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  1. Reuben says:

    Got a spare minute.

    The song was written about Syd Barrett, as was most of the album.

    The members of Pink Floyd really had no idea what Syd’s foundation would lead to, and this is sort of a call to Syd to step out and see what became of his beginnings.

    He visited Abby when they were recording this album.

    I love the whole album. The tribute is so huge, as Shine On expressed.

  2. Josh Hamrick says:

    Favorite song? Wow. That does change daily.

    Ever? I’d probably say Otis Redding’s version of Try a Little Tenderness. The opening horn harmony is just beautiful. The song builds all the way through, and then Otis just loses it at the end. Awesome song.

    Burnadette by the Four Tops is another just because the bass line is the baddest thing ever on record. I named my son Jamerson largely because of that bass part.

  3. mike says:

    I’m with josh. Its hard to say ONE fav song.
    But today I will say the old hymn
    “The Love of God”

  4. Reuben says:

    Songs indicates plural…

  5. Josh Hamrick says:

    Ahh, crap. I can’t read 🙂

    Good, then I can add some more:

    Oh Theo – Matthew Perryman Jones
    Vesuvias – Sufjan Stevens
    Quiet Afetrnoon – Stanley Clark

  6. Gary says:

    Beck’s Bolero. Satan’s hordes attack. God’s armies counterattack. Satan goes down. The original is good too.

  7. Gary says:

    Baker Street. So much going on. Lyrics vague enough I can flesh it out.

  8. Bob Sweat says:

    Yes! A Sufjan Stevens fan!

  9. Josh Hamrick says:

    Of course!

  10. Gary says:

    I was never into Pink Floyd but I like Us and Them, especially if Us is me and my babe and Them is/are a long line of servants with tea and a slice. 😉

  11. Songs that I’ve been playing a lot of recently, therefore likely my favorites.
    Mastisyahu – Sunshine
    Anything by the Celtic Women
    Anything by the Piano Guys

    I think that’s it for now. I listen to so much variety of music, that it’s hard to compare a favorite song. Once a month I listen to the top 100 songs, for no other reason to hear the depravity of music and to keep up with all those “cool” young people. Plus occasionally I hear something that I like.

  12. David Sloane says:

    I am with Reuben, anything Pink F for me.

    Then anything Moody Blues.

    Anything Steve Vai

    Anything Jeff Beck

    Robin Trower “Bridge of Sighs”

    Hendrix when he was with Mitch Mitchell “Let me stand next to your fire”
    British rock greats like Eric Clapton, The Stones, the Beatles took note, and suddenly they all wanted to jam with Hendrix.

  13. Josh Hamrick says:

    You know, I liked Hendrix better with Band of Gypsies.

  14. Dan from Georgia says:

    Anything Eric Johnson.

  15. Herb Alpert & Lani Hall groove Moondance…

  16. Josh Hamrick says:

    Oh man, g. The bass and percussion on that track are crazy good.

  17. erunner says:

    Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan This song came out when songs were all of the three minute variety but it was a huge success. Al Kooper’s organ contribution was the icing on the cake of a song that tells the story of a debutante who fell out of high society. Nobody could tell a story through a song like Bob Dylan.

  18. erunner says:

    I had no clue Lani was Herb’s wife. I immediately recognized her voice but couldn’t place it until looking on Amazon I read she was the original voice for Sergio Mendes’ Brasil ’66. In this instance I will allow for a Van Morrison cover! 🙂

  19. Steve Wright says:

    Even before I came to know Jesus, I would have said if I could only have one song for the desert island it would have been “In My Time of Dying” by Led Zeppelin.

    Little did I know…. 🙂

  20. Oh No says:

    Tip Toe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim

  21. Believe says:

    I really love U2’s version of Jesus.

  22. Gary says:

    Lois Lerner, the chief of the IRS has co-opted this song today. Larry Love is incensed.

    Tiptoe through the courtroom
    5th amendment, that is where I’ll be
    Come tiptoe through my test-i-mon-y

    Oh, tiptoe through my councel,
    through my lawyers irr-e-spons-i-bly
    And tiptoe through my test-i-mon-y

    Knee deep in bs we’ll stay
    We’ll keep the congress away
    And if I kick you in the gonads, with the press corps
    Will you pardon me?
    And tiptoe through my test-i-mon-y.

  23. erunner says:

    Gary, I saw her this morning and you’ve done her justice!!

  24. Josh,
    Wicked cool, huh? =)

    U2’s version is the one in those 4 Gospels
    Great rendition of the song.

    here’s another U2 song I find very inspiring… “Magnificent”

  25. Believe says:

    Love it G! One of the best as well!

    I think Bono is one of the leading theologians of our time

  26. Right that!

  27. Xenia says:

    I like this song by Natalie MacMaster:

    I found it on Myspace. I didn’t know Myspace was still around!

    There’s a rag-tag band of blue-grass/ celtic musicians who play at the Farmer’s Market. I think one of their songs is probably really my favorite but I don’t know the name of it.

    I also like Mozart’s overture to Figaro and Choral Fantasy by Beethoven. Also, the ending of his Ninth Symphony. I like to play his Pastoral Symphony (6th) driving through the country-side on a spring day with the windows open. (Haven’t done that in a while!) Mozart’s Sanctus from the Requiem. Rhapsody in Blue.

    Two favorite Church songs: The Angel Cried (to the Lady full of grace) and the Great Doxology.

    There is not room in my heart for (most) secular rock music and the Holy Spirit at the same time. No offense to you fans, but that’s just the way I am. Weakish, I guess.

  28. Josh Hamrick says:

    G- Yes, very cool.

    And I love that U2 song too. My favorite off the last disc.

  29. Muff Potter says:

    If I had to choose a favorite from the huge plethora of good songs in the pop category, it would have to be Don McLean’s American Pie. And Xenia, I am I die hard Beethoven fan. Mozart and Gershwin too. I also like the haunting opera chorale Ridley Scott uses in two of his films Hannibal & Kingdom of Heaven.

  30. Muff Potter says:

    No offense taken whatsoever. I applaud people who go with the dictates of conscience, and never let others determine what those dictates should be.

  31. Josh,
    Love the chordal changes and the arrangement, and how The Edge works the guitar, just genius!

  32. brian says:

    The very best song and performance, Ever!!!


  33. Gary says:

    Love that Marie!! What a doll. and Kirk Cameron is smokin’

  34. Alright, this is just to bulid off the last 2 weeks, I love a lot of songs in many different genres, but gotta stick to this or this post would go on far too long.

    Building off the last two weeks

    Led Zeppelin- Ramble On
    U2- In God’s Country
    Nirvana- Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
    Alice in Chains- Rooster
    Pearl Jam – Daughter.
    Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun
    Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
    Metallica- Unforgiven
    Beastie Boys- Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
    Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication

  35. People Get Ready. Curtis Mayfield
    Turn, Turn, Turn the Byrds
    For What it’s Worth Buffalo Springfield
    Every Breath You Take Police
    Angel From Montgomery Bonnie Raitt
    Streets of Forever Roby Duke

  36. Steve’s #19
    “In My Time of Dying”….excellent song!

  37. Steve Hopkins,
    Know them all except Roby’s. Gonna have to learn it.
    Jam time when you’re in town!

  38. Steve Wright says:

    Oh, Lord, deliver me
    All the wrong I’ve done
    You can deliver me, Lord
    I only wanted to have some fun.
    Derek, that lyric summarizes my life – Saved at 25.

  39. David Sloane says:

    Interesting no CSN or Neil Young.

    “I almost cut my hair”

    “Deja Vu”

    Josh H,
    Your right, “Band of Gypsies” rates up there…foggy memory…

  40. Steve Wright says:

    David Sloane, Buffalo Springfield did make an appearance in Hopkins’ list.

  41. brian says:

    One of my favorite songs

    real heart. Sorry about the kC link. LOL

  42. Babylon's Dread says:

    Hey I’m a Zeppelin fan… thus

    Stairway to Heaven… I know it is so obvious that it gets panned. Still moves you.

    The Battle of Evermore … most underrated Zeppelin piece … I am a freak for it.

    Brown-eyed Girl … Van Morrison… a sentimental favorite

    House of the Rising Sun… Animals version (whoever wrote it) gets the whole party to sing.

    Fields of Gold … Sting… I once listened to it continuously on an overseas flight it does something deep in me.

    Fire and Rain… James Taylor… “You gotta look down upon me Jesus…”

    Almost forgotten but universally loved are these two:

    Cherish and Never My Love … The Association.

    Guess I am a sucker for ballads

  43. filbertz says:

    call me shallow if you will, but…

    Kansas “Carry On My Wayward Son”
    Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”
    George Thorogood “Bad to the Bone”
    Led Z “Stairway to Heaven” and “When the Levy Breaks”

  44. Fil and Babs
    Good tunes

  45. Except Stairway to Heaven. Just heard every beginning guitar player learning the instrument play that opening passage toooooo many times

  46. filbertz says:

    it’s the two chords in the transition…so simple & pure. Gives me chills.

  47. Gary says:

    Under the Milky way Tonight.

  48. Jeff Hensley says:

    Billy Joel’s “Scenes From an Italian Restaraunt”
    Led Zeppelin “Ramble On”
    And right now, anything by “Imagine Dragons”

  49. Believe says:

    Love Imagine Dragons…Demons, Radioactive, It’s Time…good stuff.

  50. erunner says:

    10,000 Maniacs- Noah’s Dove
    Harry Chapin- Cat’s In The Cradle
    Janis Ian- At 17
    4 Non Blondes- What’s Up
    Santana- Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock)
    The Animals- It’s My Life
    The Beatles- I Feel Fine, In My Life, Julia, The Long And Winding Road, etc.
    Bob Dylan- My Back Pages, Idiot Wind, Positively 4th Street, Jokerman, etc.
    Bread- Make It With You
    Bruce Springsteen- Oh Mary Don’t You Weep, Atlantic City, Born To Run, Glory Days, etc.
    Carly Simon- That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be
    The Carpenters- For All We Know, Superstar
    Chicago- Beginnings, Dialogue
    Cat Stevens- Father and Son, Wild World
    CCR, Who’ll Stop The Rain, Fortunate Son, Effigy
    Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young- Helplessly Hoping, Teach Your Children

  51. Believe says:

    Favorite “Christian” song:

  52. Believe says:

    To HELL with the devil! I rebuke the devil in the name of Jeebus! 😈 😆

  53. erunner says:

    Donovan- Catch The Wind
    Don McLean- Vincent
    The Doors- L.A. Woman
    Elton John- Tiny Dancer, High Flying Bird, Daniel, Blues For My Baby, And Me
    Gordon Lightfoot- If I Could Read Your Mind
    John Lennon- Beautiful Boy ( Darling Boy), Oh My Love, Mother
    John Denver- Rhymes & Reasons, Goodbye Again, I’m Sorry
    Mamas & Papas- Creque Alley, California Dreaming, I Saw Her Again
    Paul McCartney- Let Me Roll It, Maybe I’m Amazed, Band On The Run
    Rod Stewart- You Wear It Well, I Know I’m Losing You
    Rolling Stones- Tumbling Dice, Get Off Of My Cloud, Gimme Shelter, It’s Only Rock N’ Roll
    The Ronettes- Be My Baby, Baby I Love You

  54. erunner says:

    This might be my favorite Christian song.


  55. erunner says:

    Please remove previous. This might be my favorite Christian song.

  56. gomergirl says:

    Gomer’s Theme, Third Day
    Hero and Sin for a Season, Steve Taylor
    She, Elvis Costell version
    At the Cross, Sherri Youngward
    Every Little Thing She Does, the Police
    Sweetly Broke, Jeremy Riddle
    StarWars Theme, John Williams
    Into the West, Annie Lennox

    um, that is the very top.

  57. Rick Kincaid says:

    There are so many. I have some great favorites in all genres including praise music. But I will keep this to secular music only. The number is not an indicator of rank, but more of where it may be on my play list. Some listed have too many songs that are favorites so I just include the artist. I am including a link on the songs that I think may not be familiar in case you are interested.

    1. Road Goes On Forever- Robert Earle Keene

    2. Merry Christmas From the Family- Robert Earl Keene

    3. Anything and everything Beach Boys,especially “I can Hear Music”

    4. “I Will” by The Beatles. This has to be the greatest “silly little love song” Paul McCartney ever did.

    5. Marshall Tucker in their entirety.

    6. Merle Haggard….period.

    7. Panama Red- New Riders of the Purple Sage

    8. 157 Riverside Ave- REO Speedwagon

    9. Texan Love Song- Elton John

    10. Pirate Looks at 40- Jimmy Buffet

  58. Rick Kincaid says:

    And if I could add (since I am stuck in moderation):

    11. I feel like I’m fixin’ to die rag- Country Joe and the Fish

    12. Eve of Destruction- Barry McGuire

  59. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Probably can’t pick a favorite of music. There’s too much of it I love, though I’m on a major Haydn binge these days. A few months ago it was unaccompanied choral music by Xenakis and Messiaen. And yet sometimes I’ll go back and soak up the Dixie Hummingbirds, Blind Willie Johnson, Mahalia Jackson, or Stevie Wonder. Other times it may be Portishead and Johnny Cash. Other times it may be Kurtag, Messiaen, Lutoslawski, Ligeti, and Bartok followed by Bach, Schutz, and William Byrd.

    Lately I’ve been listening to some guitar sonatas by Matiegka and Gilardino. Compared to the guitar sonatas of Sor, Giuliani or even Diabelli (he of Diabelli variations quasi-fame) Matiegka’s sonata forms are more robust and compelling. David Leisner’s done a fine job with Grand Sonata 1 by Matiegka for those into 19th century large-scale guitar works.

  60. Rick Kincaid says:

    One more:

    Where have all the flowers gone –

  61. DavidH says:

    Midnight Rambler – The Rolling Stones
    Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones
    Walk Before They Make Me Run – The Rolling Stones
    Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers Band
    Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band
    Dreams I’ll Never See – The Allman Brothers Band
    Can’t You See – Marshall Tucker Band
    Get Back – The Beatles
    Curl of the Burl – Mastodon

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