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  1. centorian says:


  2. Captain Kevin says:

    Good morning, Centy. What movie will you be showing today?

  3. Tim says:

    We’ll be looking at James 2:1-13, showing mercy to all without partiality. And yes, we’ll hear the gospel. 🙂 God extends His mercy through Christ Jesus to us without partiality, so we ought to extend mercy to others in the same way.

  4. Sister Christian says:

    Went over to a friends house to minister to her this morning,
    and she wondered why we didnt go to church… We thought it might be more important to check in on her, as she is having a rough go right now.

    Later we newly met with an American family here who are also christians
    seems they have had the complete opposite experience we have had here,
    and they are packing to leave.
    They mentioned the openness /boldness of Atheists,
    the mocking of their faith and open mocking of God,
    many whom they have encountered are practicing witchcraft and satanism,
    They told us they have no Christian fellowship and the kids are begging them for friends
    On the lifestyle side they are frustrated with the process here.
    The great need for exceptional patience in almost everything was beyond taxing,
    the lack of many conveniences most americans are used to and take for granted,
    they are having Home depot, Walmart and Costco withdrawals, even though they go back 3-4 times a year to the states and bring back loads of american goodies.
    Their children were thrilled to meet up with our children at a nearby park lake recreation facility, the hours passed and they begged to hang out longer, but we decided to meet up again another day soon.

    Later this evening,
    a neighbor was speaking with my husband outside,
    My husband invited him in as I was cooking dinner
    he told us he was homosexl and that his companion had committed suicide with a pistol 3-4yrs ago in his home.. and that he was devestated by it, but now has a new friend
    I asked him if he would like to stay and have dinner,
    but he said he had to go for now,
    well, I left it open for another night,
    and he said “Tuesday”! well, “Mardi” actually
    So it looks as if I have invited this man and his partner over for dinner…

    He was thrilled! He lit up and gave me an enthusiastic kiss ( The french greeting kind)
    and seemed as he departed from our house to be delighted with joy…
    Not quite sure what I got myself into here…

    But i have this sense that God has called us to love this community In deed and in truth.
    and He is showing us what that looks like.
    That was church for us today and what we are learning…

  5. Palm62 says:

    SC – we so need to love on these folks. Will be praying for you in this, God has placed a difficult task in your hands – it will go as He wills if all here pray seriously for His presence to dominate, I think.

  6. Palm62 says:

    it is wonderful to think that the old flesh is not going to be resurrected 🙂

  7. Xenia says:

    We drove through heavy fog up to Felton. The sun broke through just as we arrived.

    Today’s Gospel reading from St. Luke included “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Fr. Thaddaeus explained that this concept was not new with Jesus- not exactly, anyway. Other religions and cultures had a negative version of it: “Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.” Jesus often picked up on common expressions and ideas but improved on them. His version of the Golden Rule is active, not passive. It’s not enough to avoid harming others. The Commandment (Love God, love your neighbor) requires some action and effort on our parts.

    Fr. T. explained that our actions and behavior do more to spread the Gospel than any other method. Once we sacrifice ourselves for our neighbor, then he will ask “Why are you like this?” and then we can speak to their hearts about Jesus. Turning the other cheek, going the extra mile, giving without expecting to receive, giving one’s shirt as well as one’s coat- this is the best means of evangelism. There’s something about loving one’s enemy that makes them wonder what’s going on.

    (I was reminded of the Newsboys’ song: “Shine! Let ’em wonder what you got!”

    There were no comments of the “Jesus didn’t really mean this because no one can do it” sort. Instead, Fr. T. told us about a Fr. Luke who suffered greatly in the Soviet Gulag who demonstrated his love to his enemies and changed the hearts of many towards Christ.

    And we are all called to behave in this manner.

  8. Concerned says:


    What you have described touched my heart.
    You can minister to these men just as Jesus did by your act of servanthood in His name.

    Your day of minsitry is what “church” ought to be about…as it is the body of believers out in the world drawing others to the living God…

    I will pray for Tuesday and may God be right beside you all.
    Ministering one soul at a time.

    Thats what Jesus did best.
    You will know the are mine by the love they have for one another…

  9. Xenia says:

    Sister Christian is a wonderful, real-life example of Fr T’s homily in action.

  10. Concerned says:

    Church today was the beginning of study of Revelation with my husband.
    The weather was absolutely beautiful here in S. Florida..the kind of day one yearns for… the 70’s with no humidity! Able to finally breathe outside and use the patio furniture…

    Some questions from Macarthur’s study:

    **How would your life be different (practically and specifically) if you lived each day with a continual expectancy of Christ’s return?
    I would live each day in fear of sinning and would pray more–Make more of an effort in study..I would be more obedient to Him-I would be more submissive to the Spirit. I would be more humble and serve Him with a glad heart. See my trials as the Word teaches-find more joy in them. Trust Him more with my life

  11. puzzletop says:

    “Reactions to the Resurrection” Acts 17:32-34

    1. Introduction vv21-31

    a. The Consideration of the True God

    b. The Concerns of the Crowd

    2. The Consequences of the Resurrection

    a. There are Some Who Reject It v32

    b. There are Some Who Reason It v32

    c. There are Some Who Receive It vv33-34

  12. London says:

    Went on a church retreat for the whole weekend and had a GREAT time.
    Spent most of last night in a huge group conversation about our spiritual gifts. Everyone took a brief assessment and then discussed how we could use them.
    I love this group!!

  13. Dusty says:

    Sister Christian said, “enthusiastic kiss ( The french greeting kind)”

    lol Sis….he gave you what kind of kiss?!!!??? 😯

    Just kidding 😉 I know the french greeting is a kiss on each cheek. lol too funny.

  14. A E A says:

    Colossians 1:24-26

    Sufferings for the Body.
    Why sufferings?
    The call and equipping of ministers.
    The attitude and motivation of ministers.
    (All believers are ministers) so pay attention. 🙂

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    London, sounds like a great retreat. Glad you had a good time.

  16. Sister Christian says:

    lol is right, our littlest girls will ask people in the states for a “french kiss”
    and they have gotten some understandably strange reactions I have had to explain to the girls they need to explain, the “French greeting” with kisses, which can be 3-4 (slightly to each side of the face) depending on the region one lives, and not a “french kiss”.

    Thats wonderful news!!! Glad to hear you have met up with a group you can be connected with and have such an enjoyable time at a weekend retreat!

    Xenia, and Concerned,
    Thank you so much for the kind words,,,
    you know, its a bit daunting at times, we have been through much of the evangelical “methods” in reaching people for Christ, and being out here, it seems that God is having us take this different route of getting to know and care for people, genuinely care about them, and learn to love them. Not alot of people, but to take quality time with the circle He has placed in our lives.
    will keep you posted on how things develope

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