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TGIF Replay: 2015 3 6

TGIF Replay: 2015

“If you feed them, you’ll never get rid of them.” Strays. Every day, sometimes more than once a day, we put out food for the strays.   We “know” some of them now, and...

TGIF Replay: 2014 11 0

TGIF Replay: 2014

To me and countless others who have seen it over the years, Crater Lake is the most beautiful place on earth. For those unaware, it is a volcano that blew up, collapsed into itself...

Open Blogging 19 110

Open Blogging

It’s all yours…plus some links I found before I completely lost interest… Imprecatory prayer and bumper sticker theology… Amy Grant hospitalized… Ron Sider dies… A changing climate could change religion… Remaining hopeful in the...