Eugene Peterson Memorial Service

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2 Responses

  1. Paige says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for posting this and the link. I’ll watch the video today…

    I LOVE this loving and hope filled view of God! Amen!

    Yesterday, you wondered if your audience could agree on anything anymore…. I certainly hope this is The One Thing.

    I am currently reading a book called God Has A Name by John Mark Comer. I am not particularly fond of JMC as a preacher, but this book is very thought provoking and prayer provoking, to say the least. He mentions that quote “God created us in His Image, and we have returned the favor”… creating God in our own images… attributing to Him our own issues and dysfunctions. Obviously, Pastor Eugene Peterson was loving inside and out…. so is his God.

  2. Jerod says:

    Yeah, crying…

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