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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Good show guys…

    My two cents…

    Carolina should win
    Cam can win
    Denver Defense will do enough
    If Peyton turns it over it won’t matter
    If he plays clean he will retire with a Superman Cape on his mantle.
    If not Cam will have us all dabbing

    Saeed looks guilty … his denial is nonexistent, his record is sad, his wife is clear
    Naghmeh is complicit …she filled the role of an abused person to the T protecting the abuser however she will raise the profile of abuse in the church and make us face it a bit more
    ACLJ could be the big loser if questions of truthfulness and fund raising see the light of day
    Franklin Graham could have emerged a winner but he cannot use words deferentially
    Calvary Chapel is interesting. I was always wondering why the machine did not launch at least from my perspective it was flying low, the backstory may be the story—they knew.

    I think this will end in marital failure
    I think Saeed will get a rehabbed image have lower profile
    I think the kids will do what all of us kids of divorce do, they will figure it out or repeat

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