Free Saeed

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  1. Steve Wright says:

    We need to let that committee know we care.
    Indeed. This is a moment to offer a sincere thank you…as is every time the politicians actually do something tangible in reference to Saeed. Then of course to also ask them to keep working hard to #FreeSaeed

    Congressmen may have lush lives with lots of perks, but they get almost nothing but criticism and problems from the people…approval ratings in the toilet.

    They are still people. People like compliments, like to work hard for people who appreciate their work – and of course when it comes to Saeed, no politician of either party can find themselves wanting anything but his release and freedom. Unlike most political issues there is not “another side” here.

  2. Steve Wright says:

    After the hearings tomorrow – I plan on making 27 phone calls, one to each rep’s office. I trust most will be very complimentary as I doubt any of these reps are going to be adversarial towards Naghmeh tomorrow.

  3. Michael says:

    Steve has been indefatigable on this matter as has been Alan Hawkins.

  4. Ricky Bobby says:

    Good to hear, good to see the effort.

    Sad fact is that CC pastors like Steve Wright don’t care about child torture in their ranks, but will move heaven and earth to save one of their own.

    At least Saeed is a worthy cause which I support, just pointing out the rank hypocrisy which disgusts me, but f it, it’s how CC rolls and is just another glaring example of why it is a bad brand to be avoided.

  5. brian says:

    I agree it is a win win and complimenting. I had a long winded tirade about how I was treated when I compliment people in the faith at times but na we just need to encourage those in power and the Iranian leaders to let him go. They have done it in the past and if we have to compliment them to do it then so be it.

  6. Ricky Bobby says:

    Chuck was like my Iran. I guess I should have kissed his ass, maybe then he would have done the right thing.

  7. Steve Wright says:

    Brian, let me be very clear.

    Last week thousands of us demanded Congress do something. Immediately they started to do something.

    My comment about complimenting was NOW, when they are doing something worth complimenting. We don’t demand others when they have already listened to our demands and acted. We thank..and we observe.

    There may definitely come a time when rebuke and threat (of reelection) rises again. At least from me.

  8. Idontgetit says:

    Pastor Wright I hope they let im go. I have been a “Christian” for 32 years now, though I understand most would not count me a Christian. Pastor Wright I was always taught I was the enemy and I hated God, I got up nights hating God, I went to sleep and the very last glimmer of couscous echoing I hated God with malaise of forethought and from the foundations of the world I was involved with a global conspiracy in hating God. All this so I can continue to have premarital sex and continue to sin. Well I dont have premarital sex, I live a celibate life, how pathetic is that, and yes it is utterly pathetic and disgusting I get that. I should at least sin big so I get in the major fields. Yes thousands demanded congress, one decree from on high would have brought this man home. Nothing happened. I get all the mumbo jumbo about divine decree, divine hiddenness and so on. Well belly up to the bar like the rest of us and put up or shut up. How is that. But I wont go down that road because I still wish to honor God and is decrees, but we need some help here. We want some divine intervention. I know I do. I will forgo my my usual rhetoric with this, God you are Lord of the universe, creator of all bring this man home, please, you are all powerful please bring him home. If you dont will it please give comfort to all involved. I am sure that makes me an apostate in some of which I have written. It is almost Christmas can someone please direct me to where there is this so called good news, I dont see it. I really dont.

    God just get this man home. Please. Offered for what very little it is worth.

  9. Idontgetit says:

    PS that is me brian I did not change my idenity from another thread. I am not that hard to find. And yes I want to see mark Driscoll doug phillips etc healed and restored. yes that is me.

  10. bishopdave says:

    Dear Mr. Beirne:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding Saeed Abedini. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this matter.

    As you know, reports indicate that Mr. Abedini, a U.S. citizen, was sentenced and jailed in Iran because he converted to Christianity. I share your concern deep concern for Mr. Abedini.

    In early November, it was reported that Mr. Abedini had been abruptly and without explanation transferred from Iran’s Evin prison to an even more brutal prison Karaj. In response to this report, I joined with a number of my colleagues in writing to President Obama, calling on him to speak out boldly on behalf of Mr. Abedini. I was also proud to cosponsor Senate Resolution 284 (S.Res. 284), which passed the Senate by unanimous consent on November 14, 2013. This resolution recognizes that the freedom of religious belief and practice is a universal human right, and calls on the government of Iran to immediately release Mr. Abedini and all other individuals who are currently detained in Iran for their religious beliefs.

    I have also contacted the Department of State (DOS) regarding his situation. DOS provided the following response to my inquiry:

    The Department of State’s highest priority is the safety and welfare of U.S. citizens overseas, and we remain concerned about Mr. Abedini’s detention in Iran. We are committed to doing all we can to ensure Mr. Abedini’s safe return to his family in the United States. We are deeply disappointed that Mr. Abedini has been sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran on charges related to his religious beliefs. We have maintained frequent contact with Mr. Abedini’s wife and her attorney in the United States since Mr. Abedini’s detention, and we remain in touch regarding developments in his case.

    Mr. Abedini’s attorney had only one day?January 21, 2013?to present his defense and we remain deeply concerned about the fairness and transparency of Mr. Abedini’s trial. We condemn Iran’s continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and we have called on Iranian authorities to respect Mr. Abedini’s human rights and release him.

    We also have requested that Iranian officials grant Mr. Abedini access to consular officials of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which serves as the protecting power for U.S. interests in Iran. To date, Iranian authorities have not permitted consular access, citing that Iran does not recognize Mr. Abedini’s dual citizenship and considers him an Iranian citizen.

    The U.S. government is working with like-minded countries and organizations to make clear to the Iranian government the necessity of respecting the fundamental rights of all its citizens, including the right to freedom of religion, and to uphold its international commitment to protect these rights. We are also taking other explicit actions against those who violate human rights in Iran. The United States sponsored a successful resolution at the March 2011 session of the UN Human Rights Council to establish a Special Rapporteur to investigate the human rights situation in Iran. The Special Rapporteur’s reports last year documented “severe limitations” religious minorities face regarding the freedom of religion and belief. In accordance with the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability and Divestment Act and the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act, the United States has imposed sanctions on 13 high-level Iranian officials and four official Iranian organizations for their serious violations of human rights, including religious freedom, as well as nine Iranian organizations and five individuals for their involvement in censorship or efforts to limit the freedom of expression and assembly. Additionally, since 1999, the United States has designated Iran a “Country of Particular Concern” under the International Religious Freedom Act for its particularly egregious violations of religious freedom.

    I believe that the Iranian regime’s dismal human rights record, pursuit of nuclear weapons, continued support for terrorism, and undermining of the Middle East peace process are unacceptable. The United States must continue to send a clear message to Iran’s leaders that actions that threaten peace and security in the Middle East and around the world will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we will not stand idly by while Iran commits human rights abuses. You may be certain that I will continue to closely monitor Mr. Abedini’s case.

    I appreciate having the opportunity to represent Texas in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

    United States Senator

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