Kevin H: Compromised Conduits

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  1. Em ... again says:

    hmmm… maybe God’s desire is for us to be the best that we can be and that may not be somebody else’s best or somebody else’s definition of best or even … best … just the best that He can get out of each of us?
    “…whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice….” amen Paul and Kevin amen, indeed ūüôā

  2. Jean says:

    “But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong;” (1 Cor 1:27)

    Christians who don’t believe in free will and decision theology do so, because no one would freely choose the Gospel or decide for Christ.

    God could have given us golden tablets, but he didn’t. God could have produced prophets and apostles who were awesome dudes, but he doesn’t work that way. Why? So that when He calls someone to faith through preaching of the Gospel, it’s because God did it. So let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.

  3. Em ... again says:

    Yes, amen God is the author and the finisher of our Faith, but… ūüôā

    “Christians who don‚Äôt believe in free will and decision theology do so, because no one would freely choose the Gospel or decide for Christ.”

    would no one freely choose the Gospel? or decide for Christ? …

    i did … God revealed and i chose to believe and turn – God’s working on and in me, but my acceptance…

    so i’m not sure whether i don’t understand you and MLD in your assertion on this or whether you folks are just … wrong

    Phl 2:13 “For it is God which worketh in you both to WILL and to DO of his good pleasure.” He supplies and persuades, too, perhaps, but it’s me that has to get off the dime and follow … or not

  4. Kevin H says:


    I’m not really sure what your comment about free will and decision theology is in relation to. This article was speaking to how God uses human means to have the Gospel preached and Christ proclaimed. It wasn’t giving a theological assertion of how we come to faith.

  5. I would say that God saves people in spite of the bad teaching and the corruption. There is no way that God condones it and then uses it.
    The premise that God uses fallen people (and I use that to mean more than just us regular sinners – but crooked Christians) is just a terrible statement.

    This would be like saying that a rape victim, through her rape comes to Jesus and then to say God used the rapist to save this lady.

    Now I don’t want to point to TBN or Jan or the Bakers – but God doesn’t “use” just anyone. People come to Christ because the spirit calls then – not Jan Crouch.

  6. Kevin H says:


    I’m not saying that God uses the bad teaching and corruption. But what I am saying is that interspersed with all the bad on TBN and its programming is the proclamation of the Gospel and Christ. That is what I believe God finds a way to use.

    And just as the Apostle Paul rejoiced that Christ was being proclaimed even if it was being done by those with all the wrong reasons, I am trying to rejoice that Christ is being proclaimed amongst a lot of other bad by TBN and others.

    I still despise all the bad and think that we’d be better off without organizations like TBN or pastors who have no business being in the pulpit because of disqualifying sin. But I try to be thankful for those moments when the proclamation of Christ occurs because I believe God uses them despite all the mud that surrounds them.

  7. Jean says:

    I agree with Kevin. The power is in the Word, not in the delivery vessel. However, we’re not endorsing greedy or immoral evangelists.

  8. Erunner says:

    It’s amazing that God chooses any of us to share His word and see people come to faith. Great article Kevin!

  9. Nonnie says:

    Excellent article Kevin!

  10. Kevin H says:

    Thanks E and Nonnie.

  11. Cash says:

    Great article Kevin. It gives me hope that I as a damaged person am still valuable to God and even might be used by God at some points. Thanks.

  12. Charles says:

    I was in the dentist office yesterday and they had Dr Oz on, so while getting worked on I hear, “coming up next Bishop TD Jakes and his new book Destiny , Step into your purpose

    And for the next fifteen minutes Jakes went ahead and told people that they should empower themselves. Instead of having a great opportunity to preach the Gospel to millions of people who need it, he shamelessly hawked his new book with Dr Oz and never once mentioned God, Jesus or anything Gospel related.

    Such a shame and what a waste of time.

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