America Today: Tony Brussat

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6 Responses

  1. Em says:

    There is a lot of apologizing which needs to occur….. ?
    We might be better served by forgiving, self discipline and education leading to higher standards and self respect. Victimhood is IMV self destructive
    It would take more words than anyone here has time to read to unpack that….
    God keep

  2. Tony Brussat says:

    Once we forgive ourselves for being a part of the problem (even if we don’t believe we caused any of it), we need to apologize. Like forgiveness, apology is as much for ourselves as it is to others.

    Moral injury and trauma both cause a terrible negative inner story. We don’t often even hear that story but it is the reason why we react in the ways that we do to the events which happen around us. The story, however, is usually wrong or misguided. It is the reason we keep turning to addiction and anger to avoid the pain.

    If we share our stories (which is what apologies actually are – a sharing of stories) we discover our commonality. We discover that we are not victims at all, but that we need to work together to improve the human landscape.

    Finally, words are all we really have to discover what we share in common.

  3. The bigger story is “emotional contagion.” Marches in other countries over George Floyd when so many other horrible crimes occur every day elsewhere?

  4. Tony Brussat says:

    One contagion seems to follow another. For one we wear a mask and for the next we expose ourselves 🙂

  5. Mike E. says:

    “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” As a veteran with PTSD, I’m well acquainted with the concept of moral injury. You’re correct, addiction is a symptom of denial of injury. I agree also that saying we’re sorry about something is deeply powerful and a step on the healing journey. Great piece.

  6. Tony Brussat says:

    Thank you, Mike E.

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