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3 Responses

  1. Em says:

    Pray for each other? Amen
    The logic of 1,000 years amounting to the blink of an eye with God should help… but sometimes i find that truth a bit discouraging on this side of the timeline

  2. dave says:

    Dear Michael,

    Don’t dispair! I have owned a small business for almost 30 years. At times, I have felt like giving up. Customers didn’t pay their bills on time or ever, the IRS hounded me for late payments or for perceived late payments, sales were slow. Yet, God, not me, has always provided. No matter how weak my faith, God has always provided for my employees and my family. Now is one of the times when I am clinging to God’s past provision. I choose to believe the more confident translation, because I believe that is in line with God’s character. Do I believe He always answers “Yes”? No, I don’t. I am reminded of the song “Thank God for in answered prayers”. However, I believe that God honors my desire to use my business to witness to employees and customers. At some point, as He has in the past, He may decide the time has come to change or close the business. When that time comes, I pray I follow His lead.

    My feet of lead make me feel like my namesake. I relate to David’s Psalms of Lament. Yet, I believe, also as my namesake, that God will prevail!

  3. Michael says:


    Thank you for the encouragement.
    The last few years have been hard, but we somehow barely made it though.
    That is in doubt now…but I’ll have a great story if He comes through…
    I like great stories…

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