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  1. Jim says:

    The red pill theory starts with “you’ve believed a lie” and ends with “believe our lie”.

  2. Xenia says:

    Here’s what I think. I think we saw videos of officials in Wuhan (who I think we can label as Brownshirts) welding people into their apartments and spraying disinfectant from trucks down the streets. We read of a great sulfur cloud hovering over the outskirts of Wuhan, which was speculated to be evidence of a mass corpse-burning. We saw videos of young women being chased down the street, captured by men in haz-mat suits, and thrown onto the back of trucks. We were led to believe that the virus somehow descends from the sky and is the kiss of death if one of its cooties landed on you. It all seemed like a sci-fi apocalyptic movie and it scared us all to death. Then throw in all the conspiracy theories about how the germ was manufactured by (Bill Gates? The Illuminati? Barack Obama? ) and the outcome looked… apocalyptic. I know I was shook up about that sulfur cloud story. Did any of that really happen? I have no way of knowing, and neither does any ordinary person. I do know that I trust the US government far more than I trust the Chinese government.

    The President has done and said foolish things the past two months. I try to ignore him. I’ve changed my mind again; I can’t vote for him this fall after all. He’s senile. So is Biden. I’m a little loopy myself. Lord have mercy. I’ll probably just vote for local politicians who are working hard to solve our local homeless problems. May God bless them.

    No Christian in the USA is being persecuted for his or her faith at the present time. It is dishonorable to those in the past 2000 years who really were persecuted to whine that your current situation is in any way persecution. Please remember what real persecution looks like. Remember the Coptic Christians on the beach who chose to be beheaded rather than deny Christ? THAT’s persecution, not watching your churches’ services from the cozy comfort of your home with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. If you can’t run with the foot soldiers how will you ever be able to run with the horses?

    I do think it is easier for people who have desk jobs that they can do at home to be quite happy to remain at home indefinitely and really don’t want to have to go back to the physical office. I’d feel the same way if I were them. But, alas, that is selfish. The day will come, dear copy-write editor and code-writer, that you will have to find your shoes, comb your hair, and get back out there. I have some outside obligations that I would rather abandon too, and every month the Quarantine is extended part of me heaves a little sigh of relief that I can put off those tasks a little longer. I don’t think this is a noble attitude, though.

    To summarize, I don’t know who to believe but the more strident and conspiratorial the voice, the less likely I am to listen. Over here, we are quite happy to stay home because my husband an I are introverted homebodies who have used the time to turn our overgrown jungle of a backyard into a beautiful garden. I can’t expect small shop owners and employees of non-essential businesses to be so sanguine. For their sake, I am willing to give up my slippers, brush my hair, and go shopping.

    My best advice is put a limit on social media (and cable news, too). Learn a foreign language, read a hard book, knit socks for Christmas presents and plant some carrots. These things will still be good when the Quarantine is over. One thing I know for sure: obsessing over Twitter and Facebook and CNN or Fox will debilitate you and when it’s all over, nothing of value will have been gained.

    Say your prayers.


  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, may I quote #6 on FB?

  4. Duane Arnold says:


    “The pandemic is simply an opportunity to practice the art of emptying oneself to serve others on the way to the cross…”

    The question that needs to be asked is not, “What’s being done to us?”. The question that should be asked is, “What are we doing for others?”. It’s really that simple.

  5. Michael says:

    CK …always.

  6. Michael says:


  7. Michael says:

    Thank you, Xenia!

  8. Michael says:

    I think both pills are the same color underneath…

  9. JoelG says:

    #10 – Sounds like it’s time for the Flowbee:

  10. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks Michael for these.

    My cousin’s son (around 2-3 yrs old) was diagnosed with COVID-19. He’s ok. Father tested negative.

    When it happens to someone you know…

  11. Michael says:


    I owned one of those once…briefly…

  12. Michael says:


    I hear you…

  13. Em says:

    No Christian is being persecuted? Then we aren’t practicing The Faith. or so it seems to me as there is a genuine contempt among this nation’s “movers and doers” for real Christians… And i do believe there are degrees of persecution, i.e., the Presbyterian church in a certain Washington state city used to broadcast hymns from their bell tower for a half hour at noon every day – a beautiful, peaceful, reassuring praise to God and then came the day in the 1980s….. They were silenced as an increasingly unbelieving population found the hymns offensive and complained to City Hall about noise pollution… Bibles sitting in view on your work desk? Offensive! The day came when that was verboten…
    Little by little the heat is turned up, so don’t think we are living in peace and safety…..
    or so it seems to me…… 😇
    God keep

  14. CM says:

    The problem is that by and large the majority of Christians look at their faith through the idolatrous lends of politics. In fact, I think we all do from time to time to be honest (myself included). And this colors our judgement.

    In all the blaming of how the virus spread, who is responsible, we need to remember that death and disease (after all, one has to die of something) are products of a fallen universe.

    “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.”

  15. Em says:

    CM – good words … or so they seem to me … 🙆

  16. grberry says:

    I’ve heard that red pill/blue pill is a memetic reference to the 1999 movie The Matrix. The colors aren’t a political reference. Wikipedia agrees that that is where the meme comes from and discusses a couple prior materials the meme is built from (Alice in Wonderland) or similar to (a 1990 movie).

    In the frame of this meme, red is a choice to accept a painful truth and blue is choosing to accept illusions. Purple is probably trying to split the difference, which appears to be the typical human response to painful truths.

  17. directambiguity says:

    I haven’t seen rage anywhere, maybe concern, fear, or anger at the loss of God-given rights as laid out in the Bill of Rights and Constitution from some Governors, mayors, and social media platforms

  18. directambiguity says:


    “trying to split the difference, which appears to be the typical human response to painful truths.”

    That would be called cognitive dissonance I believe.

  19. Michael says:

    I haven’t lost a single God given right…I’ve exercised the Spirit given ability to lay some aside for the greater good.

  20. Em says:

    “I know my rights!”. . Never trusted anyone who laid down that dogmatic assertion

  21. JoelG says:

    “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” – Jesus

    “I know my rights!” – Not Jesus

  22. Michael says:

    JoelG just nailed it…and I agree with Em…

  23. Eric says:

    It’s discouraging to have people unfriend you, but a lot of people tire of friends sharing social/political content – it’s not what they signed up to social media for. Although what you write is sensibly written, the sheer amount of content that comes shared through fb et al is enough to tempt one to remove friends who are regularly broadcasting it. There are people I’ve unfollowed on fb because they overshare, but I will be very happy to talk to them in real life again.

  24. Duane Arnold says:

    Personally, I find Michael to be a good friend, whether we agree or not. Maybe that’s what being a friend is… just sayin’…

  25. directambiguity says:

    But Paul said to the officers: “They beat us publicly without a trial, even though we are Roman citizens, and threw us into prison. And now do they want to get rid of us quietly? No! Let them come themselves and escort us out.”

    Paul knew his rights.

  26. Em says:

    Time and place, ambiguity, time and place… 😌

  27. Owen says:

    Thanks, Michael, for #1 and #8.
    If you don’t mind, I think I’ll make those the evening devotional for my kids tomorrow night……

    It just doesn’t get any more basic than that.

  28. bob1 says:

    No Christian in the USA is being persecuted for his or her faith at the present time. It is dishonorable to those in the past 2000 years who really were persecuted to whine that your current situation is in any way persecution.

    I agree with Xenia here. Please don’t use the word ‘persecution’ to describe the American ‘scene.’ It’s a cheapening and a bastardization of language already prophesied in books like 1984.

  29. I’m kind of in the middle of this, but many people did lose rights, the rights to provide for themselves and their families, when the latter is applicable. I might not be in the middle if I were one of those who lost their jobs. Covid-19 testing is now free in my county. I suppose I should get tested to be “clear.” Or not.

  30. CM says:

    To piggy back off of what Xenia said earlier, the Babylon Bee makes the same point:

    And for those Christians saying that things, no matter how trivial are the “Goliath” in their life, may I present this:

  31. CM says:


    I just tried to comment and it was somehow rejected.

  32. Michael says:

    More than one link is always caught by the software…otherwise this would be a porn site in 15 minutes…

  33. JoelG says:

    TNV and my heart goes out those who lost jobs. It is one of my worst fears. It’s easy for me to write on a blog. It’s another to thing altogether to put Jesus’ commands into practice. But He does comfort us by reminding us of the flowers of the field and birds of the air. He promises that if we seek His Kingdom first everything else will be added. When I struggle with trust, I’m learning to go to Him rather than “get right” myself. I believe He will get us through anything when the time comes as we seek His Kingdom in our lives. I’m anxious as I type those words.

  34. Michael says:

    TNV, JoelG,

    Those who have lost jobs or their businesses are as much on my heart as those who have fallen ill.
    This has impacted many people in my own life…it’s not just the loss of money,but of security and hope.

    I don’t blame them a bit for their anger or frustration.

    Our focus should be on serving those broken in any way…

  35. CM says:

    Hello Michael,

    Oh ok. Didn’t know that. Will break up multiple links into separate posts then.

  36. Michael says:


    There are hundreds of attempts every day to post porn spam from bots…the plug in we use has caught over 400,000 of those since the last time I reset it.
    I forget to tell people that links have to be separated…

  37. CM says:


    No problem. That plug-in sounds very effective, it is good you are using it.

    Also, isn’t much of the filtering also done by your hosting provider or is the plug-in you have something they provided?

    On a more humorous note:

  38. Em says:

    bob1, we disagree on the definition of persecution as it does come in degrees of intensity…. Martyrdom on the other hand is severe – always

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