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  1. CM says:

    In regards to Churches being the hotspots for COVID outbreaks, here is one about a Calvary Chapel in Texas:

  2. Em says:

    Reading about the early Church not interested in political power – of course not as they had none
    But today? The danger is – IMV – that a shallow church will find themselves promoting Satan’s antichrist of the final act. Enthroning a very evil puppet – not Trump, IMV, however 🙆

  3. Jean says:

    “Enthroning a very evil puppet – not Trump, IMV, however”

    I don’t think Trump is a puppet of the church. He has made the church his puppet. The church is going to pay greatly for allowing itself to become Trump’s puppet.

  4. I think that the r/s been trump and the evangelical continent is reflexive.

    Whatever the case… I’ve survived my taxes going up and down and up and down… losing my doctor (healthcare) despite promises. Taxes and fees ever going up in California; living here, that’s a given. Sufficient is the evil of the day thereof. I’m thankful to God to still be working and earning.

  5. UnCCed says:

    With the second round of stimulus checks being ironed-out (and certain second round of jihads about it), I thought of two things:
    1) Jesus commending the widow for sacrificing all she had for Gods work.
    2) I wonder how much of the church’s $ went to the widow/orphan during this pandemic?

  6. I reached out to my now likely former CC saying I wanted to help. I would donate time and money since I blessed to continue working. I was thanked and politely rebuffed. The CC was in the midst of spending almost $800k on building upgrades, they were honest enough to share the numbers before the lockdown. That’s a ton of dough yet I couldn’t help but think how much of the tithes and offerings actually gets to the most vulnerable, part of the congregation or not. Roof repairs I can understand, but new carpet and new upholstered pews of a different color? Was that necessary? A redone stage? That and the PF debacle much soured me. Maybe it’s just me…

  7. CM says:


    In regards to your comment July 8th, this immediately comes to mind:

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