Christian Satellite Network Chaos

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16 Responses

  1. JM says:

    OMG! I know it’s inappropriate, but first reaction was laughing so hard couldn’t breathe. Who could have not seen this coming. Thank u Pope Chuckie for leaving this immoral mess behind as part of your own immoral legacy. It is the gift that keeps on giving so we can have the occasional chuckle. Miss “blond with attributes” is probably the replacement for the present one with “attributes”. So many “attributes”. So little time when one has a perversion quota to fill.

  2. Michael says:


    I confess that I amused myself with that one…

  3. SR says:

    Mike Kestler has no business being a representative for Christianity. He must step down from his position as pastor and president of CSN.

    I believe God will have some choice words for Mr. Kestler about his conduct when the time comes.

  4. Michael says:

    He won’t step down and he won’t have to until people and pastors stop supporting CSN.

  5. Not an Attorney says:

    Michael thx for posting. It is my understanding that Kessler is that type of guy who won’t hesitate to file lawsuits against the brethren.

    Some food for thought….If CSN or Kessler has or has had any current or former employees based in California who have been wronged they could potentially bring a civil action against Mr. Kessler regardless of where he resides. If such a potential plaintiff exists, Mr. Kessler could easily be reined in via PAGA lawsuit/Sexual harassment action in a California Court.

    Also of note, California just passed a law extending the statute of limitations for sexual harassment and other workplace offenses to 3 years. Kessler and other bad guys better watch out.

  6. Michael says:

    He does love to sue people….

  7. Old Captain Kevin says:

    How the #$%^ does an old fart like him get a girl almost 40 years his junior? Asking for a friend.

  8. Michael says:

    Money makes people young and virile…or at least young…

  9. JM says:

    SR, u r essentially right. It’s just that the rot is so entrenched and the people so willfully blind that it will continue. Frankly, unrepentant people love unrepentant pastors. It validates their corruption while they falsely claim they are in Christ. The rest of us who sin, but yet repent & have the decency to sorrow over what we did, will naturally object & see the horror before us. Others, for reasons of their own hidden (or unhidden?) sin, love the sinful, crude leaders. Let them have them. We r free and can go where we please.

    The best remedy would b that leadership across the board in CC (& plenty of other places) would clean out their own house & prescribe repentance 4 all. If u like holding ur breath til u pass out, u can wait 4 that impossibility. Best thing is to keep yourself unstained from the world & support those that expose the rot. Even Samuel was told to quit mourning over Saul.

    God will not be mocked. Their time is coming & it will b bitter for the pastors who pervert God’s Word & His ways . While Christ walked the Earth, The harshest rebukes were always reserved for the leaders of His people who were corrupt. He had great pity on those that had no power, but called the religious leaders, “spawn of the devil”. They will go to gnashing of teeth.

    Sadly, it all makes life very difficult for those of us who simply want to serve Him. We can “encourage one another while it is still day” and let people know these difficulties r not of their own doing. The hype, the happy fotos of ads for Megachurches r just slick marketing & it’s all slobber. Though other “Christians” will make fun or not understand, The fellowship of suffering in Christ is a very noble thing & no defense is ever owed to the worldly idiots that seem to populate too many “churches” & pulpits these days.

  10. The New Victor says:

    I thought I was approaching the line with my kids’ mom 11 years younger (3 month crossover, but really 10). She traded me I for someone 10 years her junior. Kids these days….

    I used to scan through TEMAA on the radio on the way home until CSN gave up the FM channel here. I had no idea.

  11. DH says:

    How does he keep convincing people to be on his crooked board!?

  12. Michael says:


    My guess is that birds of a feather…are on boards together…

  13. JC Carpenter says:

    CSN or something like it should, no must be, especially now. If Mike is guilty of what has been said, yes, out of respect, he should walk away from leadership. If he has repented, he should be forgiven and not if he hasn’t. I feel he should not be condemned for marrying somebody 38 years his junior. This is not sin only a current social issue based on suspicions.
    I understand folks resigning, that is their choice. The fact remains, does God forgive our sins? Yes. Does God want Mike running CSN, I can’t answer that. Sin is like a chain with links. We are all hanging from our chains. It doesn’t matter which one we break, the auduterous one, the murder one, the theft one, each one is the same, we fall the same distance. Only God catches us. Can any one of us say God has or has not caught Mike?
    Everything I read shows that at least 65% or more of female to male accusations are false. I have been accused of abuse 3 times, later they all admitted it wasn’t true. I know, the opposite was true, I was abused. Is this Mike’s case? I have been more secretive and not remarried because I was found guilty until proven innocent yet my record is still there. It’s too easy, we judge perhaps because our links are weak and we suppose quickly, someone else wasn’t as good as we are and failed. Well if we have failed in our hearts but not in action, we are guilty of the same in God’s eyes.
    Make your own choices as a result of prayer and leave or stay with Mike and others. Is CSN still helping brothers and sisters? I think so. Still feel the same as you if Mike was guilty. He should step down. Me, I will still listen to CSN for now. I am not all knowing. I will leave judgement to the only one with the right to do so. Meanwhile, I will pray women of truth get Justice and that men falsely accused get Justice. Until the returns. Hope we see each other at the White Thrown.

  14. Deborah Ingram says:

    Wow..all i can say is over the past 2 years Mike, Leo, Jeff, Shannon and multiple guests host have been a total blessing to me personally. I have never given them a dime or called in to the program. Only a listener. Absolutely love these folks and pray this program continues

  15. Jim B says:

    Michael, why did Pastor Leo G leave TEMA…

  16. Michael says:

    I have no idea.
    Care even less.
    He’s a creep just like Kestler…

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