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  1. Josh the Baptist says:

    Are there any early church writings about Junia? Is all Mcknight’s theory based on the one verse? With a disputed interpretation?

    I’m fairly open to women in ministry, but I wouldn’t base it on Junia.

  2. Duane Arnold says:

    Josh – Split down the middle. Translation on this one is tricky. Also, owing the the common nature of the name, Origen thought it was a man, as do several Latin Fathers. Chrysostom thought her a woman equal to the apostles, but in standing, not ministry.

  3. Josh the Baptist says:

    Would you agree then, that if Junia is Mcknight’s main point for egalitarianism, he is standing on pretty shaky ground?

  4. Tim - Doulos says:

    I know it’s not your headline, but what a stupid headline the Atlantic put on that article: “Creationist sues the Grand Canyon…” He didn’t sue the canyon; he sued (with justification) the National Park Service.

    One more not-so-subtle dig against creationists from the liberal media. Ugh.

  5. Duane Arnold says:

    #3 Josh

    Yes. It’s similar to the book some years back “proving” that the early Church sanctioned Gay marriage. I don’t mind hearing the argument, just use real, valid sources…

  6. John 20:29 says:

    what happens to our pets when they die? (that’s about as deep a thot as i’m up to this morning)
    i think the mormon community had it right, except that they mixed up wives with pets… if Fido was a good dog, we can call him up in eternity 🙂 if he was a rebellious pain in the neck for which we wished we’d never volunteered to be the caretaker? … well let sleeping dogs lie

    one thing, tho, that i am absolutely certain of is that God knows and grieves over every hard thing that we have to go thru in this life…

  7. Jean says:

    To be fair to McKnight, I think the blog article was just a rant against what he perceived is a shifting argument. He has an entire book in support for his position.

  8. Josh the Baptist says:

    This was his book specifically on Junia. I thought it was a weak argument then, and still do now. It doesn’t affect my view of women in ministry one way or the other, but it is just a shaky foundation for this doctrine.

  9. Jean says:

    Personally, I have stopped reading McKnight, both his books and most of his blog articles (although I still read others at his blog).

  10. Rob says:

    What Happens to Our Pets When They Die?

    They get buried in the back yard.

  11. Eric says:

    Good to see a thoughtful Nigerian sharing his wisdom there. Non-westerners ought to have a bigger voice on the discussion of the Church relating to Islam. Unfortunately that article was paywalled for me.

    Not paywalled however was this one
    which I see as a real good news story and hopefully an example to the rest of the Church. As long as they are extra careful – lots of eyes etc.

  12. Jim Jacobson says:

    Great list of links as always. I too thought the Grand Canyon story was pretty biased. Hope they win that one. Also thought the “evidence for evolution” article at biologos was huey. Of course they don’t allow comments there.

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