The Calvary Chapel Association Declares War On Brodersen

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  1. Pam Kulwiec says:

    “Without being accountable…”
    That’s rich.

  2. pstrmike says:

    I would like to see the Articles of Incorporation for CCA posted. Do they have any set protocols in writing that governs how they operate? Who decides who the members are now? Kyle and MacIntosh both left the council, only to be reinstated. What article allowed them a seat at the table? How long do council members serve? For life? How are decisions handled? By vote? For example, who, or how many decided to get rid of Bryson? Paul Smith? Who removed Douville from his position of regional leadership? and why was he removed? What process, if any is there to replace board members who have left the council? There was, at one time, 24 members. Now we show only 13 signatures on this latest document.

    While Brodersen may be the rule of the one, CCA, with its rule of the few, has yet to establish a track record that demonstrates transparency and therefore, accountability.

  3. Ex Calvary says:

    CCA accountability? Where and when?

  4. EricL says:

    CCA is offended that CCGM lists all Calvary Chapels on its church locator unless the church asks to be excepted, and yet it still lists the Bible college on its site and that is property of Costa Mesa and where Brodersen rules as President. Why don’t they break from the school as well? The actions of CCA leadership is getting sillier with every letter.

    I also notice that CCCM is still listed in the CCA church locator database. Did Brodersen quit the CCA completely or did he just resign from leadership?

  5. Kevin H says:

    I would also note in checking the current listing of CCA council members on their website, Rick Ryan’s signature is also missing from this letter. Additionally, Damian Kyle continues to not be listed on the CCA website as a council leader, despite it having been updated very recently.

  6. Michael says:

    Good catch…I’ll revise the article.

  7. Bob Sweat says:

    CCA accountability? When? Where?

  8. After 30 + years in ministry, I am sad to say I am not shocked. Over and over I’ve seen believer take up arms against believer in the name of some pseudo-righteous cause. It’s almost always fear-driven. I’ve seen it and lived it and am tired of it. As Solomon wrote, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

  9. Josh the Baptist says:

    “CCA is built on the foundations given to us by Pastor Chuck”

    This should make any believer stop and do a double take. Sadly, I think they are saying exactly what they meant. And they don’t see this as a problem.

  10. Michael says:

    Josh just nailed it…

  11. Bob Sweat says:

    Josh ?

  12. Kevin H says:

    At the very least from a legal standpoint, doesn’t Brodersen have the CCA over a barrel in regards to the name of Calvary Chapel? Yes, Calvary Chapel has some to represent much more than just Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. But if I am right in my understanding, CCCM owns the name of Calvary Chapel (and the dove logo, too?). So can then legally claim to be one the one-stop-shop for all things Calvary Chapel and Brian (or CCCM) can legally determine how Calvary Chapel (and any pastor or church who claims the name) is to be without the CCA being able to do anything about it. If I am right in my understanding.

    Now I’m not saying Brian will or should turn this into a legal battle, but he would have that aspect on his side, wouldn’t he?

  13. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    Without going into much detail,the answer is yes and no.
    Because CCCM failed to trademark the name and the logo until around 2000, my understanding is that if you used the name before 1999. you could continue to do so.

    The problem would come with those “affiliated” past that point and new affiliations to come.

    The CCA corporation is still in legal default, so Brian could demand they choose another name when they reincorporate in Pennsylvania as expected…

  14. A good companion post from Ray Ortlund:

    You always have to ask why people hold onto something so tight when it’s obvious that change is in the air.

    I’ve always been challenged by the way Paul reacted when news came to him that some people had been trash talking about him. They were sharing the Gospel, but sullying his reputation in the effort. Paul simply responded, “If people are coming to Jesus, I don’t care if the motives are good or bad.”

  15. Stephen says:

    Pastor Chuck worship….come all ye worshippers of Saint Chuck.

    Brian Brodersen should just pull all the plugs on all resources the CCA leeches off of him. Let them tend for themselves.

    You know…take his ball home and lock down the entire court.

    At least the Band-Aid would get ripped off quickly

  16. Kevin H says:

    One of the things that continues to irk me in these letters from the CCA, as has already been pointed out in different manners, is the continued way they are writing as if it is coming from a complete and unified group of men who were chosen by Chuck Smith against one man (Brodersen) who is rebelling. When in reality each letter has had only 13-14 signatures, with sometimes the last signature or two changing, out of the original 20+ men who were supposedly chosen by Chuck. Even some of the men who are supposedly still on the CCA council according to their own recently updated website are not signing these letters. They are intentionally misrepresenting the landscape.

  17. Michael says:

    I have to laugh…this site is full of nonsense that I’ve refuted…so they go here.

  18. David H says:

    I’m really glad we got out while “the getting was good.”

    If something smells fishy, there’s usually dead fish somewhere.

  19. Captain Kevin says:

    It makes me sad to see a few of the names in the signature space.

  20. Reuben says:

    I see the ultimate “name drop” at the beginning, and it ends with a semi-epic “name dropping”, and all I can envision is a smoke filled poker room and pontificating celebrities sipping whisky that is way the hell to expensive.

    The arrogance.

  21. Michael says:


    This is the “dry” side of CC…no whiskey allowed. 🙂

  22. Bob Sweat says:


    When you posted that tread, I mentioned that the contemplative card would be dropped.

  23. Michael says:


    It’s a rather weak attempt to smear me so people won’t read the facts.
    They didn’t get the memo that said you really shouldn’t go there with me…but they will.

  24. covered says:

    Who the heck Heck is Michael Newham? Idiots…

  25. Michael says:


    Spelling has never been a big concern in ODM world… 🙂

  26. covered says:

    I know but when you do a “smear piece”, getting the name right helps with credibility 🙂

  27. Michael says:

    Ya think? 🙂

  28. ( |o )====::: says:

    “Chuck says” & “Papa Chuck” were indicators of where this would end up.
    When ChuckSr refused to stop people from saying those things we bailed.
    …so glad we did.

  29. Jeff Jones says:

    I invite all of you to visit Calvary Chapel Foresthill this coming Sunday, to see how the war between CCA and CCGN is affecting us. Service starts at 10:00AM at 4845 Sunset Dr., Foresthill, CA 95631 or watch live at Sincerely, Jeff Jones, pastor

  30. Michael says:


    I invite you to social media where thousands upon thousands of comments are being generated by both pastors and pews trying to make some sense out of this situation.


    The emergent, ecumenical, and contemplative Phoenix Preacher.

  31. Jeff Jones says:

    Haha! 🙂

  32. EricL says:

    It could have been worse. They could have called you “Michael Oldham” 🙂

  33. pstrmike says:

    thanks for the invite Jeff. And if I am ever in the area, I’ll drop by.

    These things do affect us all. They inform much of what we take in via the movement or now movements known as Calvary Chapel. It will inform who speaks at what conference, who books will be recommended, and whose will not, what Bible college to attend or not attend, who one might hire as future staff, and on it goes. To say that this doesn’t affect our churches now is one thing, to expect they won’t in the future is a bit short sighted.

    Secondly, who you decide to associate yourself with ultimately says something about who you are as a person.

    And if your’e every in my neighborhood, drop in…….


  34. Michael says:

    EricL…now that was funny. 🙂
    I’m glad they erred on the side of youth…

  35. Michael says:

    Good points,pstrmike…

  36. JustAChristian says:

    This is so shameful to the body of Christ. I “grew up” in Calvary, under Raul Ries’ ministry. Attended CCCM for a few years as well when I moved out to Orange County, CA.

    God’s work in this is bringing to light all the low key angst that has existed amongst the pastors (at least in SoCal). They all at various times had feuds and beefs with one another – this was common. Pastors are just people, they’re men with egos and agendas, I get that. How many of the CCA signees would even let every other of the undersigned speak to their congregation? Or sell the other’s books in their little bookstore? They are for sure on each other’s blacklists. Overall, it was petty and more or less harmless to us because only on rare occasions would you find yourself between ministries.

    But the Devil, he is loving this 100%. 1700 churches, a few thousand pastors, tens of thousands of Calvary Chapel people are being called to question God’s direction based on a handful of MEN who are playing school yard politics? Satan is very old, he’s been around the block and these guys are playing right into his hand.

    As this gets out, some people are going to question every time they walk into a “Calvary Chapel” whether or not this is CCA or CCGN. When, in reality, they’re probably going to get essentially the same service regardless – casual dress, worship, offering, verse-by-verse, and an altar call if the preacher is feeling it. The most frustrating part is the pointlessness of it all.

    The upside to Calvary Chapel losing its lustre is this: churches stop using the name recognition to be Chuck Smith Lite. You’re not the old tent revival on Fairview in Costa Mesa. Be the church to your community. Love the people God has put at your doorstep. There’s no formula to being an effective church other than to love God and your neighbors.

    Who cares what these crusty old men in California and Pennsylvania think about what God wants you to do, why don’t you ask God Himself? Have Don McClure or Brian Brodersen personally stepped foot in your city? They wouldn’t know the first thing about your struggle, your widows, your orphans, your hungry, or lost. When CCA calls and asks if you want to be affiliated, say “sure”. Same for when CCGN calls or sends a letter.

    All it is now is a little dot on their respective online directory maps, the dove, and a name. That addict in your parking lot doesn’t care if you’re called “Dumpy Warehouse Church” or use a cross, dove, hashtag or smileyface out front. They’re just looking for Truth. Give them THAT and not this garbage.

  37. Steve Wright says:

    To Jeff’s point, this is an issue in direct relationship to the extent the Senior Pastor makes it an issue.

    I have not posted a word about this strife on my social media. And no surprise (to me), I have not had one question about it either.

    I certainly haven’t sullied the divine worship service on Sunday to talk about all of this.

  38. David H says:

    Michael, you forgot un-fundamental.

  39. EricL says:

    This is starting to sound like a revival of the Lord of the Flies. The boys descend into anarchy as they can’t settle on who is in charge.

    Or is this a version of the Wizard of CCAahs? “Pay not attention to the little men behind the curtain”, say the Great and Powerful Aahs. “We rule in the name of mighty Chuck. We are the true CCAahs.” And they’ve cast Brodersen as the Wicked Witch of the West. Let’s hope he doesn’t unleash his flying monkeys.

  40. Xenia says:

    the transformative power of God’s Spirit <<<

    It was the utter lack of CC's distinctives to bring about this transformation in my own life that caused me to leave them.

  41. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    I think folks are not seeing this split as an opportunity. For instance, with John Randall leaving KWVE, it is a chance to get Dr. Laura on that station.

  42. EricL says:

    Sorry for my snide remarks @39. I wasn’t being very compassionate for the average CC pastor who is just trying to faithfully pastor his congregation. I don’t really care for approach of the Old Guard CCA leaders, but most CC pastors aren’t part of this cadre. They have enough things to be concerned about in their local congregation; they really don’t need all of this in-fighting.

  43. Kevin H says:

    “CCA has always afforded great freedom, but with a degree of accountability.”

    And most certainly that accountability would come into play when one of its own pastors uses hundreds of thousands of church money to sue his own stepson whom he regularly beat and abused along with his other sons throughout their childhoods.

    And not for silly stuff like a pastor who says that it might be better to tone down “the end is near” talk or maybe one who drinks a beer or one who says “frickin” from the pulpit.

    Priorities, duh.

  44. Kevin H says:

    And while I’m at it, I would say that these 13 men on the CCA council ought to just get it over with and create the Calvary Chapel denomination, even if some of them may loathe the word. Because that is essentially what they want. They want to make all the rules as to how a Calvary Chapel is to be and they want to make sure they are adhered to.

    The rapture must not just be taught. It must take a place of regular prominence. Every book of the Bible must be taught verse by verse. A pastor must not ever drink. And he must not ever cuss. And above all, a Calvary Chapel must not be a part of the CCGN.

    After all, Calvary Chapels are to be like McDonald’s. Anyone should know exactly what to expect when they step into one. The Big Mac cannot just be on the menu. It must be prominently displayed!

  45. Laura Scott says:

    All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Except sounding like bratty children being denied something they think they deserve.

    And the greatest shame of all, any association with God is only at the last, kind of like a punchline.

    What fearful men.

  46. Babylon's Dread says:

    Southern Baptist fought one another from 1980-90. It went on afterward but was essentially over when the CBF was formed in 1991. That battle ensconced inerrancy and revived Calvinism as a doctrinaire position of at least two seminaries. 25 years later the denomination is in decline, the missionary force has declined and the internal battles are replaced by new ones.

    Calvary won’t learn anything from such stories but they will repeat the pattern. Division beats decline.

  47. Babylon's Dread says:

    oops division begets decline.

  48. Papias says:

    Did anyone else read the first paragraph of the letter and have the phrase “Apostolic Succession” pop into their head?
    By making their appeal to the wishes of what Pastor Chuck seemingly wanted, their audience and their authority is pure CC.

  49. Stephen says:

    “Rather than granting us the freedom to join, Brian has forced us to choose to opt out.”

    Because, you idiotic power-hungry, underhanded, deceivers…it’s more inconvenient to join in and easier to simply opt out.

    Sheesh…these guys are twisting absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

  50. Linnea says:

    This whole thing reminds me of dogs fighting for scraps under the dinner table. Very sad…and very revealing.

    Josh @9…my thought exactly!

  51. dusty says:

    Can’t help but compair this letter to yesterday’s prayer thread. ….tha contrast is stark. Lennea is right dogs fighting over scraps

  52. Corby says:

    It’s sad, but it’s good. When I was CC pastoring, not long after Brian came back to CCCM, and the CCA was “formed” I had hopped something like this would happen. It provides clarity. It provides substance. There was clearly a division building and to go on like there isn’t is just foolish.

    I think Brian’s posts on have been gracious attempts to keep the peace with all of the churches, keep this network connected via relationship. At the same time, I think we all knew that it wouldn’t/couldn’t last. But I think it’s an integrity move on Brian’s part to at least try. You can’t have two networks with the same name. (I should know, I’m an IT network admin. haha) I think its kind of inevitable that there is going to be a fight over the name, because the name is the identifier. And I think that, between the two sides, what Brian is trying to do more accurately reflects what, if anything, Chuck wanted to see happen. I gather that the CCA will try to hang on to the CC name until its pried from their cold dead hands, because in their view they are the “real” CC. pshaw. That said, I think Brian is going to have to flex whatever legal muscle exists over the name and pull it back inhouse. And that will be ugly.

    What is missing from most of the dialog is that Chuck never wanted to lead a movement. He never wanted to start one and he never wanted to captain a ship. I’ve heard this from a man I respect who heard it from Chuck’s lips. As has been stated, he certainly never wanted a CCA to exist. He also didn’t want a monument to go on.

    Were I in Brian’s shoes, I would make it a requirement that any new churches that want to join the CCGN NOT use the name Calvary Chapel in their church names. Just get rid of that whole mess right there. Be what God has called you and your church to be, not an attempt to copy something else, or be an “outreach fellowship” because every place is different and what “works” in one place doesn’t work everywhere else, so call yourself something that’s meaningful in the place where you are.

    I know its been said and I might have to write about this point in more general terms on my own blog because its interesting to me anyway, but what the CCA isn’t seeing is that they aren’t separating the distinctives from the methodology which is Brian’s whole point. So far as I can tell, Brian still holds to the distinctives, as documented, in spirit. If anything, it seems he (rightly) objects to the methodology of practicing these distinctives as being distinctive as well. When methods become etched in stone, its etched on the tombstone of that church/movement/denomination.

  53. Forever Grateful to CC and Chuck Smith says:

    John Ward wrote: “The final test of greatness is a leader’s commitment to his succession.”

    I love Chuck Smith, and he had a profound impact on my life, but I lay this mess at his feet. In the end he failed. By not having a clear succession plan and by not putting in place an absolutely clear succesor at CCCM, he irresponsibly left the movement behind with no clear direction.

    So maybe in his mind no one was on his level, but you can’t just leave 1700 Calvary Chapels and a Southern California mega church with a Bible College and millions of dollars in assests behind with no leadership and no plan.

    This confusion over CCA, CCCM, and CCGN is Chuck’s fault.

    It didn’t have to be this way and it’s sad.

    Again I love Chuck Smith, I will be forever grateful for him, but at the end of the day he was just a man, and in his final test of greatness he blew it.

    That is why we have Jesus and worship Him and Him alone, because he never failed and never will.

  54. Michael says:


    That was excellent.

  55. All of this drew my mind back to song recorded in 1938 by Washington Phillips in 1938. Ry Cooder, Barry McGuire an the 77s covered it decades later.


    I wanna tell you people, it’s a natural fact
    Every man don’t understand the bible alike
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    But you better have Jesus now
    I tell you, that’s all

    Well, the demonations have no right to fight
    They ought to go on and treat each other right
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    You better have Jesus
    I tell you, that’s all

    It’s right to stand together, wrong to stand apart
    Well, none shall enter heaven but the pure in heart
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    Cause you better have Jesus oh
    I tell you, that’s all

    Well the primitive Baptists, they believe
    That you can’t go to heaven ‘less you’ve washed your feet
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    Cause you better have Jesus
    I tell you, that’s all

    Well the African Methodists, they believe the same
    Cause they know denomination ain’t a thing but a name
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    Cause you better have Jesus
    I tell you, that’s all

    Well people that jump from church to church
    You can bet their conversation don’t amount to much
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    Cause you better have Jesus
    I tell you, that’s all

    Now you can go to your college, you can go to your school
    If you ain’t got Jesus, you’s an educated fool
    And that’s all
    I tell you, that’s all
    Cause you better have Jesus
    I tell you, that’s all

  56. Seth Aguilar says:

    I’ve grown up in the Calvary system for over 30 years. (I’ve been a missionary in foreign countries, and still live asia but not as a “missionary”, but as a man called to be here amongst the people).

    Its a shame that this “letter” was written so one-sided. I get that we should expect that from American media, but we are the body of Christ. We’re called to use a humility before the Lord and a sound sense of reasoning. Why wasn’t Brodersen’s position stated from his point of view? After I read this article, I formulated an opinion that Brian must be a very evil guy. Then I went to the CC site and listened to his position, and heard from his mouth a desire to simplify and let the Spirit lead through the churches, and not just a “domestic council” granting or refusing permission to the international churches. As I understood, not even he (Brian) desires to assume the sole position of granting or refusing, but those that abide by the core fundamental values will determine their participation. (In the case for CCA: Jesus appointed the 12 to oversee the dispersion of apostleship, which if I understand correctly was a part of Paul’s mission to the “international community”. Although it was Jesus who called out Paul, not the 12. So the point is, God initiated, and the council supported). As I understood from what Brodersen was saying, that his goal is not to be “The One Man Incharge”, but that he wanted there to be more freedom for churches to be able to come together, as a network, let the Spirit lead, and as a body, without the restrictions of a core group of men, to move forward in the Spirit of the Lord. I still have not understood enough to make a decision as to which is a better way to go. To what extent should the CCA council have the authority to guide? Is it ordained from the Lord? Is He doing a new thing? I guess these are questions and answers that we should seek from the Lord.

  57. covered says:

    Michael, can you confirm if John Randall attended the SP Conf. In Houston to promote CCA? It is my understanding that this was his role there, to convince the pastor’s to join CCA. If this is the case, why aren’t there any more names than the 13? Is the council closed to just the self appointed leaders we see here?

  58. Steve Wright says:

    When I was CC pastoring, not long after Brian came back to CCCM, and the CCA was “formed”
    A point of clarification to Corby’s post. Brian returned from England and served (faithfully) at CCCM for over a decade prior to the formation of CCA. The way the above was worded might not make that clear.

    I was in the CCCM congregation the Sunday that Chuck announced about Brian and the family leaving Vista for England and had them share a few words with us…I was still there when Brian returned from England and began Saturday night services and to assist on Sundays.

    And I was gone a long time before the CCA was eventually formed, as I have shared the hoops I had to jump through from 2008-2009 dealing with the old CCOF.

    I would also add to “Forever Grateful..” post #53 where written “and by not putting in place an absolutely clear succesor at CCCM,”

    While I second the idea that Chuck could have handled the succession better, could have been more supportive and so forth, I disagree that there was not a clear successor for the particular church there which Chuck pastored in Costa Mesa. There is no serious argument against the idea that Brian was/is the choice of Chuck to be the Sr. Pastor at CCCM. And the congregation reinforced that quite clearly.

    I would also add, that while it is easy to say someone in a position most of us will likely not face “could have done more”, “could have been more supportive etc” – I do not see Chuck’s actions as being overtly sinful towards Brian.

    Whereas that has not always been the case in some CC Sr. Pastor transitions over the years…

  59. Corby says:

    Steve’s modification to my post is correct. I didn’t reflect the timeline very well. My apologies.

    Interesting side note. I was working an IT job tonight about an hour from my house. On the way home I listened to about half of a recording from the Calvary Classics podcast where they post old stuff from conferences and the like. The one I listened to was Chuck talking about how Jesus is the head of the church.

    At about the 90 second mark he goes into a minute or two long schpiel about how he doesn’t want to be “the pope”, he just wants to pastor his church. He’s fine with people starting Harvest this or Horizon that, and that the guys are free to go start a denomination even if they want, just don’t include him.

    So, there it was from the horses mouth. The movement, for better or for worse, built up around Chuck, Chuck didn’t build the movement. He didn’t want all the accolades and reverence, but they came anyway.

    ALSO interesting, at about the 30 minute mark, he goes into what I think is an unfortunate tangent about removing distractions from the Bible study, like kids, and people who get up to go pee. I haven’t heard it yet because I stopped listening when I got home, but I suspect he will go into the no standing or raising hands during worship bit, which is a dumb distinctive in the book that very few actually enforce I suspect.

    At any rate, funny coincidence. I could probably dig out the link to the file from the podcast feed if wanted.

  60. Steve Wright says:

    One other unavoidable reality.

    Every time the following is stated in one form or another:
    “Pastor Chuck Smith chose a group of men to lead the Calvary Chapel movement after his passing. The Calvary Chapel Association Council was a plan he reiterated on numerous occasions.”

    It can equally, truthfully be said, “Pastor Chuck Smith decided to keep ownership of the assets under the control of the Board (and Sr. Pastor) of CCCM, choosing not to legally transfer ownership of these assets to the CCA”

    Agree or disagree with the wisdom behind the decisions described by the above statements does not change their reality.

  61. ( |o )====::: says:

    “he doesn’t want to be “the pope”, he just wants to pastor his church. ”

    …aaaand he never busted anyone for calling him “Papa Chuck”, ever

  62. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Let’s just look at this as an Open Enrollment period like we do for our healthcare. Each November CCs can choose which plan they wish to be under. If they wish to switch, well they must wait until the next Open Enrollment period.

    Just like we see 3 months of TV commercials advising which health plan to choose – these emails will serve as the equivalent. Join CCA for better coverage – join CCGN for that more personal touch.

  63. pstrmike says:

    It doesn’t change the reality, but it does leave one to wonder which narrative to embrace.

    None of these men are perfect, but I think Brian has shown himself faithful. The fact that the wants to make some changes, as subtle as most of them are, is an indicator that he is a forward thinker, looking to the lead of the Spirit for the future work of the church.

    This latest outburst by CCA is not within the spirit of christian charity, nor is it redemptive. CCA has played their hand. No wonder Brodersen left.

  64. Michael says:

    Well said, pstrmike.


    I’ll check that out…been a long day on the phones, as you can imagine.

  65. covered says:

    I recall Brian saying that all existing Pastor’s will be “grandfathered in” (not a quote), to CCGN which I believe is a very wise move. Is that the case or the position of CCA? Would the council from CCA welcome CC Pastor’s that are affiliated with CCGN? I can’t imagine with how they have conducted themselves so far that they would tolerate anything less than total commitment to their distinctives.

  66. Steve Wright says:

    it does leave one to wonder which narrative to embrace.
    I see (saw) no conflict in embracing both.

    If a Calvary with a High School has a change of Sr. Pastor, is there any thought that somehow the High School should now belong to the movement and not continue as a ministry of that church to the community they serve?

    Unless I am mistaken, assets like the Bible College/Conference Center were purchased 100% through the offerings received by Costa Mesa – I don’t recall a fundraising letter going out to the “movement” raising funds from various Calvarys to buy the Murrieta property for example (and I was there when it was purchased). If other Calvarys have a financial investment in the purchase of such properties then I am open to correction…

    The CCA was intended to be about affiliation and making the process more relational and less bureaucratic. I was pretty excited about the change, the regional map locator and so forth. Affiliation was the key. I read “The CCA Council’s primary goal is to maintain what has been our Calvary Chapel identity for fifty years, while seeking the Holy Spirit for fresh power and wisdom to advance God’s Kingdom.”

    I guess one can read affiliation into that, but it could be clearer. Identity maintenance is not exactly the same thing….

  67. Michael says:


    Right now, nothing is set in stone.
    The backlash from this letter is significant…I wish I could say more, but at this juncture it would not be wise.

    I can say that Brian doesn’t care a whit if folks belong to both groups…he’s welcoming whoever wants to partner with the new organization.

  68. pstrmike says:

    i’m not sure we’re tracking. Why would a church surrender their assets/ministries to another organization. I seem to recall that was attempted once, oil the FCC got ahold of it…..

    Identity maintenance is exactly the same thing as overseeing affliction/fellowship. Which by the way, you can’t have any greater power in an ecclesiastical setting than to be able to say whose in and who is out…….. That is the ultimate expression of power.

  69. pstrmike says:

    should read is not exactly the same thing. stupid mac auto-correct got the best of me

  70. covered says:

    I think that Brian has handled this with integrity and grace. Can’t say as much for CCA and the self appointed council.

    Steve, have you asked for clarification from either group? Just wondering how communication and response time has been…

  71. Steve Wright says:

    Why would a church surrender their assets/ministries to another organization
    Exactly. And yet, therein lies what so much of this is all about.

    Identity maintenance is not exactly the same thing as new affiliations. The prior standard (the Chuck standard if you will) was that if your convictions as a pastor changed then you agreed to choose to disaffiliate yourself. Remember the whole “Don’t go away mad, just go away”

    There was not some grand review board to make sure 1700 churches were maintaining their identity.

    (Covered, I haven’t communicated with anyone. Nor do I intend to at the moment)

  72. Steve Wright says:

    pstrmike – I was late seeing your correction there…#69

  73. JD says:

    Odd that the CCA council embraces the Moses Model for their individual fifedoms, but will not submit to it themselves in the fellowship of churches; especially for the sake of unity and expediency, which they supposedly espouse with much enthusiasm.

  74. Lorenzo says:

    The hypocrisy in this letter from CCA is staggering…until I realize that it isn’t because it’s not totally unexpected.

    I’ll at least give them credit for being consistent.

  75. Duane Arnold says:



    Exceedingly proud to be your “ally”… Wasn’t really aware that promoting patristics, classic Christian literature, and having the endorsement of a Roman Catholic Cardinal for our music based on the liturgy of Chrysostom put us “beyond the pale”…

    I must admit, it provided my first touch of humor for the day!

  76. Tim S. says:

    As someone who was disciipled in CC, attended CCBC (Twin Peak days), ministered within CC’s etc… I say those guys are crazy. I can’t believe that!! What a misrepresentation and crock. I don’t understand why any CC pastors would want to align themselves with men like that. In my opinion, especially to many who know at least part of the back story here, BB’s integrity shines way above what I see in these men who represent the “CCA”. In my heart I stand with BB even though I have been out of the movement for a good 5 years now. I pray for BB – for wisdom, to hold fast his integrity for the Glory of God, and courage to move on as he feels led of God.

  77. Rob says:

    Who gets to be CC? The whole question just rubs me wrong. When CC came to my city umpteen years ago, there was already another church using the name Calvary Chapel. That little church had been around for years. Didn’t matter. The new, big CC moved in and used the name. (Might makes right?)

    I get a hoot out of all this mess. Anyone read church history? It’s nothing but “splitting”. Every group thinks it is a more pure representation of the movement and splits off to form a new group. Same ole, same ole.

    My personal rule is not to get involved in internet fights that someone else started. Most of these CC pastors probably wouldn’t even give a hoot and would just keep on doing what they’re called to do, just like Jeff Jones. But, now, they’ll have to take sides on something that really means nothing more than who gets to say they are in charge.

  78. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Do they really have rules like a taco franchise? I own the territory – You cannot encroach. This is how you know it is ALL dollars and cents.

  79. Steve Wright says:

    MLD always overreaches…as if the Lutherans don’t look at a map when considering approving new church plants. As if that is such an outrageous idea to consider. Comparing others in the Body of Christ to taco franchises while his beloved Lutheran bathrooms smell like roses…

    Schave said roundtable participants acknowledged the need to plant churches in places where the Synod historically has not been present. “It’s really about finding those places where we as a church aren’t,” he said.

  80. Bob Sweat says:

    I would like to know if Jeff Jones and other CC pastors who post here are going to allow their churches to stay on CCCM church locator website, According to Brian, they are welcome to, but he will gladly remove them if they chose. Jeff and I have mutual friends who are choosing not to align with Brian.

    This is not my fight any longer, but I still am bothered by the information that I continue to receive about this mess, and it is a mess and black eye for CC whether pastors want to admit it or not. As with others here, I see so much hypocrisy in this letter from CCA.

  81. ( |o )====::: says:

    “Do they really have rules like a taco franchise? I own the territory – You cannot encroach.”

    Yes, that was our experience when we opened an affiliate outreach. An other CC pastor contacted our pastor claiming we were too close to their church.

    It was one of my first Wizard of Oz man behind the curtain moments, very disillusioning, but then illusions need to be dis’d

  82. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Since CCA or the other group don’t have a financial investment in the new CC why would they care? If you can open a church and thrive is that not good?

    Lutheran churches are not denominational plants – but they are local area parishes. In big Lutheran cities like St. Louis, Lutheran churches may be around the corner from each other. Now sometimes too close may not be practical, but only the planting congregation would know that.

    But you are right – my apologies to taco franchises. 😉

  83. Steve Wright says:

    MLD, I read an article like the one I linked to, about your denomination, and I find myself Amen’ing every word. And the article is pretty simple to understand.

    Then you come along with your spin…..

    Why would CCA care? Why would they care about the spread of the gospel in areas of the nation without a CC presence (just like you Lutherans per the article).

    Why would an affiliation of like minded pastors care about cannibalization and supporting pastors already affiliated and faithfully serving in an area? When it is a really big country out there and a lot of cities without a CC?

    Frankly, the REAL problem is that there are NOT solid rules in place about church planting. The problem with the purely relationship model is that there are always certain favorites who get consideration that others do not. A gifted “nobody” is barred from planting in an area that some guy “connected to a somebody” can plant in. Purely arbitrary and based more on who you know and not Who you serve.

  84. Muff Potter says:

    Michael wrote up top in the main article:

    “We have said that it was a raw power grab on the part of the CCA…and this is the biggest grab of all.”

    …but the hearts of men are easily corrupted. And the ring of power has a will of its own. ~ Galadriel, the Elven Queen ~

  85. Bob Sweat says:


    Perhaps you have already addressed this, but would you please respond to my #80?

  86. Yano says:

    Wayne Taylor is not on the list of leaders who signed, either

  87. Steve Wright says:

    Hi Bob, Sorry about that.

    Because this letter breaks new ground, in actually asking all of us CC pastors to make a decision to withdraw our churches from the new CCGN (encourages is the word used) – then I think some questions need answering so the pastors can make a wise decision.

    I replied to the email with those questions and asked for the reply to be in an email to all the pastors and not just privately back to me.

  88. Bob Sweat says:

    Thank you Steve!

  89. The Least of These says:

    Sigh. Far from a new beginning, these deeds and misdeeds only shed light on a long and pre-existing myriad of issues that have now come full circle to haunt CC.

    Chuck, bless him, was a stained saint like all of us. Yet he allowed a mythology to grow, one that anointed him “papa chuck”. He is the one responsible for leaving the “movement” in disarray. This all could have been handled and set to rest had he not played everyone, each against his own, using their own ambition to woo them. Anyone who ever attends a CC knows the power goes to the guy at the top (and if you want to know where the top is just follow the money.) Chuck had both power and money and it is this they now fight for, and they learned how to be as unscrupulous as he was in secret.

    Chuck ruled with an uncommon and arbitrary power in the halls of CC. He was a father figure to most of the Phillie Posse who now pontificate on behalf of Chuck’s now silent voice. The reality is Chuck didn’t give a rat’s ass about how this would spin out. He was old and frail, dogged by his own misdeeds long held silent, and just too tired to handle what had become in his 80’s his sole reason to get up in the morning.

    CCA post their updates and the all the while white flag of Brian’s rebuttal and subsequent resignation only serve to shed light on the family dysfunction. But believe me, that dysfunction has been there a very long time. This is a Shakespearean tragedy played out, as Brian whispers to John Randall “et tu Brute”, and the boys from Phillie who sweated it out as young men, under paid, over worked and anxious for their own shot at the top slot emerge in their 60’s to grab a hold of what they feel is rightfully theirs.

    Brian has an amazing ability to compartmentalize and distance himself from feeling. He also is at heart a peacemaker. A full throttle battle isn’t something he wanted or looked forward to. I’m not a bit surprised he gave them a berth to do what they want and moved in his own direction. But what I fear he fails to see is this is payback. Payback for all those years these guys sweated it out under Chuck, barely making enough money to pay for baby formula. Once the Posse realized the real power and the benefits go to the top guy in the Moses Model they embraced it and repeated it over and over in their own congregations, walking on people, hurting them, using them and dismissing them when they proved inconvenient by not cozying up to the pastor like they were suppose to. Just like Papa. And here comes Brian, married to Cheryl, and thus given every opportunity with trips all over the globe to spread the good news of Calvary Chapel’s particular brand. All of it underwritten by Papa. Eventually, in a play to get his daughter back in the US and close to him, Chuck makes Brian a promise. It’s yours Brian. CCM. Just come home.

    Over a decade later Chuck dies without ever having clearly defined for those in the PEWS what would happen. I find it abysmal that he did not care more for their needs at his passing than he did. And now the leaders are cutting Chuck’s baby in half. But they won’t hear this. Those boys in Phillie stopped hearing a long time ago. Maybe it started the moment they let Chuck off the hook for the serious issues awry in his own life, setting in motion the very distinctives that are now rotting away the underpinnings of this “movement” they so dearly love.

    The lies and coverup. The deceit and deceptions. The infighting and backstabbing. It’s like a movie only worse. And in my heart, having observed all this, I will never be the same. I am in one moment fascinated that my prognostications have come true and sickened that I was right. Because of CC I will never trust another pastor. I will never be close to any fellowship. I will never allow anyone to make themselves my “papa”. I am on orphan and I blame these guys. I am faceless and invisible. I am the pews. And in all the crap going down right now I find it only confirmed that it is not the people they are worried about because there is very little mention of the pews. It is only themselves.

    They learned well from their “papa”.

  90. Lurkie Loo says:

    Great questions in #2. I would love to hear their answers to all those, as well as explaining their IRS status and how they are handling accountability for the pastor using church money to sue his son.

    Steve, can you share what questions you emailed them? Sorry if I missed something; my reading here has been fragmented the last couple days.

  91. Michael says:

    The Least of These,

    That was one hell of a well written comment…thank you!

  92. Disillusioned says:

    The quote of the day from Least of These:

    ” Because of CC I will never trust another pastor. I will never be close to any fellowship. ”

    The people who have been destroyed by this “movement” will only multiply

  93. Steve Wright says:

    Almost none of these guys “sweated it out under Chuck”…with the notable exception of Brian himself.

    And I do not share the sentiment that subjective opinion equates to factual commentary.

  94. mk says:

    #89 Very well written. I can identify. Thanks for sharing.

  95. imthebeggar says:

    The Least of These and Disillusioned. I’m sorry to hear about the hurt you have received from sinful men, I really am. If you look to man to fulfill you, to satisfy you, to reward you, to uplift you…you will be let down and disappointed and disillusioned every time.

    Look to Christ alone, trust in the Good News that he came to live and die for sinners like you and me and those men. Christ offers us hope, Christ offers us righteousness, Christ offers us forgiveness and a seat at God’s table as beloved children and co-heirs.

    Yet, on this earth he has asked us to not break fellowship with other family members (fellow Christians), he has asked us to submit to elders and pastors who are our spiritual leaders. And yet to always remain loyal and submissive to him ultimately. Through God’s broken church here on earth, which will be made perfect in heaven, he teaches us, matures us, mends our wounds, wooes us, and uses us to further His kingdom. Through these crooked sticks he draws straight lines.

    Go find a church with a healthy eldership, who take their biblical role seriously, and a mature pastor who faithfully feeds his flock. I know they exist I have attended 3 so far in my life. No one is perfect, no one should be idolized, and no mere human should have so much power over your life that when they fail you, you are undone. Please, look to Christ and Him alone, and obey Him in all things for it is our great joy to do so, for He is a good and faithful God deserving of all praise and obedience.

  96. The Least of These says:

    It’s fine if you dispute me. But nothing I stated is unsubstantiated opinion. As for Brian, I never understood how he could put up with it so long “laboring” under Chuck… but his proximity to Chuck meant he never went hungry, never worried about how to pay the mortgage, and the church would always reimburse him. To Brian’s credit he is frugal in comparison to others who have misused their positional authority. Historically that just wasn’t the case for many “assistant pastors” who struggled to make ends meet and had to answer to Chuck if they ordered a steak on the CC credit card. McClure was one of them back in the day. You can say it’s not factual, but I actually know better.

    thank you- I appreciate this blog and the opportunity to air my viewpoint.

  97. Steve Wright says:

    I can grant you McClure to a degree, and can affirm much of what you say, but there is a whole lot of opinion in your words…otherwise known as judgement of motivation. It does not matter if you are the reincarnation of Lonnie himself, we simply can’t make those judgements that you made repeatedly in the post. Opine? Sure, go for it.

    but the names on the CCA council is not made up of assistant pastors who labored impoverished for years at Costa Mesa. The last thing this is about is how Chuck treated his staff. These are his “sons in the faith”, remember.

  98. The Least of These says:

    Well, I wasn’t trying to write a paper on metaethics… and yes, this blog post was my opinion based on what I have experienced first hand… maybe we are seeing the same car crash from different sides of the street? but I know who you are- we actually met once years ago and I liked you. I wish you nothing but good things…

    Bless you… I do have a pastor I can go to. He knows I’m the stray dog afraid to take the biscuit so he is very careful with me and has the patience of Job. I have a cadre of people I fellowship with who get that I will be a satellite in the orbit of the church…

  99. Lorenzo says:

    The Least of These, great post. I too have seen it with my own eyes.

  100. Steve Wright says:

    maybe we are seeing the same car crash from different sides of the street?
    Maybe. Thanks for the well wishes too. (though you have me at the disadvantage 🙂 )

    And I am the first to say that all opinions are not equal nor should be taken as seriously as others….I do hear your opinion on all of this quite clearly and affirm much of it. It should be heard clearly for there is a cautionary tale in all of this that can (and often is) repeated on the micro what was done here at the macro.

  101. Chico says:

    Who cares about the name CC…many of the churches that have become large don’t even have the name…This is all so ridiculous..FYI the Four Square denomination seems to be doing just fine without Chuck Smith.

  102. Pastor Bob says:

    Hmmm. One man (Chuck Smith) ran it for years and that was okay and great but now it’s not? Sounds hypocritical.
    CC senior pastors have been throwing around the Chuck Smith phrase, “Blessed are the flexible, they won’t get broken”. It was penned by the guy who made all the rules! These guys demonstrate how flexibility isn’t in their playbook. Hypocritical.

  103. Hi Guys/Gals..Pastors…etc…..

    Why doesn’t anyone put their whole name and church in their comments? It would help to know who is actually making comments. Not just some code name in the sky.

    (1 Peter 4:8) And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.

    Yackity Yackity Yack…my goodness, this discussion sounds like a bunch of bitter discontents babbling. He did this, no, he did that, etc. etc.

    Easy Does It brothers and sisters. Let go and let God. One Day at a Time. In God’s time, the truth of all of this, and God’s purpose will be revealed. In the meantime, take care of your congregations. Love them, comfort them, teach them the word of God. And church-goers, pray for your pastors and leaders. I love you all. I love Brian Brodersen, and I love all the members of the CCA (Calvary Chapel Association).

    May the peace of God, His love, his grace, His wisdom, and His guidance be with us all.

    Pastor Robert Trohon
    La Via-The Way (Calvary Chapel)

    Managua, Nicaragua

  104. Hi Guys/Gals..Pastors…etc…..

    Why doesn’t anyone put their whole name and church in their comments? It would help to know who is actually making comments. Not just some code name in the sky.

    (1 Peter 4:8) And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.

    Yackity Yackity Yack…my goodness, this discussion sounds like a bunch of bitter discontents babbling. He did this, no, he did that, etc. etc.

    Easy Does It brothers and sisters. Let go and let God. One Day at a Time. In God’s time, the truth of all of this, and God’s purpose will be revealed. In the meantime, take care of your congregations. Love them, comfort them, teach them the word of God. And church-goers, pray for your pastors and leaders. I love you all. I love Brian Brodersen, and I love all the members of the CCA (Calvary Chapel Association).

    May the peace of God, His love, his grace, His wisdom, and His guidance be with us all.

    Pastor Robert Trohon
    La Via-The Way (Calvary Chapel)
    Managua, Nicaragua

  105. Michael says:

    “Yackity Yackity Yack…my goodness, this discussion sounds like a bunch of bitter discontents babbling.”

    You sound like the typical CC jackass lecturing other people about what they can and can’t discuss.
    We still believe in freedom of speech and conscience,
    It will not go well for you here to tell people what and how they should speak..

    People use pseudonyms here because some of your leaders are very vindictive and litigious.

    “Let go and let God”.
    Perhaps God wants people to actually use their brains and mouths and think and speak.

    God uses means and people to do His work.

  106. John 20:29 says:

    People here, like myself, use pseudonyms to avoid the vindictive, the gossip and the slanderers who would color and dilute the purpose of the posts and comments, not out of cowardice …
    and, in this day and age, i think that it is prudent to be wary of making your presence available to who knows who or where in this whole wide world – especially here in light of what is being discussed at times…

    a blessed one who, having not seen Jesus, still believes

  107. Michael says:

    John 20:29,

    I think that’s wise and well said.

  108. Xenia says:


    Xenia Moos

    St. Seraphim of Sarov Russian Orthodox Church

  109. Scooter Jones says:

    Looks like Robert Trohon got the Yakety Axe.

  110. To Michael #105 and John #106

    You men are absolutely FREE to discuss whatever you want, as am I.
    Michael said to me: “It will not go well for you here to tell people what, and how they should speak..” …(seems like you are telling me how I should speak ).

    Michael, you sound very angry, and have proceeded to “insult” me with language (jackass) that I do not believe our good Lord would approve of. That is between you and Him, brother (if I may call you “brother”).

    My post, was done in love, for the sake of truth. I did read somewhere where this blog is slanted towards Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM). I could have misread that though.

    My heart and purpose surrounding this whole “SPLIT” affair, is for ALL sides to be fairly and openly explained, before any harsh judgments are thrown out. I don’t see that happening here in many of the posts.

    Michael, when you used the following words: ” some of your leaders are very vindictive and litigious” ….those words help me to better understand you — I think. It tells me you are an outsider looking in, not a part of the Calvary Chapel family. That, of course doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to speak your mind. I am not saying that. But, It makes me wonder where your heart is.

    Your words to me come off as sarcastic. Some of your blog comments come off as vindictive. maybe I am wrong about the vindictiveness, but I am very right about the sarcasm. Is this the way Christian brothers are to “discuss” things with one another, Michael?

    As for the use of pseudo names, if you guys are nervous about repercussions from your comments, then I understand why you are using fake names. As for myself, I am only speaking TRUTH, in love, as far as I know, and am not afraid to put my name to my words.

    His peace,

    Pastor Robert Trohon
    La Via-The Way (Calvary Chapel)
    Managua, Nicaragua

  111. Michael says:

    I own this site and I decide what is posted.
    If that’s a problem with you, start your own site.
    What I have posted are facts.
    Those facts show that the CCA is waging a campaign of lies and slander against Brodersen.
    I was once in the “family” which often resembles the Corleone family ethically.
    As to the rest of your Christianeze pontificating, please be assured that I don’t care what you think.
    Carry on…

  112. dusty says:

    Robert, to criticize those who use a different name and then say you are only speaking truth is insinuating we are all liers. How loving is that.

    Oh and you forgot to take out brian’s name when you copied his letter in your post to us.

  113. dusty says:

    Ok misread that…..but you are still all but calling us all liers

    Poster at Phoenix preacher

  114. Stephen says:

    Titles in our “signatures” somehow make us better than those of us without titles.

    Sounds like typical CC.

  115. Stephen says:

    CCA, I mean

  116. To Michael RE: Comment #112

    I am sure most people (not the ones here) would agree this is a ONE-SIDED, hate site.

    I am done. There are a lot better well-rounded, honest commentary blogs out there where I won’t be wasting my time or yours. And yes, you are bitter. Sorry for you on that. Let it go if you can.


    Robert Trohon
    Cavalry Chapel..La Via

  117. Dan Iselin says:

    Hey, don’t even accuse Brian Broderson of going Costa Meccan rogue! Follow the money for every one of the CC franchises! The deceptive reason ALL Calvary Chapel pastors deny the “movement” is a denomination is because real denominations HAVE built-in financial accountability measures and would risk reputational embarrassment for fiscal mismanagement and malfeasance .Thus Calvary Chapel “monsignor” pastors do not provide financial transparency (salaries, expenditures, property holdings, nepotistic and family dynastic succession appointments, etc.) to their flocks. A real LUPINE tactic, not to mention a carryover from the shady dealings of the Pentecostal wheelers and dealers throughout the 20th century. They hire and fire their boards, staff, elders at their whims. This is the real legacy in pastoral theology that they all inherited from “Moses” Chuck. (A lot like Trump, you think?) And of course most of the flocks are ex-Catholics who all their lives were never schooled in the Protestant ecclesiastical democracy of annual church meetings where the financials were all spelled out, argued and then voted on, where the pastor is ultimately employed AT THE PLEASURE OF THE CONGREGATION!!! I dare anyone to take a survey to see how many CC “pastors” (they don’t hold the title of “reverend”) have as much as a B.A. degree from a secular college. Forget the anathema of seminary training–Bible college is a big accomplishment , if at all. Don’t dare give them a biblical language oral reading test in Hebrew and Greek because most are illiterate in these. I used to cringe listening to Pope Chuck mispronounce Hebrew and Greek words (eg., Tie-cheek-us=Tychicus) !! Any regenerate believer with a high school graduate reading level and a competent study Bible has as much “food” for himself as what he is going to be fed from a CC pulpit–and the children’s menu never changes! Time will tell whether our Lord keeps or removes the Calvary Chapel “candlesticks.” from his protective presence. (In pure business terms-the dove will have flown the coop!)

    I used to attend the “flagship” CC in NJ in the 90s until the anticipation of Y2K got the leadership on some of the most immature diversions from the Word of God and with the above abuses in play decided it was time to bail out.

  118. Mel Partido Sr says:

    Is Greg Laurie and Skip Heitzig on board with Calvary chapel association?

  119. Leigh says:

    This seems so hateful…which one of YOU can know the intentions of these men? Which one of YOU can offer the LORD what they have and how do you know good or bad? These men, most of which have served their congregations with love, sweat and tears don’t enter into this their positions before the Lord lightly, if they do God will deal with them. There are certain distinctives in (what once was) Calvary Chapels that allow like-minded men to have a cohesive fellowship and discourse to keep them focused on Gods Word – MEN FAIL…ta da! Our churches are filled with false doctrine and hate and we need to be watchful and expose that stuff- let the lawyers decide who owns the dove?! LOL!
    Sadly, Brian Broderson is distancing himself from teaching the whole Word of God, he said at pastors conference that the whole counsel of God can be found in the new testament only. that’s what the “break up” is about…no? I think CCA is right-on to disassociate from CGN and ONE MAN STOP Brian –
    {He’s on my personal list of “watch” for possible false teachings because of his statement…must wait and see…}
    A church should always have elders and a board to hold those in “charge” accountable…who holds one-man-stop-Brian accountable? You want to talk about “man worship” follow Mr. Broderson and it will become clearer as time passes I guess. As far as I know each CC is allowed to make their own mistakes, pilot their church and worship the Lord. Men, are not blameless of course.
    They need our prayers…those of you who are Christians, please pray for the shepherds and the sheep!
    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

  120. Steve says:

    A church should always have elders and a board to hold those in “charge” accountable…who holds one-man-stop-Brian accountable?

    Leigh, who are those in “charge”? Is it not God? Forgive me for being pithy, but the CCA leadership I think needs to be reminded of this.

    This entire CCA concept is bogus. Is there a succession plan for any of the council members? When they die, who replaces them? It appears the only succession plan is aggressively stacking their own individual church boards with their own family members.

  121. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    The question still, and to me, should always come back to ‘why are pastors and leaders choosing (stacking) their own boards’? Why are the boards not being chosen by the congregations?
    Let’s remember, church boards are a left hand kingdom function and therefore are to be in the interests of the congregations.
    Churches that have boards not voted by the people are not valid church boards.

    I always want to encourage people to think of this question – why do I attend a church where I have no voice?

  122. Steve says:

    MLD, you and I both know the reason they choose their own boards is because they have no membership role in the congregation to vote on anything. However I thought Costa Mesa with Brian Broderson was an exception in CC to this. The only reason CC gives for not having a membership role is so they don’t give folks an expectation they are “saved” just by being a member of the church.

    This is silly. The same rational works against the pastors themselves. Maybe they are delusional in thinking they are “saved”. After-all they have the status of “God’s anointed” with the gift of preaching.

    However, This is even more more silly when they start talking about “God’s anointed”. Its almost like only the pastors can be anointed; however when I read my bible every believers is anointed with different gifts for the purpose of building up the body.

    How dare a pastor say they are “God’s anointed” without recognizing the countless others in their congregation that are also “God’s anointed”.

  123. Michael says:


    You know nothing of what you speak, and because you’re speaking anyway, you are spreading falsehoods.

    “Sadly, Brian Broderson is distancing himself from teaching the whole Word of God, he said at pastors conference that the whole counsel of God can be found in the new testament only. that’s what the “break up” is about…no? ”

    No, this is a power struggle that has gone on for years…there are many articles on this site with the facts.

    Brodersen and CCCM do have a board and that board does not rubber stamp all his desires…

  124. Ron says:

    Pastor Chuck always preached two distinct topics. ! One, you must understand the whole consul of God… (understand the way of God that lead to His Sons Crucifixion) )you can not pick and choose what parts of the Bible/scripture you agree with (old or new).With that point taken it seems that all progressive make believers do this caught up in our secular world of being politically correct and embracing all in a misguided philosophy of oneness. i.e. Brian’s latest attempt of “Grace is Space” sermon Dec 2018 to embrace the homosexual life style into the church.

    Second Chuck said lets focus on what unites us, not what divides us…The blood of Christ and His Resurrection! With that said lets focus on what the particular differences are…and indeed if Brian is only stating that the new testament stands alone then he will eventually join Joel Osteen and others Brian needs everyone prayer to lead him back into the fold. Power corrupts total power corrupts completely… another saying of Chucks!

  125. Michael says:

    You have managed to distort both men’s teachings while slandering Brodersen.
    This happens so often that it must be part of the fruit of Smith’s ministry as well…

  126. Babylon's Dread says:


    Michael’s response to you is brilliant. The last quote from Chuck Smith antedated him by at least 100 years and the seed of it more so. That is just to say it wasn’t his quote.

    Further, while Chuck was fostering “what unites us, not what divides us” he was intolerantly spewing the most time bound and self-invalidating concept of eschatology known to the Christian Church. We are currently eating the backlash of a generation of any moment rapture preaching.

    While I don’t know anything about Broderson’s preaching and view of homosexual inclusion I do know that Chuck dined on the charisms of more than a few brothers and sisters whose lives were riven with untamed and unquenched homosexual passions.

    Smith was spectacularly successful, amazingly fruitful, fantastically impactful, and ruefully a mess. His own life and teaching fostered enough contradictions and inconsistencies that we can do nothing but marvel that God used such a Samsonlike figure as Chuck to accomplish so much.

    Oh the majesty and mercy of God! Who has been his counselor? And who can fathom his ways?

  127. ron says:

    yes my earlier short cliff notes response does leave a lot to be desired.. I can and shall provide a solid thesis if you would like to support my interpretation using the whole consul of God with supporting scripture and interpretation.

    As for Brian no slander intended… just an opinion and observation of a recent sermon of his.

    What I do see an infiltration into the church by secular progressive agents. We have seen this the past 20 years in our schools, courts, government (state & local) media and news stations.

    The indoctrination of the masses, the children is a slow metamorphosis using the Europeanization of America into their secular ideology. Already in Canada if you teach portions of scripture i.e. Leviticus or Romans it is considered hate speech.

    While I am not a Catholic the recent positional change by the current Pope shows how pressure to embrace view points against religious beliefs is evident. Now the attack is against the Evangelical Church and then I’m sure the Baptists. Once that is accomplished then we will see the the Islam beliefs coerced into a mainstream consensus. (another topic entirely).

    My friends, Noah spent 100 years building the Arc and yet we are too blind into our own pride and wisdom to not see the signs all around us. Repentance and our old selves changed through justification and sanctification should occur steadily…

    What is happening today is that the Body of Christ, the Church is in many ways being attacked and influenced by the evil one through the physical world pressure and it grieves the Holy Spirit .

    We need more people to be brave enough to stand up for the Truth..Deny Me before men and I shall deny you before My Father in heaven..

    I assure you any one believes that you can pick and choose scripture to your liking with little quirks of distortion…they are the fruit of ignorance..

  128. Michael says:

    Come back when you repent of your slander and learn to spell…

  129. Ron says:

    Oh Michael, I did repent… you must learn to read and interpret.

    Hope I did not hit an ignorant oops sensitive.. spot…so to say…

    By the way what a scholarly intelligent thought out response… Well done! my lad..

  130. Michael says:

    Scholarly responses have no sway over those who have deeply imbibed a tradition that ignores scholarship in favor of hysterical eschatology and slander of those who don’t tow the ignorant line.

    You’ve been answered here and Brodersen has been crystal clear on his doctrinal position on homosexuality.

    You have chosen to be an accuser of the brethren…our enemy is indeed in the house…

  131. Ron says:

    Matthew 18:21

    also remove your plank my friend..

    an interpretation of a sermon indeed does not include slander in fact you distort the common context and interpretation of the written language… english..

    You also fail to address the main body of the content regarding the clear infiltration of the secular world into our churches..

    .for all I know with you responses you are indeed not of the Spirit…

    I shall pray for you..

  132. Michael says:


    If you had ever read a book on church history you would know that the church and secular worlds have always shared space to one degree or another.
    Today is no worse than any other season…even though we’ve allowed right wing politics (which is secular) to have a prominent place in some assemblies.
    You have accused Brodersen of wanting to bring the gay lifestyle into the church.
    That is a lie.
    What spirit are you of?

  133. Ron says:

    I ask you this question…have you or have you not listened to the Sermon played on Friday 107.3 at 7am…yes or no??

    I do not accuse I state that if you listen there are pressures to be inclusive and provide a “space” with in Costa Mesa that is what my church represents… those are quotes..

    The problems are too many to discuss here but is discussed by the infiltration of other forces in my earlier posts..

    I know Brian.. and I do not accuse but I do listen and have reservations.. of the intent versus reality of results.

    God Bless!

  134. Ron says:

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
    gentleness, self-control. Against such… there is no law.

    Thus said… we should all represent the best of the Spirit…and when secular attacks from the tongue and spew the darts from the enemy we should remember these verses.

    But now indeed there are many members, yet one body. And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; nor again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.” No, much rather, those members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary.

    And those members of the body which we think to be less honorable, on these we bestow greater honor; and our unpresentable parts have greater modesty, but our presentable parts have no need.

    But God composed the body, having given greater honor to that part which lacks it, that there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another.

    And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.

    We all have opinions, we all seem to cherish the quote I read earlier…freedom of speech and expression …

    I quote Pastor Robert of Nicaragua… and I agree with him since reading a particular persons verbal responses..

    I am done. There are a lot better well-rounded, honest commentary blogs out there where I won’t be wasting my time or yours. And yes, you are bitter. Sorry for you on that. Let it go if you can.

    Peace be with you..

    A Saint anointed by Christ… no influenced by those of this world with pride and prejudice..

  135. Michael says:

    We’ll sure miss you! 🙂

  136. The Watcher on the wall.. says:

    Gangster “Michael” Salman…convicted felon.. any one ever heard of him?

  137. Babylon's Dread says:

    Nope – say on Watcher

  138. James says:

    Brian does not even consider Who is the Resident theologian of the Body of Christ. This would be the Holy Spirit alone. The Holy Spirit makes no qualms for those who would misrepresent Him and His role in the Trinity. Their are false teacher’s this very second within our ranks as they were from the beginning of the Body of Christ in Jerusalem and Antioch. I would say a great deal of pride and the love for the things of the world “mammon” are Brian’s greatest issues currently. Pleasing Yahweh vs pleasing the Ruler of this world. When anyone begins to take clear disobedient theological stances (like the world does every single day) the Word of God requires us to correct these false teacher’s and their teachings. Paul did so in the first century Church over and over again. We never have to apologize for the teachings of Jesus Christ, nor of any Biblical writer’s for they penned the Scriptures through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and not of themselves. Honestly, the Holy Spirit does not care what Brian thinks, He simply desires for Brian to obediently follow His lead as noted in the Holy Bible. Where was Brian when God created the Earth? Ask Job how Yahweh responded to him. Job was speechless! So brethren stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, pray for one another in these evil and perilous times, exhort and teach in and out of season, and let the Lord Jesus Christ Himself clean house as necessary, as He cleared the Temple in Jerusalem. Amen!

  139. This split is all due to Brian Brodersen’s huge ego. He used to be a Roman Catholic and has essentially made himself the Pope of CCGN. Chuck Smith trusted him and Broderson stabbed him in the back, posthumously. God help us!

  140. pstrmike says:


    Nonsense. Brodersen is not perfect, but I appreciate the direction that CGN is going.

    First of all, its CGN, not CCGN. Secondly, CGN has a leadership structure in place with a council and others. Yes, it appears the council members were picked by Brodersen. While Brodersen may be the leading voice in the Network, he has established that he is collegial and seeks the input of others. Definitely not a pope, nor even like his predecessor.

  141. Em says:

    Good thing for many that Jesus is still seated at the Father’s right hand…. But one day He IS coming back to square things away – face to face? – and THAT is something to ponder…. Grace and Truth? sigh…

  142. paul says:

    broderson was a weasel who married chucks favorite daughter -period
    I watched him weasel his way into that pulpit – I heard people who never
    complained about CCCM – complain about BB from early on his return
    from eurotrashland – 4 pastors brought back to CCCM from their respective
    ministries all left for obvious or not obvious reasons leaving BB the prime candidate
    for a take over when chuck retired – he never did retire – There is a boob tube video
    by paul smith telling what happened in the end – chuck really screwed this up – period – BB infested that church with flying monkeys from the vista days – Calvery is and was a family owned business

  143. Michael says:


    Not only are your facts wrong, what is your issue with Europe?

    The reasons those pastors left had nothing to do with Brodersen…

  144. paul says:

    Sorry ?? Were you attending that church ??? You sir Michael owner of this site are
    wrong – BB is and was a reprehensible mediocre teacher pastor leader of Christian
    faith – it is an absolute joke that he was elected to chucks Moses model of control.
    And I saw his flying monkeys first person singular – barf -he fired people and put his
    monkey’s in worship leaders / pastoral positions and any office that strengthened his political power in Calvary banana republic chapel – chuck let him do it.

    I never the big left because of BB but I suppose it could be implied – It did not
    help that BB was there

    Europe ??????? are you kidding me??????
    Cultural Marxism
    spaghetti / hamburger fascism
    Central bank / fiat currency ????????????IRS Collection?????????????????????????
    how about Darwin ??? ever hear of him ??????
    How about Eugenics ?????? Galton ?????? Darwin’s first cousin ?????
    how about white supremacy ??? ever her of that ???? the latter two were used as
    a pseudo scientific modus operandi to justify it.
    How about the trans Atlantic slave trade ????
    What about southern plantation slavery ?? it is European feudalism
    Ever hear of the public fool system ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Oh wait there is more – The APA and all the experts that thing produces.
    How about the corporation ??????????????????????? not bad except for those
    who run them and our politics

  145. Michael says:


    My sources were in the rooms where the decisions were made…and sometimes in Chuck’s house.
    You are wrong about almost everything…go away before I lose patience and respond less kindly.

  146. Josh the Baptist says:


  147. paul says:

    well just delete my posts – sucker

  148. Michael says:


    We closed applications for the position of village idiot already so you will need to go despite your eminent qualifications.

  149. Kevin H says:

    Anybody know where Paul’s meds are? I think he forget to take them this morning.

  150. Michael says:


    One last thing…

    Paul Smith neglects to mention in his videos that he was asked to move out of Chucks house because he kept pushing Skip Heitzig as the successor and going against Chuck’s stated wishes about Brian.

    Paul Smith was fired by his brother once for over reach…then asked to leave.

    Those are the facts…

  151. bob1 says:


  152. Steven says:


    “‘I’ll take ‘slander: the most ignored sin’ for 1000, Alex.”

  153. bob1 says:


    And trashing Europe?

    I’m sure we’d all be much happier under the jackboot of a thug like Putin…

    Not sure if this is ignorance, stupidity, or a combination.

  154. Donna Homuller says:

    I agree that Brian is not a good speaker! He needs a lot of work! It amazes me that Chuck Smith picked Brian to succeed him! Brian is very boring and mundane. His vocabulary is limited and it takes him a long time to explain the simplest of thoughts! I called Kwave and asked why they have him on so many times during the day. I told the person who answered my thoughts on Brian’s boring approach to teaching. This person got very defensive. I am concerned for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa! I am praying that the CCA stands up to Brian and that God will not allow Brian to destroy what our beloved Pastor Chuck started!

  155. Michael says:

    The CCA has no authority over CCCM or Brian.

    Brian is not there for your entertainment pleasure…grow up.

  156. RK says:

    ”For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.“

    I believe the wolves are at Fairview and Sunflower.

  157. Captain Kevin says:

    Oh boy, here we go again!

  158. Stephen says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….

  159. Michael says:


    You feel that way because you’re proud and biblically ignorant.

    There are no more wolves in Costa Mesa now then when Chuck was alive…those “wolves” just shared the same peculiar doctrines you do.

    Find a place where you’re happy and quit worrying about other people…

  160. pstrmike says:

    I remember this letter. It seems so long ago. Signed by the Wild McFocht Brothers, driven by their strong dislike of Brian. I was told one of the signatories on this list later went to visit Brian and apologized to him. Whether it was because of this letter or something else, I don’t know.

    This letter may have been the final straw that brought me to the decision to leave Calvary Chapel, particularly CCA. I have no issue with Brian, nor the boys at CGN, I’m just walking a different path.

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