Calvary Chapel Honolulu Sued Over Sexual Assaults

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24 Responses

  1. JM says:

    Considering everything that has already come out about CC, it gets hard to be surprised anymore. Not hard to be appalled, incensed and grieved–just hard to be surprised anymore. Considering Chuck’s own cover up and his policy of covering up for others, it is not impossible to think that all we have seen so far may still be the tip of this very sick iceberg. I wish as you do that they would finally codify guidelines and procedures for child protection. Sadly, Michael, you have correctly stated before how CC has a history of being unmotivated to make these vitally needed changes to protect their flock. Most of the ODM’S are woefully deficit, both in their lack of expressed outrage over these incidents and their lack of reporting on them. It is this writer’s opinion that it is due to their continued idolatry of Chuck Smith–who actually set the policy of allowing perverted people to roam the campuses of Churches like he did at CCCM. Like dutiful sycophants–these doctrinally pure advocates still hang on his example and his words–even though so much continues to come out about how he really operated at CCCM. If Chuck didn’t make an issue of something, then it must not have been important. Even if the Bible made a point of holiness among leaders, many bypass their own responsibilities toward critical thinking and go with the lax attitude modeled by Chuck. One has to ask, “Did Chuck’s example make it easy for Stonebreaker to look the other way?” Is this even more proof of the leaven that still pervades the diehard adherents of Chuck’s Moses Model?

  2. Michael says:


    I think California is one of the states considering peeling back the NDA’s on these cases.

    I don’t think idolatry of Chuck is the issue…many of these guys believe that these are isolated instances and unless the law is involved, they don’t believe they happened at all.

    Some of these spiritual giants believe I made up the whole Bob Coy sex abuse story…

  3. JM says:

    Whoa, Michael. With all the evidence some still thought you were making it up! I suppose, in the end, it’s a matter of the will. Because of stubborn pride some things just cannot be true or people will have to admit they have the capability of being wrong and who could suffer that. I suppose I was angling the idolatry issue a little more at the self-righteous ODMs, but was rather sloppy in my attempt. My bad.

    Lived in CA long enough to know I lived in CA too long. However, kudos to them if they are successful in legally undermining the NDA’s when an abuser is involved. It needs to be done.

  4. Michael says:


    There is a large contingent of CC folk who think I regularly make up negative stories.
    Even when I provide documentation…

  5. Sharon Dooley says:

    Wow. This is the same church and pastor who allowed that predator to operate at a CC in the Philippines . Looks like he allowed a lot of things…..

  6. Michael says:


    You’re right…I almost forgot that mess…too many years and too many scandals…

  7. JM says:

    Sharon Dooley – O.M.G! Really! The Philippines, too!

    I’m sorry, Michael, but with all the documentation you provide, these people have willfully degenerated into mental midgetry or just flat out mental illness. That’s ridiculous!

  8. Anne says:

    The sickest part, is that just like other industries, even those fellow leaders who know the truth will remain complicit in coverup, denials, payoffs, etc to preserve the talent. They’ll plead for the good of God’s kingdom as though an all powerful god would be dependent on the fallen but gifted one to continue the work successfully. In reality it’s preserving the same celebrity, cash flow already proven to work they hesitate to jeopardize.

  9. Michael says:


    We need to carve that comment in stone.
    Absolutely correct.

    In this group numerical success= the favor of God

  10. JM says:

    Anne – your points are excellent and well-expressed. It seems it is a matter of faith. Why would God be complicit in violating His own Word and standards of holiness in leaders in order to put unqualified, disobedient people into these positions? The simple answer is–He wouldn’t. We do, but at our own peril. It means we demote God and do not believe He is powerful enough to provide what we need in these cases. We settle. It also means that we are lazy. We all need to take more responsibility for our own spiritual state and not settle for mediocrity. We need to walk away from these Charlatans and take our money with us. The “status quo” has not served anyone and mars the witness Christians are supposed to present to the world.

  11. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Perhaps I can offer a different perspective and, in turn, explanation for these occurrences.

    When I Director of the Murrieta conference center, I wandered into the staff cafeteria where lunch was being offered to the staff from the center as well as the bible college staff. It was July in the period where bible college registration and on campus placement is allocated. What I heard was senior staff from the bible college publicly rejoicing somewhat that such a magnitude of grace and forgiveness was being modeled by them and their director in that a registered child sex offender was coming to attend the bible college as well as live on campus. This attitude was typical of that director and his new covenant theology of grace at most any cost or reason. I immediately made a decision to preempt this person coming on campus for which I was vilified as a legalist. I confronted those staff leaders and ultimately the director with three considerations that weren’t even brought to bear on that decision. First, we had over a dozen staff families residing on campus with children and they weren’t even brought into the decision making process. Two, the offender could still attend college either online or at an extension campus if no children we present; and third, the director had arrogantly made his decision without even discussing it with Chuck, who is responsible and accountable for the ministries Gthat God has given him charge of.

    You see, there seems to be a twisting of theology to promote a “grace without consequences” for behavior that is so destructive that it poses an risk that is unacceptable even to the heathen world. I am not saving this happened in 2005 at Honolulu, but that attitude would not surprise me as a causal factor in this fellow being allowed to be present on campus with children. It seems as if people with such beliefs and thinking are fearful of interrupting the offenders process of sanctification and that this concern trumps common sense or the whole if scripture.

    And as the television clip mentioned, apparently some people at the church had to mention this offender’s behavior has not continued seemingly justifying the decision someone made to allow him in campus as likely “God is doing a work here.”

    Sorry to those who would disagree with my thinking, but these offenders can still be a part of a body through IStream of services, attending men’s studies, prater groups, church facility helps (as long as children are not around), etc. That is the consequence of that behavior. Forgiveness is not the removal of consequences that leads to knowing placing others at great risk in the name of grace.

  12. Michael says:


    Well said as always from a place closer than anyone else can speak.

    Thank you for being here when we need you… 🙂

  13. John 20:29 says:

    Because people are drawn to God upon hearing His truth and there are – IMX – many truly wonderful Saints within the various Pentecostal fellowships, I hesitate to dwell on what caused my grandfather separate from them long years ago… but as I read the comment thread which seems to point the finger at Chuck Smith and CC as the place where this permissive attitude – kind of “boys will be boys” and “we’re just human” outlook…
    Let me say that there has been a loose view toward this sort of conduct among some Pentecostal clerics going back decades before there was a Chuck S. My grandfather who’d started his walk with the Lord in Holiness Movement of 100+ years ago could not tolerate it and ceased fellowship with them… It didn’t start with Chuck and, I suspect it won’t end at Calvary Chapel, either… there is, I’m sure, some opportunistic exploitation, but an awful lot of it could be filed under “dumb and dumber” or a lack of appreciation for the holiness of the God that some think they serve. Or do it seems to me ?

  14. brian says:

    You know Jeff I have to say this because I have a rep as a cynic, but folks like you Michael Jullie Ann Dee and Deb, Alex and everyone else here help me remember that the incarnation is real and is still going on today in the lives of many the day to day experiences. Such works as you folks do every day will echo in eternity. I hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas.

    I hope all those who are involved in this that were hurt find healing, I hope they dont become cynical and lose their faith I sort of wandered down that path, for me, it was very dark. I know some very well adjusted folks who are now non-believers, agnostic etc. It seems to help them, me, it made me so deeply angry and deep-seated rage. One builds a type of repertoire to keep the perceived and actual hurts at bay. Faith is often a very hard thing to hold onto, I guess that is what folks say grace is all about.

    The best Christmases I remember is when I would rent a really nice car, pick up several students and take them to a very special Christmas. They were mesmerized, one time the people running the show picked up on our group and invited several of the students up to play along in a Christmas song. They got to go up on stage and play, they were enraptured with the event, it was “angelic” joy. I always cherished such events, I often tried to share that with my faith community but they always seemed rather put off by it. They actually became rather upset and said all I wanted was attention and other hurtful things. I was so hurt and angry when I was asked to leave my ministry position in a parachurch organization which is what lead me to Michael’s blog so many years ago.

    After some very rough times, I came to realize some if not much of the hurt I felt, perceived or actual (memory is a strange and funny thing, as is perception) hurts. I have this tendency to back up my dump truck of hurt and dump it in other people’s lives and expecting them to be what I fail at, perfect. Then I had another revelation and this one is real, it said, “show to your fellow faith group members the same grace you give to your students”. I fell to my knees and wept, wept bitterly and begged God to forgive me for my own personal arrogance. I find I have to do that daily. It even led me to pray for opponents of my position.

    So what I am trying to say forgive me if I injured your faith, that, at times was my intention, because I was jealous of what others I perceived had. I cant deny Jesus because I see Him in those I love more than my own life. I hope that makes sense. God be with all of you.

  15. descended says:

    Well, coming from the background of special needs

    it’s interesting that so much new covenant grace is afforded these sex offenders to have free reign in the church, but when it comes to allowing the disabled community into the life of the church, they are nearly always kept away in some “ministry” in a room off in the corner of the church.


  16. Surfer51 says:

    Chuck once had a pamphlet printed titled “Sloppy Agape.” It was only available for a short while before it disappeared. I guess it was too incriminating to have around after awhile.

    Brian Broderson has been accused of some coverups that kind of parallel Chucks way of handleing situations. I know of one young lady who got sent to England to hush up some stuff by Chuck. Story has it that Brian had sent a man to England to protect him from some stuff.

    Chuck seriously though he was protecting the Body of Christ by squelching infractions and looking the other way. He believed that ultimately Jesus suffers if bad stuff gets becomes public knowledge.

    In one sense it kind of makes sense but in another justice is not served.

    Like Felix Unger in the Odd Couple once said, ” The Wheels of Justice grind slowly, but oh how they grind….”

  17. brian says:

    Descended that hit home, I never expected the “church” to “welcome” some of the folks I worked with because they can be a bit disruptive, IE drool, make a bit of noise, “look wrong” are demon possessed etc. All of that was anathema and it basically ticked people off, long story.

    New Brian 2.0 for the tenth time, they did what they could. I saw people at the church try so hard to welcome people they could not even “imagine”. Two churches actually held a Christmas dinner for students with developmental disabilities, twenty plus years later the few that are still alive remember that. I have said this before, its hard to be a teacher when you outlive your students, I never prepared for that. Offered for perspective.

  18. says:

    Michael, I’m confused.
    No one has blamed YOU that by sharing this, YOU are the culprit – as if you actually go around, unzipping pants, etc.

  19. Michael says:


    What I said was that many CC guys think I wake up some mornings, make up some negative story, and publish it out of my “bitterness”, or “jealousy”.

    This allows them to ignore everything I write as being false or tinged with ill motivations.

  20. Jeff Sheckstein says:


    Sorry to vehemently disagree with you, but the reasons stated in 19 are way off the mark.

    The reason you are despised and disregarded by the CCA clan is due to your mixing theology with cat stories, which by way is just feline.

    Merry Christmas

  21. Michael says:


    I stand corrected! 🙂
    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, my friend.

  22. Surfer51 says:

    Good one Jeff! ?

  23. Link07 says:


  24. says:

    Sorry, I meant my post in sarcasm – I didn’t see any of the usual comments where people are most focused on keeping a lid of sin than helping the damaged, so they blame you as the sinner for posting the story instead of the pervert (and those culpable for enabling him/her) for the actual sin.

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