Tom Stipe’s Memorial Service

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12 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    I still look at my phone when it rings to see if it’s Tom…God bless Oden and Dave, who were his friends to the end.
    As MaryEllen said, Tom was tired…he has now found rest.

  2. Dread says:

    Thanks for this … will watch with great interest

  3. Duane Arnold says:

    Memory eternal…

  4. pstrmike says:

    Thanks for posting this. I watched parts of this, and I always think the most important voices in these services are what the families have to say. What a wonder tribute from them.

    Tom was a friend to this community. Memory eternal.

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Beautiful! I never met Tom in person, but got to know him through the earliest days of this blog. What a gracious, intelligent, empathetic, wise and sweet man.

    Tom, I’m still looking forward to meeting you.

  6. dusty says:

    Oh, Michael, I am so sorry for your loss. I know you miss him dearly. May God grant you peace as you mourn the loss of your good friend and brother in Christ.

    God bless You Tom, we all love you.
    Praying for Tom’s family and friends.

  7. Linnea says:

    What a good man and a wonderful tribute I’ll always remember that he stood with Pete Nelson, which was the right thing to do. My prayers are with MaryEllen and their kids.

  8. Muff Potter says:

    I remember Stipe from the old Calvary Chapel days back during the wind down of Vietnam.
    I was a young vet just out of the Long Beach VA hospital.
    Stipe was a kind and good man.

  9. Thanks Michael, for posting Tom’s Memorial Service. I get flowers still from people who are just discovering that Tom is in heaven. As Tom loved the intellectual and spiritual challenge I provided him, but you also offered him those challenges . He was not only a sweet man, he was a super smart guy and had a hard time tolerating “stupid people” so he would seek out those who were articulate and intelligent and dialogue with them. You were one of those intelligent men he would seek out to balance out the not so smart ones that seemed to persecute him and fray his patience. He loved you and regarded you as a friend. Please pray for me, I still do not understand why God would call him home so soon.

  10. Alan H says:

    Mary Ellen

    Tom was a rare man. I knew him only a little but could see conscience conviction and courage. His ability to hold things in tension was amazing. He said things to me that have not left my mind and not yet been comprehended. His sharing with me about the days of revival and the carnage of managing human and divine encounters lingers. Stories about Chuck and John and Greg and Lonnie and of course Hank and so many others remain to be told. Perhaps I will publish some of what he shared. But Tom lived a life that continues in many others. And yes he was called sooner than any of us wanted. I thank God for Tom and for you. Bless you.

  11. Michael says:

    Mary Ellen,

    Thank you…like you I am wrestling with his loss, though surely not to the degree that you must be.
    What few would understand was the risk that Tom took by befriending me at all…and the price he ;paid for doing so.

  12. Kathleen Young says:

    I’m still coming to grips with Tom’s Homegoing. His Tuesday Bible Studies at Calvary Chapel were deep Truths peppered with his sense of humor and his infectious laugh.

    Praying Isaiah 43:2 for Mary Ellen and family.

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