Your Church Is Too Small

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  1. You have captured the essence of the argument by responding to my friend Jim Packer’s argument in the foreword. Sadly, many on the right will reject it because of Packer alone. That tragic fact should cause some to say, “What goes on here?” The book will help them see why people react to Packer and what prompts what sometimes becomes anger and misleading comment. I always say, “Read the book and really respond to what is actually said and if you disagree then tell why in a fair and simple way.”

    My prayer is to stir a great movement for “relational unity in mission” not create a one-world church, which is as unlikely as ever regardless of what some have told us for 100 years about prophecy. While we are told there is a one-world church coming we keep creating new churches (denominations) every year! Something about this picture ought to make us think but then thinking is not highly valued in some Christian circles these days. We much prefer conspiracy theories to real critical thought.

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