Gospel For Asia RICO Suit to Go Forward

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20 Responses

  1. Kevin H says:

    May this be an opening step by God on the path to justice.

  2. dusty says:

    oh boy….

  3. UnCCed@UnCCed.com says:

    Yea, but all they hafta do is peer at the Judge with the evil eye and utter “touch NOT the Lord’s anointed!”
    : )

  4. JD says:

    Or say to the Judge “You got a problem with authority?”

  5. JM says:

    This is so interesting. I referenced this subject in another thread and then this pops up. Amazing.

    As evidenced by the articles you are able to post and share, it seems that many who are witness to the “irregularities” at CC trust you with their information. I have related many of my own experiences in the CC association, but there are still a few incidents that haunt me to this day. One sad event, years ago (early to mid 1990’s?) at an Orange County Calvary Chapel indirectly hurt my family. It seems that a pastor of a CC in Orange County (Cypress has been mentioned to me) had taken monies from the onsite school to finance a few private excursions of his own. When the principal of the school found out, she objected and was fired. When the rest of the school staff found out, most of them quit and followed her. She eventually ended up being invited to open a school at another Calvary Chapel in the County and, in good faith, she did so. Unfortunately, she and the other teachers were met with an even more tragic situation. I was wondering if this story is familiar enough to anyone that they could identify the pastor who took that money. Again, two sources are telling me, CC Cypress, but I need to be sure. I believe that the man who was pastor at the time is now deceased.

    If you cannot help me, don’t worry about it. I just became hopeful because of all the other information I am slowly finding on your site.

  6. JM says:

    UnCCed, well-founded observation

  7. Michael says:


    That was before my time, but sounds vaguely familiar.
    That pastor is deceased…I believe his name was Jack Stevens…

  8. JM says:

    Thank you so much for a quick reply. Even that much information helps. If anyone else thinks they may recognize the story, and can confirm it was Pastor Stevens who was the one who fired the principal, etc., please post. Anything is appreciated.

  9. JM says:

    I keep coming back to the light analogy. May a very bright light be shone onto this situation. It seems to have a lot of roaches willing to scuttle off into the dark. I hope they are all found and, where applicable, held responsible!

  10. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    First thing I was taught in torts was “make sure you can collect on the damages awarded.” Here I presume plaintiffs desire to recover their contributions to GFA as well as recover on the racqueteering cause of action.

    I suspect that the only assets of the US Corp is the property in Texas. Do not perceive that the funds that were transferred to India corps will be subject to judgment. There is the possibility that contributions in the US could be likened/seized, but I’m sure GFA will find an out of country depository fir contributions going forward if the its US accounts are liened.

    Probably the greatest risk and concern to GFA will be a concept called “res judicatory.” No it not in Strong’s. This maxim provides that once an issue is litigated in a court syste, the issue cannot be relitigated anywhere else in that court system…here the federal courts. So other contributors can bring like kind actions in federal court if these plaintiffs prevail…and gain judgment. Again, the issue is collecting especially if the assets in GFA US are minimal or moved out if the corp.

    Bottom line is the tens of millions in US contributions will never find satisfaction for their respective judgments. I know In the day I wouldn’t do it on a contingency. Obviously these plaintiffs are likely financially well heeled. Good for them.

    As to deposition of Board members…not likely. They probably would respond to a Request to Admit admitting the representations made to them that all contributions “went into the field.” Not a lot of attorneys time in that pleading. Note they are not named defendants. D & O insurance probably covers costs if their representation unless they were dumb enough not to have it and still serve on the Board.

  11. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Stooped Apple

    Res judicatory sb res judicata

  12. Scooter Jones says:

    What is a “Stooped Apple”?

  13. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    A “stooped Apple” is is an old Apple which is hunched over.

    Naw. Mean’t stoopid Apple, for its stupid autocorrect

  14. Michael says:


    Thank you as always for clarifying these matters for us.
    I was so looking forward to discovery…

  15. Michael says:


    I was reminded that this is a class action suit…the objective is to find the truth, not financial reimbursement.
    The attorneys won’t get paid unless they win…

  16. nathan priddis says:

    @ 10.

    Jeff the potential liabilities are enormous. You are not taking into account all parties with exposure. Some will have deep pockets. This is all US located exposure.

  17. Mahlish says:

    Is anyone able to clarify something for me? I wanna make sense of something concerning the accusations against GFA. What exactly did they do? Did they actually misuse funds for personal gain, or they just have unaccounted for money? Or is it that they have just run afoul of “proper” standards and tax laws of the US and India?

    I feel like even having read some reports over the last year, I still don’t know what is going on. It feels like what is being accused is circumventing tax laws and not reporting things, transferring money to affiliates in an attempt to skirt the law. I think this is public perception which kind of gives them a Robin Hoof status among evangelicals because they stick it to the man to keep every penny for the work of the gospel even if it means obfuscating things. I feel like people are comparing them to the Bible smugglers of the 80’s: technically illegal but fulfilling God’s call. Maybe that is why there is such less outcry and people still give, because there are no real answers to most questions and people are free to interpret.

    So do we really know what happened and the actual accusations? Believe me I’m not defending them I’m just trying to understand because I’m still confused.

  18. Kevin H says:


    Spend some time reading through all the articles on Throckmorton’s site about GFA. I know there is a lot there and could be overwhelming. But if you take the time to do that, you will see it is not anything like trying to skirt the law in order to keep every penny for the gospel. There is no good reason why GFA would have had to violate many of the laws and financial ethics that they have in order to hide things for a good purpose. In fact, many of those laws are in place to make sure that things stay for good purposes and not bad. Much of GFA’s “hidden” money has gone into for profit businesses that Yohannan has set up in India. The exact opposite has taken place in that money has been taken away from the gospel and instead given to business purposes.

    Beyond the financial improprieties, there are all other kinds of deceptions that GFA has carried out. Additionally, they have abused their staff and controlled them in a cult-like manner.

    Again, if you take time to read through the archives at Throckmorton’s site, the picture of GFA’s utter corruption becomes quite clear.

  19. Wondering says:

    Mahlish, another great resource would be to go directly TO the source: http://www.gfadiaspora.com is a website run by over 100 ex-GFA staff in an attempt to let the world know what GFA is really like. Throckmorton has more info on the financial side of things, but as far as spiritual abuse and unbiblical practices, check out the GFA Diaspora site.

  20. JM says:

    Wondering — I knew there was a site, but didn’t no it’s ID. Thank you!

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