Answering K.P.

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4 Responses

  1. Pastor Al says:

    Throckmorton is a freaking stud. He’s just grinding away and not letting up, neither is Michael.

    Keep it up men. These dooshes will certainly keep it up on their end…and Calvary Chapel will do their typical b.s. as well.

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve been following Warren’s reporting on the GFA scandal. He’s very methodical. Reminds me of a forensic financial auditor who bores deep into the core of a corporation’s books and uncovers the waste, fraud and abuse that others have a hard time seeing, for whatever reason.

    It’s hard work, however, I think he’s well suited for the job he’s doing.

  3. Em says:

    i read the rebuttal – well worth the time to do so…

  4. Jonnyb says:

    Just plain common sense at work. Throk is simply saying where are the books of disbursements. Why are they not public knowledge since it essentially is public funds at work.

    Why the shadyness and why are negative reports coming forth.

    To me it would appear that they will not come to the light lest their deeds be exposed.

    Like I said before it looks like yo yo might be a sociopath,,,
    One component of the sociopath is they have no remorse over harming others or taking advantage of others which they happen to be particularly good at.

    At least some of the board has run off when the bright xenon lights of Throck were cast in their direction.

    Leaving us with evidence that something is in deed amiss.

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