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  1. Jean says:



    I knew this article would probably go off the rails when I got to this:

    “After explaining the problems with the usual explanation of this passage, he then gave his own commentary on the issue, which I found much more intellectually satisfying.”

    If you’re being intellectually satisfied instead of believing the simple words of Scripture, more than likely, you’ve got it wrong. This author got it wrong.

  2. Em says:

    A hero? We don’t seem to be able to see the man Jesus as a hero. Submission to the will of the Father/God? Submission is heroic? Jesus as a man suffered. Is that heroic? I don’t think we are taught about him in as down to earth a way as we should be… Talk about a hero. The Celebrity of the universe. Is there a voice in the back of our minds saying, “well He was God, after all. He had special powers. He didn’t really suffer as a man?”
    But maybe i’m wrong… Dunno.

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    If I were to comment on the article, it would be “This is why Chalcedon is important…”

  4. Jerod says:

    Yoga has become a bandwagon. While it’s origins are demonic for most it simply doesn’t hold that meaning. On the other hand some would call it a very slippery slope… But why aren’t folks decrying Tai Chi as well? It’s a band wagon.

    The article on Trump’s nationalism was right, but let’s be honest, Trump is sticking his finger in the eye of technocrats like Macron and his Davos buddies. He seems to spend his rhetorical capital faster than he and the Republicans can blown out the budget -wroth zero thought of the consequences to future generations. I’m afraid his presidency will have short term benefits and long term consequences. Was conservatism a bandwagon for him? I always thought of him as a classic Democrat…

  5. bob1 says:

    Trump’s not a conservative.

    He’s also not a Democrat. There are times in his past where he was, however.

    Trump is Trump — he does what suits him.

    That’s his modus operandi.

  6. Babylon's Dread says:

    First, the current uptick of focus on nationalism matters. It is not equivalent to Naziism but the ‘ism’ on national makes the problem. As a believer in Christ I cannot support nationalism though I can support my nation, be patriotic, serve, vote and care. Nationalism has a telos and that is frightening. It simply is headed toward bloodshed in the name of self interest. In that regard all of us are somewhat guilty.

    The endless critiques of Christianity, especially evangelical Christianity in the public square these days basically amount to evangelical’s rejection of man-centered progressivism. That value system emptied the mainline churches for 100 years. Apparently the Methodist, for example, hope the pendulum has shifted. I will not comply. A critique of evangelicalism based on relentless otherworldliness that obscures the kingdom is valid. The correction will help. But stretching our arms to embrace the flood of exits based on the hatred of the academy for all things Jesus… meh.

    Preach Jesus and let the sky fall.

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