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  1. Michael says:

    I had to accompany T to the mall yesterday, a trip I looked forward about as much as my next colonoscopy.
    I hate the mall, but someone was trying to sell him something under what I thought were fraudulent terms and I had to do my parental duty.
    We waited at the kiosk for one of the salespeople to get free and I noticed that one of them had beautiful hair, very expensively coiffed.
    She was wearing expensive,stylish clothes and I felt out of place in my jeans and Viking jacket.
    I felt even more out of place when she waited on us and it dawned on me that she was a he.

    T didn’t even notice, nor did the other customers seem to feel any discomfit.

    I, on the other hand…

    I wonder if every generation feels this way before they die out…that the changes in society have been so great that they no longer fit anywhere but the ground.

    Things have gotten way too weird for me to process.

    When we’re gone, this sort of thing will be normative.

    I have no theological or sociological insights to offer…I’m just glad I’m not of dating age…

  2. Em says:

    jeans and Viking jacket are in style anywhere (except formal dinners 🙂 ) speaking as the daughter of a fashionista who made her living in the industry … LOL

  3. Jtk says:

    This “T” thing (LGB*T*) has, by the estimates of a millennials coworker, more than doubled since January 2019 on our mission field.

    The ironic thing: the most girliest, done-up, people on campus are the M-t-F wanna-bes.

    Studies have shown that it won’t last, on an individual level. Levels as high as 85% wil stop is identifying that way as they grow older.
    However the suicide rate for those who transition is just as high as those who don’t.

    Let’s buckle up and spread the love and grace of God to those who will hear, and find our courage.

  4. Michael says:


    That is my formal wear… 🙂

  5. Michael says:


    I think your generation and the younger will have to handle this one.

    My reactions were…less than godly.

    I’m too old and too appreciative of the differences between men and women …

  6. The New Victor says:

    My company (as recognizable as Intel but not them) launched a Pride Initiative two years ago. We’re encouraged to support and participate, such as in San Jose’s Pride March. Human interest stories on the intranet. There are also a Vertan”s Initiative and a Christian Initiative. In 7 years, I haven’t seen a single story or post on the main intranet page relating to either of those.

  7. Em says:

    Michael @ 12:51
    I’m not sure your reaction was “less than godly” …..
    might extrapolate off of the saying your rights end where mine begin… That said, i do feel a compassion of some kind for these skewed souls…. but, as i understand it, this is unacceptable to God and is a hallmark of a failing civilization

  8. Michael says:


    It was way less than godly. 🙂
    In the Southern Oregon I grew up in, that guy/gals life would have been in danger for even going out in public.
    That’s not any sort of exaggeration.
    I don’t advocate that sort of extreme,but that’s the climate I grew up in.
    The others at that kiosk either didn’t notice or didn’t care…and I found that as odd as the confused person.
    I’m not passing any judgments…just recognizing it’s a far different world than it was before.

  9. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Ain’t it so. “I wonder if every generation feels this way before they die out…that the changes in society have been so great that they no longer fit anywhere but the ground. “

  10. Em says:

    “The others at the kiosk either didn’t notice or didn’t care…”
    Sometimes it is hard to tell whether they’re coming or going, girls or boys

  11. Em says:

    from a closed blog Reuben took offense at my words and said,
    “This is such an outrageous statement that you should count yourself lucky you say it in a relatively closed readership where there is occasionally only me around to call it out. This kind of bigoted nonsense is one of the most glaringly obvious examples of how the vast majority of Christians in this country have almost zero comprehension of reality outside their own church, let alone the rest of this planet.
    How is it that a Muslim or a Buddhist is a mindless fanatic? Or somehow more susceptible to mind control than you? Are they stupid or something because they are Muslim or Buddhist? What on god’s blue planet can you possibly mean by that?”
    you asked….
    the fanatics are the ones within Christianity who mindlessly follow leaders without examining them or their teachings… looking for what, i don’t know? as to mind control, i wasn’t thinking of those who are in the Christian community (although i am sure some are), my thoughts were of those who have to have a religion to function and in my view they are those who follow a Mullah or the teachings of Buddha, etc. are rationalizing – looking for answers? yes, but choosing a concoction of “nice” and not so nice teachings…. they certainly do not have to have a low I.Q. to reach their set of dos and don’ts and explanations of the why of us….

    Even though Reuben and other non-theists of various stripes here do make me think, what i post is NOT directed AT Reuben… just what these kinds of posts bring me to conclude…

    I do not know anything about Reuben (named after a great sandwich, though) other than reading and thinking on his thoughts here… actually i am indebted to him because such posts do make me ponder what i have experienced over these past 68 years now walking as a redeemed soul… where i have found rock solid truth and experienced some not so small miracles and, yes, some epiphanies too

    Rueben has my apology for upsetting his day…. i suspect that there are others who also find that my comments make them hot under the collar as do some of others’ posts that i read also… well, not angry really… a little sad, maybe – dunno 🙁

    i should add that my life experience has not been limited to one church, one denomination by any means… i speak from a point of view, not ignorance

    God keep all and may tomorrow find us all thankful – even those who have no one to thank

  12. Duane Arnold says:

    A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to All…

    “Thanksgiving to God raises us mortals out of the corruption of mortality, releases us from that from which we must all at some time be released, whether we will or not, and binds us to God the Living and Immortal; if we are not bound to Him in this life, then we shall never be in His presence in eternity. Thanksgiving ennobles the thankful and nourishes good works. Thanksgiving inspires benevolence in the world, and gives freshness to every virtue.”

    St. Nikolai Velimirovic

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