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  1. Paige says:

    That two versions of “Jesus Calling” are in the top 10, to me, speaks volumes of what people are apparently ‘needing’. I’ve given this book as a gift a few times and personally enjoy my copy. Life is hard, most preaching I hear is condemning, works oriented or a version of the prosperity b.s…… and IMO, even theology or history ‘make me feel’ an inadequate failure.

    Thus, the simple, personal comments or ‘moments’ of Sarah Young are digestible ‘bites’ that actually nurture my prayers and help restore my hope that God is ‘love’ and the impossible hope that He ‘loves’ me. “Jesus Calling” gives me hope.

  2. EricL says:

    You just need to be a little creative with each of these titles:

    1. I Am a Church Member and a Cat Lover
    2. Not a Silent Night (with cats fighting beneath my window)
    3. Before Amen, Be Sure to Pray for Your Cat Too
    4. Cats are the Agents of the Apocalypse
    5. AHA…achoo. Being Allergic to your Four-Footed Friend
    6. Jesus Calling all Cats to Salvation
    7. The Mystery of the Shemitah Cat
    8. Autopsy of a Deceased Cat
    9. Jesus Calling All Cats to Salvation (Large Deluxe Edition)
    10. The Best Yes is a Cat’s Purr

  3. Michael says:


    I need to ponder that perspective for a while…

  4. xenia says:

    I never heard of any of these books except I have heard a vague mention of “Jesus Calling” which was in the context if it being iffy. (I don’t have any personal knowledge of it.)

    The current bestseller in Ortholandia is “Every Day Saints.”

  5. Michael says:


    That…is a classic for the ages here. 🙂
    Well played!

  6. xenia says:

    Hooray for Eric! Great post! 🙂

  7. EricL says:

    Michael, you could make a whole series from the “Cats are the Agents of the Apocalypse”. Call it the “Furball Left Behind” series.

    OK, enough of my corny jokes. I gotta get back to my own writing- though I’m tempted to add cat characters now…

  8. xenia says:

    In the whole list of 50 the only other one I haveheard of is that love language book because I saw someone reading it recently.

    But probably people do buy other books like bibles and commentaries which probably didn’t make the list because they are more expensive and you don’t buy a new one every year. They are keepers whereas a lot of these books wind up at the local thrift shop.

  9. I wonder how accurate the rating is. I found this disclaimer at the bottom – “This list is based on actual sales in Christian retail stores in the United States through October 30, 2014…”

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a book in a Christian Bookstore. So does his exclude Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    However, Jesus Calling would be much larger if they counted Costco – because I know they sell it there.

  10. Text Books never make best-seller lists. That should come as no discouragement.

    Something seems fishy about the list though. Very limited set of authors.

  11. filbertz says:

    or The Nine Autopsies of a Dead Cat. 😉

    The list summarizes why I haven’t set foot in a so-called Christian bookstore for years.

  12. Michael,
    Perhaps you could give us your list of 3, 5 or 10 best theological/church history books. I’d be interested.

  13. Michael says:


    I’ll try to get something written for tomorrow…I’ll do my top ten.

  14. On one list which is emailed to me, with various editions and a sequel, Jesus Calling has seven of the top 20 positions. As I noted on my blog last week, one writer says the book underwent a doctrinal cleanup for the 10th anniversary edition, disguised as “added content.” It makes the book’s popularity all the more disturbing.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t be too dismissive of #5. Yes, Kyle Idleman’s three books are “entry level,” but AHA, the third, while meandering, basically sticks to the script of the story we call The Prodigal Son. Of the ten books listed here, it’s the one I would give to a new Christian, or someone who is basically a non-reader, with confidence they would be drawn in to the teaching.

    Mark Batterson is a writer some have dismissed in the past, but his latest, Grave Robber, also surprises; basically an exegesis of the miracles recorded in John’s gospel. Again, maybe not deep enough for readers here, but with Christmas coming, for a relative, neighbor or co-worker Batterson’s and Idleman’s books are substantial enough.

  15. Paige says:

    EricL AMEN! Ha! Sign me up.

    Fil, I went to the local ‘christian’ bookstore once this year and remembered why I can’t stand it.

    Michael, the fact the the ODMs dismiss “Jesus Calling” as new age cultic, and that I was rebuked by some of my CC friends for ‘liking’ it on Fb, also speaks volumes. 🙂

  16. Steve Wright says:

    Wasn’t Jeremiah mentioned in the discussion of pastors propping up their book sales? Not sure if this book is a culprit but there was an earlier one

  17. But at least Jeremiah is now honest enough to write his rapture / dispie stuff as fiction. 😉

  18. John S says:

    If you can come up with some theory that says the rapture was SUPPOSED to happen in 1982, but didn’t because of some sinister conspiracy involving cats, you would probably have a bestseller.

  19. Paige: “Michael, the fact the the ODMs dismiss “Jesus Calling” as new age cultic, and that I was rebuked by some of my CC friends for ‘liking’ it on Fb, also speaks volumes.”

    These are the same folks who didn’t want us reading The Shack either. The thought police strike again!!!

  20. Paige says:

    Exactly Captain Kevin…and we all know how many people were and are ‘revived’ and encouraged spiritually because of reading The Shack, not the least of whom, is this blog’s ‘fearless leader”. 😀

    John s, #19-hahahahahaha

  21. I haven’t been to a Christian bookstore this year.

    …used to go every week.

    …have none of those titles.

    …have less than none interest in them.

    Wait… I like Thom Ranier’s title…

    That’s All I Got to Say About That Dread

  22. Iwasthere says:

    ErikL is a cat who writes…(Beatnicks snap their fingers inbetween bongo strikes in agreement)

  23. Northstar says:

    Christian books for Profit, marketing Jesus! Typical Apostate behavior

  24. Dan from Georgia says:

    Usually when I see a book that is really popular amongst Christians, I usually think fluff and/or hype (cf. The Prayer of Jabez, The Purpose Driven Life, etc). But, thanks Paige (post 1) for your perspective on “Jesus Calling”. I may check that one out.

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