Calvins Corner #6

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  1. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    It has become apparent from reports by and from within MH circles the BoAA/BoO and the BoE have been at some kind of impasse over how the BoAA represented what the BoE found. The BoAA might get disbanded, though all pastors are technical at will employees of whoever the EEs are. Basically, that the BoAA said Mark didn’t have any disqualifying sin issues seems to have cast doubt on their reliability or honesty.

    There’s talk of dismantling the BoAA circulating now.

  2. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    but by the bylaws the BoAA could apparently declare the entire company voluntarily dissolved. It will be interesting to see if the members of the BoAA let some of the proposed reforms happen or decide to dissolve the corporation known as Mars Hill Church rather than let some of those potential reforms happen.

  3. Linda Pappas says:

    Hi Michael

    I have heard this before that the man that Paul told the Corinthians church to discipline had married his father’s wife. However, in doing a scripture church, I find nothing that indicates this. What I found is that he was sleeping with her and possibly cohabiting with her. Which would be like the woman at the well who Jesus spoke when telling her about herself.

    It would not make sense to draw a conclusion that this man married his father’s wife since Paul later told the Corinthian church, after they stopped “eating with such a one” due to his unrepentance, to then basically soften their hearts and to restore him, as this would then put a stamp of approval for this man to continue being a spouse to this woman. Scripture would never approve of such a marriage, as it states a man shall not take his father’s wife for his own.

    So please, if there is a clear scripture that states this man did married his father’s wife, please post it, as I would really like to get this straight in my own understanding. Also, when posting the scripture, please post the translation being used.

    Thank you.

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