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  1. Em says:

    ” tell me lies, sweet little lies?” a sadly spot on, accurate post, Michael

  2. dusty says:


  3. Em says:

    with all respect due – as sorrowful as this state of affairs is, today i am mourning the loss of the 4 Marines … the proud, the few, the sitting ducks? what a waste… by now, we should have figured out that war has come to us… but tell us sweet little lies and give us …?… what’s the quote? “bread and circuses?”

  4. Muff Potter says:

    Isn’t it time we reassessed this stupid ‘Drug War’? It’s the artificially inflated prices of the contraband going north to the Yanquis that makes men like El Chapo possible.
    I won’t hold my breath though, the Obama administration has flat out refused to even consider decriminalization as an option.

  5. Michael says:


    Never going to happen.
    We need drug laws to keep the prize of having the most people in incarceration of any first world country.
    Those investors didn’t build all those private prisons to sit unoccupied and unprofitable.
    We have to keep drug laws so we can continue militarizing the border or we’ll have to start another war.
    Defense contractors have to eat too.
    The major banks rely on this unaccounted cash for massive profits…it was probably drug money that kept the economy afloat in the 2008 crash.
    The legalization of marijuana in three states is rumored to have cut the amount of marijuana coming north by double digit percentages already…

  6. Muff Potter says:

    War is and always has been one of the most profitable enterprises an investor can be into.

  7. A Friend says:

    Democrats are largely Pro-Gang, Pro-Drug Cartel and Pro-Crime as exampled by their attitudes regarding laws and law enforcement and defending lax Illegal Immigration enforcement, not wanting a Wall on the borders and bashing a strong candidate like Donald Trump.

    Dems/Liberals are Anti-Gun for the law abiding Citizen, but have no problem defending and obstructing so the Mexican Gangs and Drug Cartels can have an open border to bring guns, drugs and violence into the US.

    Jerks and hypocrites. My family doesn’t appreciate it. You want to take my guns away to defend my family, while you have no problem with open borders that bring guns and drugs and crime into America.

    You want to take my guns away, but your Liberal/Democrat Cities and Metro Areas and fellow Democrats perpetrate over 80% of the Murders and Gun Violence in the US annually.

    There’s coming a point where we conservatives are going to do something about you and then you can Reap what you are Sowing on your own.

    If Democrats/Liberals really want to reduce Gun Violence and Gun Murder in the US, they will institute “Stop and Frisk” in their Democrat Cities where the vast majority of the Gun Violence and Murder is being perpetrated. They won’t, b/c it’s their voters and their constituents:
    Top 30 Cities/Districts with the most Murders in the U.S….ALL DEMOCRAT majority/controlled.
    Rank City
    30 Baton Rouge, LA
    29 Youngstown, OH
    28 San Bernardino, CA
    27 Oakland, CA
    26 Barberton, OH
    25 Poughkeepsie, NY
    24 Cincinnati, OH
    23 Petersburg, VA
    22 Wilmington, DE
    21 York, PA
    20 East Palo Alto, CA
    19 Jackson, MS
    18 Wilkes-Barre, PA
    17 Birmingham, AL
    16 East Point, GA
    15 East Chicago, IN
    14 Compton, CA
    13 Baltimore, MD
    12 St. Louis, MO
    11 Harvey, IL
    10 Newark, NJ
    9 New Orleans, LA
    8 Trenton, NJ
    7 Detroit, MI
    6 Flint, MI
    5 Saginaw, MI
    4 Chester, PA
    3 Gary, IN
    2 Camden, NJ
    1 East St. Louis, IL

  8. Michael says:

    I’m a Democrat.
    I’m not pro cartel, pro crime, or pro gang.
    I’m not anti-gun.
    Mexico has great gun control for the citizenry and that makes the citizenry easy to slaughter.

    I’m as “pro immigrant” as one can get and I’m not for “open borders”

    Walls don’t work.

    They do cost a lot of money and make people think they have done something productive.

    The sort of statements you’re making do nothing to illuminate issues, create dialog, or lead to problem solving by looking at all sides of matter without the partisan hysteria that is doing nothing more than divide the country and move us all farther away from real solutions.

    We are ranting ourselves to hell on both sides of the aisle and both sides are doing their part to destroy this country and it’s people.

    I won’t allow it here.

  9. Michael says:

    The vast majority of criminals arrive here the same way most drugs arrive.
    They drive over the border through a checkpoint.
    All you need do is bribe one BP agent to wave the truck through.

    There was one day when we actually checked every vehicle that came over the border.
    That was when we were searching for the killers of Kiki Camerena.

    International commerce ground to a halt and within hours the old system was back in place.

    Turned out we should have looked at home first…the CIA helped the cartel torture and kill the agent.

    These are not simple matters and they won’t be solved by rhetoric.

  10. Em says:

    “These are not simple matters and they won’t be solved by rhetoric” – worth repeating IMHO…

    rhetoric is the safety valve on the pressure cooker – as long as “they” can keep us pontificating (truth on both sides) at each other, “they” can go on business as usual
    there is a whole power structure that John Q. never gets sight of… or if we do, we don’t recognize it for what it is… is the CIA dangerous? Russia, Germany, Israel, France, England, etc. all have intelligence underground operations – of necessity, but in today’s world to whom or what is their loyalty?…
    i’m beginning to believe that the United States of America will dissolve as a natural consequence of our open borders and toleration of line-skipping immigrants, not because of the badder people, they are no worse than us who came 100+ years ago, but because the foundation that this nation grew out of cannot hold together under the flood… the situation creates disorder – disorder that allows evil to work – what is destroying the fibre of our nation is probably plain old greed meets opportunity on some very high levels
    i won’t be here to see it, but the USA is either going to crumble in corruption, dissolve or explode over the next hundred years… IMHO
    or… the Lord will say, “the cup of iniquity is full, game over” – dunno

  11. Michael says:

    Mexican immigration is at net zero right now.
    There aren’t any jobs here, either.
    Most immigration from the south is from Central and South America and Mexico is doing a relatively good job of killing or crippling those people before they get here.

    The biggest issue we have right now in my opinion is that we have no idea what the actual facts are surrounding any issue that is tearing us asunder.

    The explosion of the internet led to the decline of actual journalism because news gathering was and is expensive and utterly unprofitable in the digital age.

    Now, we rely on .com reports that are skewed radically left or right to be click bait and make money.

    There is no fair, non-partisan, repository for news, so everyone believes what is right in their minds regardless of the factual veracity of the reports.

    There is no money to be made in true journalism…the money is in keeping people angry every day.

  12. Em says:

    perhaps, “open borders” is a misleading definition – we have many nefarious types allowed to roam freely or so it seems to me… some of the most eroding aspects are not from south of the border – the intellectual world mindlessly hates Christianity blaming the people of the cross for all kinds of mayhem (like the ancient Rome of Nero?), the Arab world hates us for many reasons and some of that hatred is justifiable, no matter what the intent on our part –
    AND, all over the place, we see prophecies given thousands of years ago seeming to, not just be hinted at, but becoming visible and entrenched … lots to think on, but not a clue as to what to do as a citizen… as a pew sitter, we have our orders i think

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