The Bible and the Ballot

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2 Responses

  1. Em says:

    For me (FWIW) the question always comes back to what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God?
    I think i do have a duty to be a responsible citizen (pay my taxes and keep my yard clean), but when it requires compromising my understanding of redemption and my Creator, then Caesar doesn’t get first place.
    However, IF i were a soldier and ordered to shoot certain politicians…. 🙆

  2. Dave says:


    I may not always agree with your political positions, however, in our faith, I feel more at home than anywhere else. In your faith, I feel at home. You teach what seems to me to be the truth. Keep to the Gospel! In which you can’t go wrong! Someday, in heaven, we will chuckle over the things I got wrong. In the mean time, please keep to the truth God has given you!

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