do the write thing and be forced in acknowledging these victims by your fellow man?

    #3 – Money. I alluded to it above, but the last thing this is about is money. And do not kid yourself if you think it’s just about the donors for PFM and keeping that going. That’s not the only money that this statement is speaking to. You just need to read between the lines…

    These ministries are not McCoy’s, Rozell’s, CCA’s or any person’s ministries. THEY. ARE. GOD’S. Period. God inspires people to begin them and God will end them if he so chooses.

    With that in mind, how about you pray to God and see if he even wants this to continue? If he does, you’ll find the money for it, whether through a renewed donor-base or through other means. God will and does provide.

    Or, you could just send out a cold and calculated release that does not speak to the victims and is clearly focused on the money pouring in, because heaven-forbid that PFM or anyone affiliated with CCA would do the one thing that was most important from the very beginning of all of this abuse years ago…

    …acknowledge the victims.

  24. Michael says:

    WWG1WWA… you are under moderation.
    I will approve them as I see fit…or not.

  25. Sandra says:

    Spot on, Billy.
    You would think we would be used to the sterile, legalese by now, but frankly, we’re not. Are there no leaders (i.e. responsibility owners) among your sorry lot? Suddenly there is an interest in Lex Rex???… What an unfunny joke. The RUINATION you speak of, Mr. McCoy is at the hands of the leadership of PFM, period.

  26. Jeremiah says:

    I would just like to get ahold of whomever is in charge of the equipment liquidation process. Is there a number?

  27. Michael says:

    Which equipment?

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