Damning Report On SBC Abuse Cover Ups Released

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8 Responses

  1. Dread says:

    Why did Moore, head of the Ethics Commission, know nothing of these things or has this been his project until he resigned?

  2. Michael says:


    I follow Hannah on Twitter…it will be interesting to see how the lawsuit is resolved.

  3. Michael says:

    I think he was working on these issues…and was getting stonewalled.

    That’s what I recall at least…

  4. bob1 says:

    Sickening. Surprising? Sadly, no.

  5. Dread says:

    There is much reason to pray…

    Covid killed millions — the shutdowns were always destined to ultimately kill more in the subsequent years… and covid is not done … it may wreck China before it’s over both by disease and the disease of totalitarian blindness.

    Meanwhile we wage a proxy war in Ukraine… one that we dare not lose and dare not quickly win I once lamented the serpentine choking of Ukraine. Now it appears that the slow suffering of Ukraine will serve so many purposes (evil purposes) that it will kill many millions more by interruptions of food supply chains … a global food crisis is coming fast.

    I wondered as I watched why democrat and republican so easily united to send billions to fuel the war. So I began to dig around… the reasons are predictably self-serving.

    None of us knows what will happen but when we combine the lowering birth rates in the West … the 40 years of 1 child policy in China and the end of globalizing forces in the world economy … famine disease and wars will likely be the legacy of the next 50 years…

    I lament the SBC sins… they are unsurprising… but the apocalypse that looms … is unthinkable

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