Bob Caldwell Resigns

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    I know nothing about this man or the precipitating circumstances. My assumption is that he is retiring. Aa a man entering the season of increasing transitions I applaud the wisdom and courage to take the step.

    If there are mitigating issues then none of that is my business and I wish them well as a people and a body. Relinquishing is not a skill that innately flourishes within us. My prayer is that he does well and there is no ‘rest of the story.’

  2. Ryan Ashton says:

    As a former member of Calvary Chapel Boise, I believe there very much is a “rest of the story.” You know the details, Michael.

  3. Michael says:

    I don’t know anything that would be significant enough for him to resign.
    There isn’t anything that has crossed my desk that would be difficult to do damage control on if need be.

  4. Paige says:

    I will affirm and Amen BDs #1 comment……

    I wish them well.

  5. Andrew says:

    From what was reported here, Caldwell apparently knew about Saaed’s past spousal abuse but restored him on staff or at least in the ministry after a short period of time. Now that he is out of prison, wondering if this has anything to do with anything.

  6. Cash says:

    Well, it’s inevitably going to come up, so I might as well be the one. Does this resignation have anything to do with Saeed and Naghmeh? Saeed was commissioned through Bob Caldwell and the church there in Boise.

    It’s my understanding that Saeed was sent out by the church even after they knew of his assault on his wife and other demons Saeed was fighting. Is Bob falling on his sword for his church board? I’m not accusing anyone of anything, just asking questions that are fair to be asked.

  7. Michael says:

    Let me repeat…at this juncture I know of nothing that would compel him to resign.

    I post this because it is of interest to some of our readers and it is unusual for someone of his stature to make his kind of decision.

  8. Nonnie says:

    Sounds to me like he and his wife want more time to have with family as well as various international ministries .
    Seems very genuine .

  9. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    It sounds legit to me. 35 yrs is a long time to do anything. He may just want to fuel up the RV and drive off into the sunset — I know I do.

  10. Josh the Baptist says:

    “Naghmeh Abedini – He caught pastor Bob off guard when he came to church and pastor Bob said there would be more commotion if he did not have him come up and thank people for praying. That’s it. There will be no more done with Saeed at the church. And no. Saeed is not ordained in any denomination (Calvary Chapel or Assemblies of God). HE received his pastoral card by paying an organization and receiving it in the mail.
    Like · Reply · 30 · Yesterday at 7:07am · ”

    Hmm – She’s dropping bombs on facebook again.

  11. Michael says:

    This is a bomb…

    Naghmeh- how far in the process of Matt 18 (church discipline) have you and your church leadership moved through with Saeed?

    Like · Reply · 2 · February 28 at 11:11am
    Naghmeh Abedini
    Naghmeh Abedini Candis N Kosta Proussaefs very far. There is not a pastor that Saeed had worked with that approves his character or that he has submitted to. He had ignored every discipline and and authority. He got his pastoral certificate not by the way God ordained it, but by paying money to an organization and having them send him his pastoral certificate. He was never ordained.

  12. Cash says:

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  13. Ixtlan says:

    ” He may just want to fuel up the RV and drive off into the sunset — I know I do.”

    As do I. Gotta get an RV first.

  14. Andrew says:

    I’m confused. Naghmeh seems to be saying that Saeed has not worked with a single pastor that approves his character or that he has submitted to and has ignored every discipline and authority. Now I know there are some very strong dislikes of Franklin Graham on here, me being one of them. But isn’t Franklin a pastor that Saaed has been working with?

  15. Michael says:


    She’s speaking about local pastors.
    We have heard this through sources before…

  16. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I will say one thing – I am glad these 2 are apart. I couldn’t fathom thinking of them breeding any further.

  17. Josh the Baptist says:

    A – Franklin is not a Pastor.
    B – Whether Franklin stick to Saaed for thew long haul is still to be seen

  18. Babylon's Dread says:

    It is not lost on me that the word “retire” is not in the linked document that I can see

  19. Michael says:


    You are a very discerning reader…

  20. Andrew says:

    Ah, that makes sense Michael. Probably another reason they should both try to stay out of the limelight since its a local issue. However, I guess Caldwell their pastor made the headlines with his resignation and they both back in the spot light again. I’m just wondering if any of this will affect CC as a whole at some point. I would imagine Caldwell will be off the CCA board as well.. That leadership counsel is shrinking every year and I don’t think they have a mechanism to replace any pastor since they were hand picked by Chuck Smith.

  21. Michael says:


    How many more articles do I have to write before you understand this?

    There is no “CC as a whole”.

    They were not “hand picked by Chuck Smith” as he hated the very idea of a council in the first place.

    This is no more than a collection of local power brokers who haven’t even been able to get the whole board together more than a couple of times.

    Caldwell may remain on the board, but I doubt that he wants the irritation.

  22. That Guy Over There says:


    You say they weren’t picked by Chuck, but men of stature and character have said otherwise… men who were in the room at the ECPC in Philly who heard him say he was going to do what he did.

    Regarding BC,

    I noticed one (big in my opinion) red flag… he’s remaining the president of the board… others have done that…

  23. Michael says:


    Some of those same ‘men of stature” have told me differently and will lie about other things too.
    This idea wasn’t hatched at the ECPC in Philly…and if someone wants to push me I’ll tell the whole damn story.

    You people must think I get out of bed and make this crap up…

  24. says:

    I know of nothing regarding the Saeed debacle more than other strangers, but regarding Bob, he’s a solid guy, ESPECIALLY when compared to many under the Caesar model.
    I was at one of the recent CCSPCs during which Bob spoke about changes he felt God wanted to make at the church and I was floored (literally) by his humility, he all but hinted this may be an option at that time, even though he stated God just (my just there, not Bob’s) wanted him to make changes, not leave. Also, I listened as he spoke during other conversations and felt nostalgic for the days which my “leaders” weren’t power-mongers because listening to him is hard when around others of the usual ilk (not like Bob).
    Did you notice “three months up to one year”?
    I bet Bob would be the first to admit he doesn’t want trust himself not to screw it up so he’s comforting the body now with plans, a sign of maturity and care more for God’s kingdom and not his own. Also, not that he’s say so, but I know he and none of the other first-generation guys want to see a repeat of the Skipper.

  25. Andrew says:


    It may be time for a refresher article. Or publish a book. I’m still trying to get it all straight in my head. I know there is no “CC” as a whole but I have yet to find a single CC pastor that will explain to me the CCA leadership council. They seem to avoid the topic like the plague. Why these men remain on it boggles my mind if they knew Chuck Smith hated the idea. Whats the deal?

  26. says:

    I bet The Skipster got on the horn with Bob and asked if there was any equipment lying around he could leave out in the parking lot?!!!
    : )
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  27. Michael says:


    The rank and file CC guy is as much lied to and in the dark about this stuff as you are.

    The CCA concept was shoved down a dying mans throat, but not before he bit a couple of hands.

    I’m getting really angry, so I need to back off.

  28. Andrew says:

    Sounds like the power brokers are the ones that have been doing must of the lying. Thats what I thought. Confirms a lot.

  29. Xenia says:

    Wouldn’t hurt to think the best since we don’t know anything else.

    Could be the Abedini episode disheartened him and he threw in the pastoral towel.

  30. Xenia says:

    In my experience, pastors rarely tell the congregation the real reason behind their departure. They may have altruistic and/or self-serving reasons for not telling the whole story.

  31. Steve Wright says:

    It is not lost on me that the word “retire” is not in the linked document that I can see
    I read the letter.

    That might just be old-school CC’esque speak Dread. I’m sure others can testify that for some reason “retire” was one of those words to not use in our Christianese.

    Always thought that was silly….Along the lines of insisting Christianity is not a religion (but a relationship) – and then people look at you weird and wonder why you can’t communicate.

    The letter sure sounds like a normal, very positive, stepping down for the younger crowd to carry on. Caldwell was big on that at the SPC 2 summers ago.

  32. Steve Wright says:

    If anyone in Boise is reading and cares…I suggest getting in writing NOW, the agreement you all are planning….

  33. nathan priddis says:

    @32 Get it in writing..

    Well said. I wish someone had told me that when I was younger.

  34. Steve Wright says:

    me too, Nathan.

    How silly to think “let your yea be yea” was actually meant to be lived by… 🙁

  35. Babylon's Dread says:


    I get it. “Retire is not in the Bible” so to admit you are retiring is, well, it does not pass the test of appropriate claims for Jesus people.

  36. filbertz says:

    gas up the RV? That’s what I’m accused of doing. Oh, RV doesn’t mean Rogue Valley?

    oops. my bad

  37. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    My pastor has no problem saying the “retire” – he as picked the date when he turns 65 2.5 yrs from now

  38. Bart says:

    I am a long time viewer and sometime participant, and wish to make some remarks about Bob Caldwell.
    Sorry for the length, but I need to say this.
    My wife and I first walked into CC Boise in 1996. They met in an old neighborhood Catholic Church building and the parsonage had some office space and mostly children classroom stuff. Maybe a couple hundred people attended at the time. Coming from the standard American Evangelical non-denominational upper middle class right wing church, I was not prepared for what I saw that first Sunday. I remember the first people I saw as we walked toward the church were a group of bikers standing next to their rides, some were smoking, all had leathers on and were holding bibles. Then I saw a hippy girl, a couple of guys that surely were on or recently come down from meth and lot of young people in shorts and flip flops. We were pretty close to the BSU campus.
    We went in and sat down and for worship a couple of women got on the stage one with a guitar and the other with a flute. I thought I was at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert. Then Bob got up. Hair almost to his shoulders, full beard, jeans and a flannel shirt. He flashed a peace sign and said “Hey, what’s up?”
    I grabbed the brochure in the pew back that said ‘What we believe’ and thought gotcha now. I’ll read this to show my wife they’re a bunch of liberal heretics and we’re out of here. I read that darned thing and found I agreed with everything I read.
    What I learned from Bob Caldwell and the whole experience at CC Boise in those early days: I learned what ‘Love’ truly meant from a biblical point of view, I viewed scripture in a whole new way that changed me dramatically, and I viewed those that are different than me as brothers and sisters. My role as a husband and father was transformed, and for the first time my wife and I had relationships with other families that were deep and meaningful. It was a beautiful season in our lives. I saw in Bob Caldwell a man who truly sought the Lord for direction and guidance.
    We moved to another state in 2001, the church had moved to its current location and was on its way to mega church status. We moved back to Boise in 2011 and went to CC Boise a few times, but it had changed so much that it just didn’t fit us. It’s very urban and young now and that’s great.
    Regardless of what may or may not come out in the days to come, Bob is one of the good guys in my book. A quote from Bob I wrote down in my bible:
    Who we are before God is all that we are. Nothing more, nothing less. We are not what we think or what others think of us. We are what God truly sees us to be.

  39. Pastor Al says:

    Hmm, interesting. Will have to ask around here in Boise.

  40. Bart says:

    And…I think Bob Caldwell is perhaps the only pastor in the history of Christendom to use the word ‘bogard’ in a sermon.
    He was talking about he gifts of the Spirit and how the Lord gives them liberally, and made a remark to the effect of, “It’s not like one guy gets to bogard all the good gifts.”

  41. Pastor Al says:

    I would not be surprised at all if there is a “there” there….not because Bob Caldwell isn’t a decent and nice guy (he is) but b/c he’s also not “Special” and is just as human as the rest of any of us and he’s capable of anything.

    That resignation letter was so drenched in Christianeze….it does make me a little suspicious. I know some folks locally….I’ll do some checking. It’s hard to keep secrets in Boise.

  42. Ixtlan says:

    ““Retire is not in the Bible” so to admit you are retiring is, well, it does not pass the test of appropriate claims for Jesus people.”

    Yep. Same idea for those who went into ministry and then opted out of SS. It was an one of the markers that said you were all in. I know of some cases where there was an incredible amount of pressure to opt out (in spite of whether you really met the criteria set forth by the IRS). It has come back to bite a few.

  43. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Al, I thought you were pals with him – you said you used to have conversations with him etc.
    Call him on the phone and ask instead of weaseling around dark corners trying to get the latest gossip.

    I swear, a CC pastor can’t even retire, quit run out or whatever without the shadow of maleficence lurking around.

  44. Andrew says:

    Does Superman ever retire?

  45. Fixinlive says:

    Bob mentions spending more time in India as they have a charity with Child Sponsorships called SEND HOPE. I was horrified in looking at the children to see they label each child as HIV – or + with a picture and full name and location.

  46. DavidM says:

    I doubt that any of this has anything to do with Saeed. When one reaches the age of retirement, it is often time to think about doing other things with the productive years you have left. Resign does not mean retire. It sounds like in Bob’s case it means focusing on other pursuits and opportunities. I cannot fault him for that.

  47. Mike Laughlin says:

    My wife and I are presently attending Calvary Chapel Boise. We had heard Bob drop little lines here and there over a year or so that he would retire some day, so his letter of resignation was not a total surprise. What is surprising is that he is doing so in 3 weeks. I’ve wondered about the wisdom of doing so with little time for people here to grieve the loss of Bob or to adequately prepare for his replacement. I don’t even know who this new pastor is other than the fact he is someone on Bob’s staff who is a pastor….don’t even know what he looks like. I wished Bob had delayed his departure at least for a few months so everyone could say goodbye and prepare for whatever is next.

  48. nathan priddis says:

    Mike. His abrupt retirement is strange. Pastors don’t give two weeks notice, and toss in an Easter sermon.

    It would seem that transparency in the GFA scandal would be important for a CC guy right now. Especially if he never engaged in anything unethical. I am not saying Caldwell did, but you would think he would want to make sure that his church understood his incorporating an ID GFA Inc. was on the level.

    There is probably a logical reason for the GFA shell corporation. (disposing of an asset) Saying so should not be hard.

  49. Em says:

    reading the above i am once again convicted for how little prayer cover i gave my pastors over the years… not in this case, but whenever a minister crashes (does a calling equal sanctification?) i wonder if God may hold their congregations responsible to a degree … dunno … just wondering
    we just don’t think our prayers really matter and i suspect the devil smiles and whispers in our ear, “prayers are just words…” dunno, tho, do i?

  50. Jay Calvin says:

    This site and now it’s participants have come down to the level of the secular world, hearsay, comments for fodder for endless, mindless gossip. Pastor Bob or Joe Blow across the street.. where do people get off making comments they know nothing about and atop that have no right to even voice an opinion about without the facts, God does not condone this type of activity. Why bother wasting our time with this nonsense other that the fact one thinks someone will hit the “Donate” button about or buy something off a link on this site?

  51. Jim Bower says:

    I am so sad to hear of Bob Caldwell’s resignation.
    He was the Sole reason we tuned in on Sunday’s.
    Without any reason being published as to why he resigned, I feel I do NOT need to give any reason for no longer tuning in.
    In Christ,
    Jim Bower

  52. Jay Calvin says:

    Jim, re think your “Sole reason..”

    “I follow Peter”, “I follow Paul” remember all those lost souls that followed men and not God? So, ya what I am saying is, you following Bob and him being the sole reason for tuning in (btw why you tune in and not get your backside to church.. and no I am not looking for some lame excuse from you here why you don’t ..)

    Now Jim I don’t know you, you might have a valid reason for got going to church and it’s not for me to judge, but what I will tell Jim is read your our writing.. “PEACE,In Christ, Jim Bower Nama”

    1) as for “Peace” True Peace can only come from God and the next real Peace will be after Christ second coming.

    2) “In Christ” there you go Jim… It’s not “In Jim” or “Joe”, “Mary” or any man not even “Bob”, It is “In Christ” and one can say through Christ who was and is a third of the God Head, Jesus was not merely a good man and wise teacher, He was 100% Man and 100% God

    So in conclusion Jim, follow God not Bob or Bill or even yourself and stop being “sad” that is not Christ like nor is it scriptural.

    AS for “Without any reason being published as to why he resigned,..” first it is none of your business.. Sheesh and second, It does not matter a hill of beans Jim what his reason was now does it?

    Finally, (if I preach any longer here I will have to pass the plate.. lol) as for “I feel I do NOT need to give any reason for no longer tuning in.’ Jim, really who cares if you tune in or not?? I sure don’t and I doubt anyone wasting their time reading your rant and my reply to your rambling does not care what you do either.

    Conclusion; Get off your butt and the attend God’s House to worship Him not some man on the tube or Net..

  53. brian bousquet says:

    Hey there

    Were out in Massachusetts and just found out about this (October 2016) I met the man Bob Caldwell when He came out to serve at a CC Boston Mens Retreat and was excited to meet him,I had been blessed in ways in cant begin to explain by God thru Bob’s preaching so this just wipes me out!

    So so sad,I pray,his preaching will still be available for me/all of us as I badly need to hear hm preach.We are currently members at a church here,but its very cold and dark and I long to be in Boise under Bob’s teaching,May the Lord bless his flock and Bob’s family

    Brian Bousquet
    (Yeah,I really love to hear him preach)

  54. Scooter Jones says:

    It’s always interesting to go back and read through the comments months after what was not clearly known at the time.

  55. Bob Show says:

    ALCON, it’s hard to read some of these posts. I would guess that some of them are said without thought. For those of you who are without sin, throw the first stone! I think it would interesting if everyone who came to church had with them a scroll that listed all of the sins they committed in their lives. And before the service started, each one of them was shown on the big screen for everyone to see each others sins. Why should anyone be ashamed of someone seeing their sins as God knows all of them. Some scrolls would be small cylinders and others would larger. People would see larger scrolls and past judgment on them. But you know what?, whether your scroll is small, medium or large….. they are all forgiven by Christ’s sacrifice and those reading this know it. Bob Caldwell baptized my wife and two teenage sons many years ago and I’m very grateful for that. It was a beautify day! Bob Caldwell has affected more lives in Christ than many on this planet and he’s a good man with faults like ALL of us. Be short on prejudice and long on praise! God bless you all, Bob and his family.

  56. brian says:

    without getting into whats happened with Pastor Bob’s ministry at CCB Im trying to get spiritual food from CCB and they have apparently pulled all of his sermons.I love this man and his ministry.can anyone help me get some of his sermons please all I have is 29 sermons I had before this all happened
    Thanks for listening to me

  57. Michael says:


    His messages have been removed.
    I suggest you go to any CC website…his was the standard fodder…

  58. Jerry Franco, Jr. says:

    Hello everyone,

    As I share this story, please keep in mind that I did not know of Pastor Bob’s departure. .

    I was in Boise this weekend as a football coach to observe the 2017 Boise State Elite Football Camp. In a way, it was a mini-vacation which allowed me to get some alone & regrouping time from marital and new fatherhood stresses & frustrations that I had been dealing with at home.

    In all honesty, while living in Boise during college and after, I attended Calvary Chapel Boise more than weekly, as well as assisted with the Teens (when they used to have a skateboard half-pipe).

    This weekend, while in Boise and on my own, I had great prayer time and come Sunday morning while at football camp and still talking to God in my heart, I felt an awesome pull/push to leave camp and go to church (one where I felt as a member).

    As I entered the main sermon room/hall, I noticed a major change in its appearance that led to a sickening feeling in my gut . . the Cross was removed from behind the stage 🙁 I looked around and it seemed and felt as if the church was deliberately stripping the Church of any previous ties . . The church and environment just felt different, and I had been part of church-splits before and there was definitely that eerie feeling of discomfort in the atmosphere.

    Anyway, I noticed a new speaker/pastor and he shared the church offers booklets containing their purpose & list of staff. So, I immediately asked an usher for one which he retrieved, and I read the list of staff to find no mention of Pastor Bob and instead found a new head pastor, who was speaking. . In all honesty, my heart stopped in hurt and also curiosity, because I had simply thought the speaker/pastor was a guest pastor (which happened quite often in the past).

    I left the sermon to research Bob’s where about and question the church’s change (both pastoral and visually), and I began to notice there were people walking around with badges, like at a concert/event. I asked about the badges and learned staff wears them (which I found odd), so I asked about Pastor Bob and wow!! that anyone I asked turned immediate white and with a blank-stare. . The question of Pastor Bob was apparently taboo and there was not one staff member who was comfortable in explaining or talking about it.

    This fact scared me and I ‘felt’ this new church had secrets and/or blind members, and I felt the need to leave immediately and go pray & read along the river where I was baptized many, many years ago.

    Anyone’s thoughts? and be kind in your responses 🙂

  59. Michael says:


    It’s really simple.
    Caldwell left a mess that no one is equipped to deal with.
    They’re trying as best they can.

  60. Jerry Franco, Jr. says:


    You comment seems biased and un-Godly.

    The fact that you say how something is really simple. . in that case, then the fix would be simple as well, yet you claim it is not. . So you are in error with your methodology & logic.

    . . as being unequipped, what does that say about you and what you are saying about that congregation? As Christians, are we ever “really” fully equipped “to deal with” things, especially when sin creeps into our lives. . .

    The sad thing most about your comment is the question whether or not you are within the realm of the truth (those who know the truth), and how your comment read to hold biased and to cast out. . If everyone in the congregation were to be truthful with one another, would anyone be left to attend sunday? According to you, it’s really simple. .

    And, what is it that they’re trying their best at? I spoke to many “staff” with badges, and I didn’t feel any trying but instead insecurity with the truth, and/or insecurity being there unaware of why they were there. .

    This isn’t a Bob thing. . this about honesty, Truth, Grace! Otherwise everyone remains damned in your words. I will pray for us both to learn what God wants us to learn from what we are feeling and what we wrote.

  61. Xenia says:

    be kind in your responses <<<<

    You should follow your own advice there, Jerry.

  62. Michael says:


    There is no template to follow when a pastor devastates a church through immorality or other corruption.

    I’m not “biased”, I’ve been writing about these issues for 15 years as well as counseling both pastors and pews in the aftermath of such tragedies.

    You seem to have it all solved…which means that you know very little about the dynamics that this young pastor in Boise is dealing with.

    My suggestion to you is to start your own blog where your great wisdom and unbiased counsel can be made available to all…and we’ll just do what we can here without you.

  63. Jerry Franco, Jr. says:

    I understand mush more now. . Cast out from church, cast our form blogs.

    When people use “credentials” to intimidate others or help themselves believe they are more in tune with God and to determine who is telling the truth or who is more believable, it leads to, what was it called, “a mess”.

    Xenia, explain how my response was not kind, you seems to know something I am not reading. Thank you

  64. Xenia says:

    I understand mush<<<


  65. Michael says:


    You probably want to move along as you’re not interested in dialog.

    We have had over a thousand comments on the situation in Boise from those most affected and much interaction offline…and I’m going to to put more credence in them than you.

    We’re done now.

  66. Jerry Franco, Jr. says:

    Again, cast out those who do not agree with you. .

    As for discussion, I began asking questions. . then there are you who attack spell-check errors (which only displays your intent)

    Enjoy your casting-out blog.

    I will leave wondering if any of you are even members and/or were members of Calvary Chapel Boise? I do know none of you are willing to post your full identity . . but then if you did, someone might lose their position in the church and/or you might be casted-out.


  67. Michael says:


    My guess at this point is that you were cast out for being an ass, not because of persecution…you might want to check the threads were many former members of CC Boise actually interact on this matter.

  68. Tay says:

    I forgive you

  69. John Souza says:

    Mr Caldwell was flesh and blood. Many people were brought to Christ through the Holy Spirit working in Bob. We all fall short of the glory of God. I’m no one to judge him

  70. L. Murray says:

    Mr Caldwell left because it found out he was an adulterer for years in his marriage. You could tell his heart wasn’t in to Pastoring Calvary Boise. While other Calvary’s set up screens to view Pastor Chuck Smith’s memorial sevice, Bob Caldwell refused to. His Sunday message was so convoluted, I never could figure out what the message was. all over the place! Even his Christmas Eve message was. I finally left. ( I went to the 1st Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa CA under Pastor Chuck Smith from 1970 to 2010. I am well schooled in what Calvary is suppose to be for Christians. Bob Caldwell was far from it.

  71. John says:

    Poor Bob

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