Pray For Oklahoma

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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    Lord have mercy. First 1999 now this. Probably the most tornado-prone area in America

  2. Believe says:

    I don’t know why folks inhabit Tornado Alley. Prayers for the families affected.

    Que Pat Robertson, I think he predicted this like ten years ago.

  3. Reuben says:

    Just got home. Was listening to the radio on the way home. 200,000 people populated the path, 70 some kids missing from one school, all between the ages of 5 and 8.

    I want to throw up. The pictures are unreal.

  4. London says:

    Just got home and saw a text From my mom earlier in the day.
    She said she called her auto ins co to make a payment and The man On the other end of the phone was upset.
    He told her his grandson goes to the school that was hit and they hasn’t heard from him.
    Prayers for that family appreciated.

  5. Linnea says:

    Oh, praying for all these people. I’m sure relief efforts are being organized. If anyone knows anything, will you post?

  6. erunner says:

    It’s hard to wrap my mind around tragedies like this. So many times I’ve heard survivors thanking God for their lives and homes being spared. Yet my mind moves to those who lost everything and those who perished. It’s at times like this we must lean on the goodness and sovereignty of our God. Praying they find as many victims as humanly possible.

  7. Rick Kincaid says:

    I found this if you want to help financially:

    I am sure other groups will come forward quickly. I live in tornado alley (180 miles south of OKC) and have been fortunate to have survived quite a few twisters blow around my neighborhood but none were as large as the one that did all of this.

    And I live in a tornado prone area maybe for the same reason some live in earthquake zones, hurricane zones, etc. Because this is where my Father has placed me for now, for a time such as this that I may be able to show the love of Christ in some way to the afflicted or ease the suffering of those who had this happen to them for no apparent reason.

  8. Michael says:


    We can only pray as many of those kids didn’t make it.
    I simply can’t imagine the grief…

  9. Michael says:


    Thank you…

  10. Had to quit listening earlier. Sad to hear about the kids. Been praying.
    That long squall line passed through my brother’s house in MO and he had a tornado 2 miles from his house. He has a basement full of water where some of the kids rooms are.
    Keep praying cause this squall line is continuing to spawn tornadoes.

  11. Michael says:

    “Keep praying cause this squall line is continuing to spawn tornadoes.”

  12. Believe says:

    I’d like to give money, but I won’t anymore. I need to save it for the disasters my family has when few are found to help us. I will continue to pray, though and support the families through prayer and kind words. May God bless them and help them.

  13. erunner says:

    Michael, I don’t recall if you’ve done an article concerning this but the topics of evil, natural disasters, etc. can be quite difficult for so many believers. There are so many questions people raise to attack the goodness of God in the midst of these things. I believe many believers could be helped in the task of beginning to grasp these things if scripturally laid out. I’m one of them..

  14. Believe says:

    May God have mercy on them and may the Holy Spirit comfort the afflicted.

  15. Believe says:

    I’m going to hold a personal prayer vigil for these folks through the evening.

  16. Michael says:


    If I can clear my head, I’ll try to get something up tomorrow.

  17. Rick Kincaid says:

    Ironically I read a post at an ODM site last week where they stated they had concern that this year we had not suffered as many tornadoes as last year. I guess they needed a net increase to justify their angle on the end times. Book sales must have started to stall.

    I will would like to go on record that these events have nothing to do (IMHO) with God judging America or the sins of those who live in the areas impacted. Tornadoes happen and they hit the more developed areas because our population continues to grow and move into the places where they used to go through and do little harm.

    That said, I ask forgiveness for all the times that I believed what I was being taught that these events were the result of not enough repentance on the part of the Body of Christ and for all the times I furthered this nonsense in my communication with others. I have learned that stuff happens and He will extend grace to His children and cause all things to work together for the good. Even if I don’t want to believe it at the time.

  18. Believe says:

    I posted this on another thread, but isn’t ironic that the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley are one in the same? Kind of presents a problemo for the “God’s judging the heathen in ‘Merica!” position, no?

  19. Michael says:


    Your sarcasm is unwelcome and awful…I simply can’t believe you will even turn a terrible tragedy to your own use.
    Any further posts will be moderated.

  20. erunner says:

    Thanks Michael.

  21. This is so sad. Praying God’s mercy.

    Michael, I like erunner’s idea, but don’t feel like it has to be tomorrow.

  22. Passing by says:

    The heartache must be unbearable for those mothers, fathers and other kin wandering in circles outside of what used to be a school waiting for any news on the plight of their little ones. God have mercy.

  23. Michael says:

    There was a child who got out alive…but she had no home left to go to.
    Multiple tragedies…

  24. erunner says:

    CK, I agree with you and thanks for bringing it up.

  25. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy

  26. sarahkwolfe says:

    We have been watching the news and praying as the evening has rolled on. We’ve had a taste of tornados here, but nothing like this…just enough to give us a hint of the fear.

    I agree with Passing by…incomprehensible grief.

    And erunner…I have the same reaction as you when I hear folks say that God has spared them. That is comfort for that person, and yet another is left with grief and confusion.

    The rip and the turmoil of our creation is such a visceral and uncontainable…humbling…visible reminder that our world is not right.

    We can make excuses for our behaviors, and we can logic all we want about man getting better, or about our responsibilities, or about the mysteries…but there is this ache that is evident when things like this happen that remind us this simply is not how it should be.

    At least it reminds me that way.

    I’m left not with understanding or with words…wish I was…but I am left with this awe that our sin has ruptured even creation to such a degree. I do not understand that completely, and I’m not sure how well it holds up to the scrutiny of logic…but there is the hint of the groaning of creation and the awareness that our fallenness does not just affect us.

    Our sins are not private and personal. Our fallenness has impact beyond our imagination.

    And of course I am not saying that someone sinned in OK and brought this on….I am saying that our world is more broken than we sometimes want to grasp. At least that is true for me.

    I don’t know…maybe this is not the brokenness, maybe it is simply the uncontrollableness of creation…that it is beyond us. We can try to predict, but that’s about the best we can do. What a deep ‘groaning’ this is…maybe? What a deep ache and desire from even creation to be made whole.

    I don’t know…these are ramblings and grasping to understand such devastation.

    There is One Who knows. There is One who understands in ways we cannot…

    Father…be near. Be near these souls who ache in loss, and those who ache in fear and not-knowing.

    Be near these children…Lord, may some yet be found alive. Do not let them be alone. Be near and be present with them.

    Father…raise up such great saints in the midst of this. Those who know not only how to help physically, but those who know how to mourn well and who know how to protect the wounded. I’ll always remember those who were in our midst during the flood and how they brought joy and grace in the midst of such sorrow and fear….raise them up here as well.

    Strengthen Your Body through out this region and make them quick to act. Give them endurance and peace and great strength…and an abundance of grace for each person they encounter. Give them creativity and humility in bringing aid.

    Father…in the midst of even this chaos and this pain, still hearts and remind them that You are not far. That You are near. Speak in ways that bring peace and comfort. Father…please be gracious and spare these people more suffering. Protect these broken ones and ease their pain.

    Be present. In Your presence all changes. Be near them. Be abundant and generous in Your love and Your grace and Your encouragement.

    We are weak and broken and we do not understand. Show us how to help. Show us, even as London’s mom, those in our midst who are immediately impacted by this. Show us how to be human to them and to cry with them and to give them the protective place to mourn and to cry out to you and to be angry…and space for You to work.

    Ahhh, Father. So many words, and so little said, I know. Just be…be what they need.

  27. Lord, have mercy indeed. Reports that folks who work in the OK City, but live in Moore unable to get home, check on their homes, families. Freeways closed, debris in roads, downed powerlines making it difficult for even rescue crews and ambulances to transport victims to hospitals. Unimaginable.

  28. Linnea says:

    Rick Kincaid…thanks for posting information about relief agencies…

  29. Rebekah says:

    It is a nightmare here. I live north of the affected area and have been heartbroken all day at the coverage. Incredibly sad, indeed. Please pray for the people who have lost everything, some of the, dear friends.

  30. Michael says:


    Thank you for posting…many are praying.

  31. brian says:

    First I think Prayer is essential and support for the victims of these horrific events.

    Why live there? We live on a very dangerous planet and I doubt there is anywhere that cant be struck by some type of disaster. It might want to be considered that this area is more prone to these weather events. Watching the reports it seems that the fourth filth and sixth grade children were evacuated the third graders were not. I cant speak to the accuracy but having a consistent well rehearsed evacuation plans that are followed.

    Long term, it is going to get worse, that is a fact, global climate change is a reality, period. The mechanisms driving the climate change are numerous, a cycle of weather patters, the sun, the change in ocean currents and temperature or the human factor. There is not much one can do when an f4 or f5 runs right over you, knowing its coming and getting out of the way is by far the best response. The Jesus is coming back so I drive an SUV attitude is stupid and needs to start to be repudiated. So we act like adults and dialog about what can be done and there is a great deal.

    We can look at weather modification on a small scale to target the factors that create tornadoes and disrupt that cycle. I remember when people got angry about the cost for Doppler radar and radar warning systems because it is to costly when these systems were deployed. Hundreds of kids would be dead right now if we did not have those warning systems.

  32. Rick Kincaid says:

    Here is another and I share it because I have friends who have worked with this group and testify that the funds go where they should and they enter into the situation for the long haul.

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