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  1. Em says:

    Interesting list of links… will keep me sedentary this afternoon. ? thanks

  2. Jean says:

    “Church Attendance is Down, But Why?”

    The Baptist, Mike Glenn, gets it.

  3. The New Victor says:

    While I agree with the article’s comments about California liberals being hostile to faith, specifically the RCC, this is not:

    “If SB-360 becomes the law in California—and if Catholicism-hostile law enforcers decide to trap priests in their confessional boxes—we could well see another round of, if not martyrs, men willing to risk all for their faith.”

    Those who do not provide for their own family have denied the faith and are worse than unbelievers. This sounds like sacrifice, rather than mercy. Better a millstone hangs around their necks while they go to proverbial martyrdom, as implied above.

    I see this as little different than families who cover up abuse, refusing to provide for the take care of the victims, because it threatens the [dysfunctional] family unit.

  4. Kevin H says:

    In regards to the “What if Jesus isn’t coming back anytime soon” article, I think the article hits on some realities but misses on more. From my experience anyway, there are not many Christians just waiting around and sitting on their hands for Jesus to come rescue them in the Rapture because they believe it must be happening sometime soon. Conversely, what I do see is more who use their belief of an imminent Coming as motivation to share their faith and to try to live for Christ.

    However, what I also have observed to a considerable extent is an attitude of neglect towards things like justice issues or environmental issues because the thinking is that it’s all just going to keep getting worse and worse and come to an end soon anyway, so why bother. And my other big concern with those who have been convinced that the Rapture must be right around the corner is not something I have witnessed too much myself but certainly have heard others tell stories about it. And that is the disillusionment that comes or could still yet come as time continues to go on and on and Jesus still hasn’t returned. Disillusioned with having been sold a bill of goods sets in or could set in as that convinced belief of the Rapture being right upon us just keeps not happening. And if things do continue to get “worse and worse” in our society and world with still no return of Christ, some could be woefully psychologically prepared to face such things they were sure they were going to escape, resulting in more distress than from just disillusionment.

  5. Outside T. Fold says:

    When I was a practicing Christian, I LOVED the Great Vigil. Some of us attending church-related-school would traipse down to this little Russian Uniate church in El Segundo for their vigil and feast (Russian Uniate: affiliated with Rome, dropped the filioque in keeping with the Orthodox). It was a great experience. There, for the first time I heard The Paschal Homily of St. John Chrysostom (the golden-mouthed). From the 4th century. Dang, could that guy preach! After the seemingly infinite number of times in which the resurrection is proclaimed at The Great Vigil, I talked my (episcopal) priest to slip in a few more acclamations in our Vigil service.

    When I was thinking about which way to go after decided to bail on late 20th century Southern California non-denominational churchiness (no wonder we all think Jesus is gonna come back any! day! now! and we’ll ignore centuries of church history and tradition. We reflect our surroundings in California, a place where our roots are in the future), it was the Great Vigil that drew me into a liturgical church. After being so danged exhausted from working myself into a lather to discern what God was trying to tell me today, this moment, right now, five minutes ago, I could take a time and relax and lean back on the strength of a church tradition that had been around for centuries and I didn’t have to work myself into a perpetual whirl. Centuries of tradition bring their own sense of strength.

    One last fun bit o trivia about The Great Vigil: The kindling of the flame to light the paschal candle is a bit of fun when the rector of your church also happens to be chaplain to the local community volunteer fire department. Full service parish.

    Hm. I loved the Great Vigil; don’t know if I’ll attend this year. It helps to have observed Lent. Which I’m not. And yet, if I do go to a Vigil, I can do so in this spirit (Thanks St. John Chrysostom!): If any have arrived only at the eleventh [hour], let him not be afraid because he comes so late.

  6. Em says:

    The first link makes the argument for this nation becoming hostile to Christianity…. While my brand does not recognize the requirement of confession to a Priest, nor the sanctity of privacy of same, i do understand that taking away the secular recognition of same puts those who must visit a confessional in a terrible bind

  7. Em says:

    Power and pastors – great article! Untouchable pastors? phooey! Don’t waste my time, if you’re not increasing my understanding of the Faith on Sunday morning, i’ll probably move on, no matter how impressive a man you (think) you are

    I’m reading the lust of links today in order to avoid filling out my tax forms…. I’ll try to not comment on each link. LOL

  8. Em says:

    Both the articles on China and rich people are worth thinking on IMO
    China because we are enamored with a socialist form of government today (i think that’s a slippery slope t loss of individual independence
    And rich people because so much of what was possible in the last half of the 20th century isn’t today because of economic changes…. My daughter just added a fifteen year old cat to her menagerie as it’s owners ( solid citizens) were forced to sell their home to pay medical bills and couldn’t find a place to live that would accept their three cats… most hospitals didn’t used to force people to do that. ?

  9. j2theperson says:

    Re: The 9 reasons church people can be mean. Another one is that they may have hidden or undiagnosed mental health issues.

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