Clergy Appeciation Month

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  1. centorian says:

    I’ll stop calling calling on Monday 😉 . Thanks Michael, for your listening ear, and your understanding heart. You have truly been there when I’ve needed a friend.

  2. centorian says:


  3. Michael says:


    I’ll say it again so everyone can hear me.

    Men like you who are faithful serving in hard places with little reward are my spiritual heroes.

    I’m proud to even know men like you.

    God bless you…there is treasure in heaven waiting.

  4. centorian says:

    I’m not done yet… Thanks to Bill W and Steve for their care and counsel, victorious, JimB, and Tim for their support and kindness…..and many other pastors (most who weigh in here)whom I have the privileged to be affiliated with, for their accessibility.

    I especially want to thank sarah, nomans, jlo, xenia, nancy, 62,nene, sis C, and the other women here who pray. I’m finally getting on the other side of a difficult season and your prayers and support were instrumental in walking through this time.

  5. Bob Sweat says:


    Your first didn’t count because you posted it second. However, because it is Pastor Appreciation Month, I’ll overlook it. :smile” Bless you brother!

  6. Bob Sweat says:


  7. JimB says:


    Your a blessing brother! I’m glad you are doing better. You can always give me a phone call or chat online brother… Love ya’ in Jesus!

  8. Xenia says:

    God bless you, Centy!

  9. jlo says:

    In some ways this is my church home.

    I came here hurting and confused, was welcomed and loved. Though I don’t post on some of the more serious threads I have learned much from reading the interaction of all who post.

    Thank you to the Pastors who teach us daily.

  10. Psalm62 says:

    every single pastor (& teacher) who puts forth the effort to share here blesses me – a man who has a heart for God has the biggest prize there is – theology is a side issue (to me)
    there are ladies ministering sacrificially who post here and they shame me – I love each of you
    I thank God for each and every one – those posting now and those who have in the past…

  11. buffalo nickels says:

    Thanks for pointing this out today. I must say, for the last few years it has been hard to wait around for someone in the congregation to be aware of this and acknowledge that it was Pastor’s Appreciation Month. I am out of the ministry business this year, so I don’t expect anything. On the last Sunday of October, I always had that feeling you get when you are the last one picked for a game, or maybe even the odd numbered one that doesn’t get picked at all. It still makes me feel a little empty inside. Please go do something nice for somebody in ministry this week.

  12. Tim says:

    Centy –
    Blessings to you, my friend.

    “I especially want to thank sarah, nomans, jlo, xenia, nancy, 62,nene, sis C, and the other women here who pray.”
    Please allow me to give one huge ditto to that statement!

  13. Tim says:

    It’s difficult to pick out one pastor here among the fine group to say ‘thank you’ to…

    FYI is a beloved brother and I have relied greatly upon his counsel & I look forward to much more time to spend together. Men like Steve H, Bill W., and Dread always cause me to think harder. Centy, Vic, Tony, AEA, Jim B, Bob as well…and all of them are great brothers-in-arms.

    A special thanks to Michael, who serves two fellowships of believers: one in the flesh, and one online. God bless you.

  14. Dusty says:

    Pastor Pastor
    Dixie Dread
    Dave Rolph
    Tony P
    Jim B
    Steve Hopkins
    Rob Murphy

  15. Dusty says:

    PP pastors, I love and appreciate you all so much. I pray for you often. Thank you for all you do.

  16. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dusty…we have all benefited from your faithful service .

  17. Tim says:

    I tend to forget how many pastors actually post here. Thanks, Dusty!

    Speaking of DMW & Dave Rolph (of whom I accidentally forgot to include 🙁 ), does anyone have an update of how they’re doing?

  18. Sarah says:

    Just driving by and waving and saying thank you to all our pastors….and thinking of what I can do for my local pastor…

  19. ryan couch says:

    I have been learning some huge lessons lately about perception vs. reality.

    I know that many pastors feel unloved and unappreciated because of a few vocal idiots…but the reality is that the majority of people truly love and appreciate their pastors but probably don’t do a great job of communicating that.

    I have been walking through a difficult season with some of our leaders in Oregon; it all resulted from a huge miscommunication. I am saddened by the interchange and grieved by my own pride and defensiveness.

    All this to say…pastors don’t let a few ungrateful jack rabbits discourage you or sour you to the work you’re doing.

    Love you guys.

  20. Scott says:

    I spoke with Pastor Bill Ritchie this afternoon. I consider him not only a friend, but also one that I count as a Pastoral influence in my own life. I appreciate him very much in the Lord.

    He is such a blessing, and in my opinion, really tuned into what the Lord is saying to the church in this hour. He is currently teaching through the beginning chapters of Acts, with an emphasis on how important the baptism of the Holy Spirit (as a separate experience) is in the individual believer’s journey with Christ.

    I shared with him that during this season of my life out on the road as a truck driver, this is the very thing that has been on my heart. Not to get on a soap box, however, I have experienced some really powerful encounters with the Lord recently.

    Waves of the Holy Spirit washing over me and through me, with deep levels of intercession, coupled with repentance for personal sins, as well as overwhelming joy unspeakable and full of glory regarding Father God’s agape love for me, His people and the whole of humanity.

    What a Savior! What an absolutely glorious and splendid Savior we have!

  21. Nomans says:

    Beautiful testimony, Uncle Scoot. I have sensed this in you lately, that you are experiencing a special encounter with the Lord.
    I too am very grateful for all of the pastors here on the PP.

  22. ryan couch says:

    Nomans…thank you for the Scripture the other day. It was timely and very encouraging. I’m sorry I didn’t respond.

    Scott…sorry we haven’t been able to connect. I have been very busy since moving here with all that is going on. I’m stoked for you and all that the Lord is doing in your life.

  23. Nomans says:

    Don’t be sorry, Spud! I am glad it encouraged you 🙂

  24. Scott says:

    Thanks, Nomans.

    Ryan, no problem. We’ll connect one of these days (Lord willing) on my way through Fort Collins. We’ll have to meet up at Johnson’s Corner for one of those yummy world famous cinnamon rolls! 🙂

  25. ryan couch says:


  26. Most pastors I talk to want to be appreciated but are uncomfortable with the attention received during pastor appreciation month. Ironic, huh? Regardless, I am sure I speak for all the pastors here when I say thanks for the “love”.

    This has been for the moist part an enjoyable experience. I have been angered and frustrated at some pastors comments; blessed by others and yet taught by all.

    Thank you to the pastors who post here.

  27. “most part” I type like crap

  28. nancy says:

    All PP Pastors,
    I think of this place as my church home … and all of you as my pastors. I am grateful for each & every one of you. Each of you adds so much … but so differently. Thank you for taking the time to be part of this place. I know the demands of your time are many. I greatly appreciate your willingness to add this place as part of where you place some of your energies. Thank you all very VERY much! I am blessed to have you all as my pastors & friends.

  29. BrianD says:

    I posted a note of appreciation on a couple of my pastors’ facebook walls, and unfortunately I didn’t get to the pastors here sooner.

    I wanted to thank Michael for his ministry and example to me, as well as providing this blog for fellowship and as a place for hurting people to be heard and ministered to. I also wanted to thank the pastors here for their examples to me, their words of encouragement and admonishment, and for their patience with me in good and not-so-good times.

  30. ryan couch says:

    Hey BrianD…I’m going to be in Louisville (@ Sojourn) next month for the A29 bootcamp. If you have time we should make a time to hook up.

    I will be arriving on Monday November 9th (evening) and departing on Thursday the 12th (morning).

  31. BrianD says:

    Ryan give me a holler on Facebook. We will meet up, definitely.

  32. Jerry F says:

    I just want to say a big thanks to all you who have stepped up to the plate and are working so hard to advance the Kingdom. I’ve worked for a few ministries very large and very small. I sat under Pappa Chuck’s teaching for about 20 years before moving so far away it took almost a whole day to commute. I helped start a church in Michigan and worked in a mega-TV ministry. Helped Oden in those early MSF days in Laguna Canyon. God moved me around. The one thing I depended on all these years was the good teaching and general ministry I got from the faithful men that were devoted to sound doctrine. My soul is fat! Thanks all-ya-all, I’d sure like to shake your hand at the church door.

  33. JimB says:

    Bless you Jerry!

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