Happy Birthday To Us

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    We fuss really well… lol…never ask such a thing

  2. Bob Sweat says:

    I began reading PP the Spring of 2006. Speaking for myself, PP is one of the major reasons for my return to Calvary Chapel. I had 2 very unpleasant experiences at back to back CC churches, and swore I would never return. PP afforded me the opportunity to dialogue with some cc pastors that helped me see, what I always believed, that are some godly men who fly the dove. I am thankful the God used PP as a vessel to bring about healing in my life from the abuse that my wife and I experienced. Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    Ok for serious

    I’ve been here since the CCAbq fiasco

    Overall it has been very positive for me…
    The few negatives are mostly self=inflicted conflict scars.
    Love the dialogue, learning from people what they REALLY believe instead of the caricatures of an outsider, loads of personal stories have been impacting… seeing people love justice and hate mischief…

    Do well… dunno…you do what you do well. You get people talking about things that have substance …

    Do better? Not sure… not in a mood to critique just now… more later

  4. Bob Sweat says:

    And of course, I never would have met “E” man from BuenO Park had it not been for PP! 😉

  5. Bob Sweat says:

    One more thing………………..PP allowed GW and Ex Calvary to express themselves. :mrgreen:

  6. Bob Sweat says:


    I see that phoenixpreacher.com is up again. Are you going to switch back?

  7. Michael says:

    I’m going to use both sites for different purposes.

    I want to put audio interviews and video here and our discussions over there.

    The old site can’t handle much more and needs to be rebuilt…we’ll see how it works out.

  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I have been here since March 2006 and it has all been positive – except when I got kicked off in March 2006 and the numerous times that I seem to tweek the ‘ladies of the PP’ wrong and they get mad at me. 🙂

    The only thing I would have you change is I think GW and ExCalvary need to be put in moderation more often! 😉

  9. Sarah says:

    Michael…happy birthday! This place has provided a place of dialog and challenge, and a community has formed. Prayers have been offered and genuine concern expressed. We’ve walked through a lot of things together and have seen you grow as well.

    Blessings on the start of another year!

  10. grendal hanks says:

    Kudos to this project, Michael, and all who participate, even if it’s only lurking.
    I learned of PP when my then pastor, ChuckJr was transitioning out of CBC.
    PP became a place for me to honestly muse aloud and ponder imponderables.
    I think I’ve worked through much, still have much to work through, so I must thank you for a place to risk, dialog and interact with people I’ve only met online but who are committed to working out their faith in a very tangible way.
    Keep it going!

  11. Tim says:

    Cross-posted at PP.com…

    Wow…time sure does fly. I just looked up the date of my 1st post, and it was Dec 28, 2006.

    Positive effects: great friendships, wonderful prayer, challenging discussions, learning about other traditions, and much much more.

    Negative effects: PP addiction. 😉 I’m still learning that I don’t need to respond to every comment made…my opinion isn’t all that important.

    What does PP do well? PRAY. This community has some of the quickest people to their knees that I’ve ever seen.

    What don’t we do well? Politics. It’s funny…we can debate theology with fervent passion for days on end, and still come up friends who respect one another. When we talk politics, things get really ugly really fast.

    What can we improve on? Good question. Most likely, we need to always keep in mind that real people are behind the words & the stories. We need to be careful to write to one another in the same way as we would if we were speaking to them face-to-face.

  12. Jerry F says:

    Am thankful for this place. Got involved when I heard Oden’s kid was in need and love the dialog of the other topics. The openess is good, positive and negetive-we are humans after all. Nah-nu, Nah-nu you Klingon!

  13. centorian says:

    I think it was some time around the summer of ’05 that a friend told me about this site. Funny, thing is he isn’t drawn to what goes on here. Having had several bumpy experiences with different churches, I was drawn to a place where someone was willing to talk about these things openly. Michael has been an incredible host in the time I have been here, even in those times when we would lock horns….. well, then came E-runner lol!!!

    The PP has helped me see the broader picture in theology and ecclesiology. Getting the uncut version from those who are a part of the congregation has tempered some of my own actions in dealing with people.

    I have met several people through this blog, some I am in contact with routinely to talk about the crazy things that GW and ExCalvary said. 😉

    The prayer support that I have recieved from the people here has been a comfort. It was there to cover me during the death of two people who past within a few hours of each other, one being my dad. It was there after two mis-carried grandchildren, the second of which we did not disclose to the congregation and I had to teach a few hours later. I have engaged in spiritual warfare that most people believe are only in movies, and have sent quick SOS calls to Michael to call others to pray on my behalf. There are times for obvious reasons that I cannot call those in my church to pray, and to have this support has been such an encouragment in an otherwise discouraging place.

    I have been mentored by some here. Living on the top of the heap can insulate you from much needed input. I get that and more here. I am grateful for all of you who take the time to post here.

  14. Papias says:

    How long have you been with us? A long time, maybe since 2004?. Since I googled “CC and Sabolick”.

    How have you been positively affected by this ministry? Prov 27:17 – “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

    Negatively? I used to think that I had my theology nailed down, escpecially eschatology(maybe this is a positive?). 🙂

    What do we do well? I think we are more accepting of differences than we were before. People used to get blasted on here before. Now, people can join and may be challenged, but rarely do people get shown the door, unless they practically ask for it.

    What would you like to see us do better? Sometimes, I feel that less “control” is better than more “guiding discussion”. It’s funny, cause I just got through reading the comments on the open blogging thread, and the way the comments flow is quite remarkable. I just think that a mod should make a post and then see what happens, without “rulling their thread with a iron fist”. I’m probably not making much sense, if anyone even reads this comment..

  15. Xenia says:

    I’ve been here since the beginning and even did a small stint as a moderator. I found Michael on his Yahoo Group, I think it was? by searching for “Ex-Calvary Chapel” or maybe it was “Calvary Chapel Abuse.” I had believed in Baptistic/ Calvary Chapelian theology my entire life and since I was departing the CC world I wanted to find a place where I could talk with people and sort everything out. PP really REALLY helped. Not only was I able to clarify in my mind where it is that CC and I depart company I was able to get past the differences and remember my time at CC for the fruitful two decades that they were. I went from one end of the pendulum (“Calvary Chapel is a cult”) to now being thankful for all the good things I learned and experienced while there.

    I have stomped off a few times. I don’t remember why now but I always come back. The PP is like the bar Cheers- this is a place where everyone knows my name.

    Speaking of names, I used to be Severe Mercy back in the beginning. Then, under the cloak of anonymity I found myself saying harsh things about CC that I would never have said in person, so for some accountability I used my real name- Diane Moos- for a while. That was when I discovered that half my old CC was reading the PP and that I was the topic of a lot of conversations among my former co-religionists. 🙂 This was during the Skip H. debacle when my old CC girlfriends were waking up to the fact that CC isn’t perfect. Did ’em good. Since I am now using my EO name “Xenia” more often in my Real Life, I thought I’d use it here, too.

    I love you all! I enjoy reading all your posts and I think you are all swell people. I appreciate your tolerance of me and my EO ramblings. You are all good sports. Thank you.

    Happy birthday PP!

  16. Psalm62 says:

    Early in ’07 I wandered in here off the street, so to speak… discovered a man who could, and took the obvious associated risks to, express honest and righteous indignation. At first I thought we had a Christian Don Quixote here… but, no. It was a brave son of God battling through and then over time I discovered there are more of you (male and female). I love to pontificate (I type fast and loose, I know), but mostly I get edified and have respect for every honest child of God here… and those of us working on that little problem, too.

    God keep all close is my prayer and thanks to all who are undergirding this endeavor – people I know nothing of…

  17. Psalm62 says:

    Xenia,”I have stomped off a few times. I don’t remember why now but I always come back. The PP is like the bar Cheers- this is a place where everyone knows my name.” 🙂 It’s a grand group of annoying, but addictive people.
    I identify with that mail carrier down there at the far end that always has an opinion (Cliff?) 😆

  18. puzzletop says:

    Happy Birthday P.P..

    Been here since the days of the overthrow of Pete Nelson by King Louie.
    Learned a lot about people and the pain of dis-fellowship.
    Miss my pal Buster. I’ve met others on and off line some for the better some for the worse.
    I find Michael an extraordinary on-line pastor. Shows a lot of courage to keep doing what he does.
    Good to see some of the old timers still as obnoxious as ever. It’s an ongoing adventure.
    Hope I meet more people in real life from here.

  19. BrianD says:

    I have been here since the Sabolick days, as well. I came across PP while looking for a Calvary Chapel-oriented message board. Well, the topics on PP were about CC, anyway 🙂

    I stayed here because people talked with one another, in an honest way rarely seen in any Christian setting. I saw the raw honesty here, and it attracted me. I was ready to give up on church because I never could quite fit in. For quite a while this was my church, and Michael was my pastor.

    While I have joined up with a local church, I still sojourn on with this crew. I have learned things here I might not ever have thought about in any other setting. I have served here in ways that opened my eyes as to what I could do, during a time when I was filled with and wrestling with negative things. I have grown here, socially, and from here gotten the courage to step back out into the offline world and give it another (and another, and another….) try. I have been hurt here, and misunderstood, and sometimes when that’s happened it’s been quite painful. I have also been blessed here, and encouraged, comforted, challenged at the times I needed them.

    As a “mod”, I have tried to do my best, and minister to this community, and sometimes I’ve gotten it wrong, and at least a little more often I’ve gotten it more right. I have made mistakes that I am sorry for, and done some things that I thought to be right and received criticism for. Sometimes, no matter what you do, how well intentioned you are, you can’t please everyone, and you mess up.

    As far as the future, I hope this blog sticks around a long time, and continues to give a voice to those who previously had no say in a world dominated by those who had access to print and broadcasting to spread their views, many of whom happened to be religious leaders or those sympathetic to them. The people have and continue to speak because of the internet, and if the greedy companies don’t screw that up, then hurting, frustrated people on the verge of giving up are going to continue to need places to vent and to be heard, and to begin to heal. PP does this well.

  20. Tim says:

    for those of you who haven’t seen yet…pp.COM is back up & running. Yea!

  21. Michael says:


    I read everything. 🙂

    I’ll try to keep a looser grip though it’s a fine line to walk sometimes.

  22. JimB says:

    I came on here I believe a little over 3 1/2 years ago, initially I just occassionally read the posts. The emphasis was on Skip still. Then, when the emphasis shifted towards some men I knew I was very concerned and began to take this place more seriously. I wanted to believe that the people here were just bitter and angry and out of line themselves. But, as I heard story after story of people hurt by their churches and pastors, I began to realize that there was a significant problem of abuse that needed to be addressed. I began to listen and learn, and then began to interact with those who were hurting a debating and be not only a pastor but a real person to them.

    It has been interesting becoming pretty good friends with some of the folks on here after these years. There is a whole other social networking that has resulted that I hadn’t expected.

    I agree that what the pp does best is prayer. I have had incredible answers to prayer from those faithful saints here who pray.

  23. Xenia says:

    Thank you BrianD for all the Link-A-Thons!

  24. Papias says:


    Thanks. I wasn’t referring to you specifically. No worries.

    I would like to see more of the teaching and Book discussions. We were doing Romans and Knowing God – what happened?

    As a former mod, I know that these kind of threads take more time and usually have less comments.

    And I did forget to mention the prayer threads as being a BIG positive.

  25. Psalm62 says:

    BrianD,”if the greedy companies don’t screw that up, ” something to pray about…
    it hurts to think that you’d be hurt as you’ve served all of us who come here and shown yourself to be a good man and competent…

  26. Nonnie says:

    I came here about 3 years ago. I have dialogued with some wonderful people here offline. Because of this site, II have joy of meeting (face to face) Deadman and Nene and London.

    Sis C. and I have known each other for over 20 years but had lost contact and “found” each other again here. That has been a great blessing.

    This site continues to challenge me, edify me, infuriate me 🙂 and bless me! I thank God for my brothers and sisters here.

    Also, I want to mention how manifest the love of God has been expressed here as we have prayed for little Seth and family.

  27. Erunner says:

    How long have you been with us? I arrived back in March or April of 2006.

    How have you been positively affected by this ministry? My narrow view of the church was blown away here. I learned that if you give folks half a chance they will surprise you with their love. When we found ourselves suddenly without a church home it was through this place God allowed us to spend a year at Poiema. Meeting people from this blog has been unreal. E Fests have taken that to another level as folks from so many backgrounds gather and prove what is possible as we gather together in love and unity. My blog is the result of many discussions here on the topic of mental illness. I was allowed to write here and From The Ashes which made me think I might have something to offer.

    Negatively? I was given free reign to make a complete jacka** of myself! This is where I heard about the big guys from GW. Sadly he is now on the fast track to become one!

    What do we do well? PP gives folks a voice. You educate and challenge. You provide a community that people have a very tough time disconnecting from. You provide a place where people can come for prayer or request prayer for others. Finally, you’ve taught me how to cuss really good! 🙂

    What would you like to see us do better? Do-Nuts on Friday!!

  28. mk says:

    I found this community 2 years ago this month after leaving our CC after 16 years. I was hurt and angered by my experience and this site was a great help in realizing I wasn’t alone. It was a chance to share and dialogue in order to heal.

    I eventually learned that I had put way too much emphasis on a man and a church building–shame on me. Now I know differently. I’ve come to learn that there are great and humble men of God here and elsewhere who genuinely care for people and want to teach God’s word.

    I find Michael amazingly courageous. He also has a heart for the hurting and I admire that.

    Finally, thank you all who prayed for my son when he was so sick…your prayers carried my family through an extremely difficult season. I will never forget that. 🙂

  29. beard snolybab says:


    A nice column to review beer and cigars, maybe rare whiskeys and such. You know something to upgrade the conversation from ordo salutis and such banal topics as that.

    Perhaps movie reviews and cultural trends, music reviews, wine lists. You know finer things.

  30. Nene says:

    It must of been the end of June 06 when I found the PP. I was looking for some clarity in my church life, and little did I know what was in store for me. The odd names, wild n’ wooley stories, and just plain ol’ real life, got me reeled in.

    My heart had been filled with much judgement towards other traditions, denominations, and I was always inwardly fighting it. The Lord has used EACH and EVERY one of you here in my journey with God. One of my favorite things here are the discussions on theology, it makes me think, and stretches my thought process. (not that I know that much!) 🙂

    Meeting some of you at E-Fest, eating burgers with Nonnie, and knowing some of you by phone, has been amazing. Maybe I do not comment much, but my heart is here, and I am just so fortunate be here. Bless you all.

  31. London says:

    Dude….you are the one that’s always at the movies! This is what you should do…

    When you get back, pull a group of people together to go see Zombieland. Invite me :mrgreen:….then, when it’s over write a review. Post it here.

    Problem solved!

  32. Sister Christian says:

    okay, not sure how this is going to work out…
    Ill never be able to keep up with 2 sites… wow!
    anyways, posted this on the PP…com site but looks like most are over here, s apologies for the duplication.

    And yes, Nonnie, its been a genuine blessing to have reconnected with you through this sit eafter all these years!

    Happy 6th Anniversary/Birthday of launching PP!!!

    Tim, how did you look up the date of your first post?
    I cant remember when I had the happy occasion to run across PP through doing a search on CCs… it was a very difficult time, but sometime around the JoeS, and Skip H, issues, maybe between 4-5 yrs ago now.

    Xenia, its such a blessing to hear you share of your EO insights!

    The positive effects:

    Everyone has made such amazing contributions to this site,
    and I am glad to echo the comments above as to the blessings this site has been….

    Each participant adds their personal touch, style and signature,
    that has become the beautiful essence blend of such a terrific blog family.
    (That said with all sincerity and richness of heart)

    Many have become dear friends and others like family to me over the years.

    We have joined together in prayer, ministry outreach, traveling overseas together, bearing one anothers burdens, many times laughing together, and other times crying together.

    Prayer has been the most amazing aspect of this place.
    My family knwo this site:especially my 7 yr old knows;
    this as my praying place,
    and remembers well TonyP praying when she had an earache that eluded all other home remedies… she knew he was praying for her, and the earache left… that was over a year ago, and she still recalls that incident from time to time.

    This has been a place to learn and grow in the faith,
    a place to be challenged in our belief system and encouraged in our walk with the Lord, and has personally helped me through the most challenging life crisis which occurred since my first posting.

    and has also set a foundation for the growth of a interests in deeper theological issue and how they pertain to our everyday life and spiritual health, especially in the area of Reformed and Calvinism (both the man and the system of theology), which is proving to be most relevant here where God has called us to restore a church that had fell into relative obscurity.

    The light and the passion, the love for Gods truth, transparency, Authority of Gods word, the hunger for Holiness, and Righteousness found only in Christ that is stirred, fanned and fueled, here,
    sometimes gently and other times through much agitation…
    has been a beacon of hope for me on many occasion…

    Conflict resolution has been another element of value.
    Learning to patiently dialogue with one another through often difficult topics, to work through disagreements and misunderstandings to resolution and if not at least how to respectfully disagree with one another while still respecting the person… Its been incredible.

    I learned along time ago, its what one puts into this place…
    Its a beautiful place of prayer to those who pray,
    Its a challenging, thought provoking place to those who love to discuss theology and such,
    Its a place of Gods Love and Mercy to those who pour forth Love and Mercy,
    Its a place of healing to those who have been wounded and are seeking some refuge and solace,
    well, I could go on and on…

    the negatives:
    sometimes people skim through, or barely read others posts,
    and while reading amiss, answer amiss,
    sometimes people answer before they fully hear one another,
    and cause more complications, misunderstandings…
    I guess we should all keep that in mind when we post and reply to one another, and take time to clarify in those instances…

    MLD, RA, JJ and a couple others have caused me a good cry on a couple of occasions, (The infamous Paul Washer thread comes to mind) but in hindsight it was all good as it toughened my sensibilities… to cause me to consider past the discussion as a personal attack to one of challenging and working through opposing ideas in a more level headed fashion.

    with that,
    Praying God would continue to bless each and everyone who participates here!

    looking forward to PP future

  33. Jerry F says:

    I think like Erunner has it right that we are all in a search of sorts and we find out here that we aren’t alone in that. Sharing our ideas and thoughts whether they fall in line with our beliefs or not has shown us that we have a commoness in Christ. This place is edifying in the long run. So, again, I say I am thnkfull for a place where I can fellowship and grow. To challenge what I believe or to make it more solid. Thanks, Michael. Thanks King of the Universe!!!!

  34. Concerned says:

    I want to echo Sister Christians comments…she just about said it all.
    It’s kind of like “cheers”…where everybody knows your name (sort of).
    And they love you just the same (Is that the words??!!)

    This is like a 24 hour diner-always open.
    Everyone with different times zones.
    If I couldn’t sleep and go on on at 3AM Eastern time, people will be here 12AM west coast time.

    I have learned to shorten my words,shut my mouth (sort of)
    And listen (read) before I speak (write)

    I am thankful there is a place to turn when there is nowhere else to turn.
    This place has tempered me and challenged me, and in mnay ways has helped me to become more compassionate (prayer), and less selfish.
    This is a place where there will be differences, but all differences aside, you will always reach some common ground (Id you give in! :))

    Differences aside, this a “place” that can comfort and grow us all in our Lord.

    Thanks Muchael.

  35. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    anyone else have trouble staying on the PP.com site? I keep getting kicked back to the Hijacked lesbian dating site.

  36. BrianD says:

    Try clearing out your cache, MLD, then see if you keep getting kicked back.

  37. grendal hanks says:

    Cleared out caches for both Safari & Firefox, still getting hijacked site at https://phoenixpreacher.com/

    Any other suggestions?

  38. BrianD says:

    No, Grendal, other than post on phoenixpreacher.net 🙂

    I have sent an email to Michael and Axed, letting them know of the matter.

  39. Psalm62 says:

    re: PP site-my work-around doesn’t work getting kicked off and over to adobe (who tell me “get a new computer”)

    could be the guys who ‘worked’ on my computer last month did something….
    but I like it over here… 🙂

  40. Xenia says:

    I’m having the same problem Grendal is having. Sometimes I can get to the .com site but often it springs back to the Lesbian dating service.

  41. BrianD says:

    Ugh, Xenia. It may be part of the migration. I’m seeing the .com site from the computer I am at now, I’ll check it from another computer later this evening.

    Psalm, glad this site is easier to open up for you! It’s easier to open for my phone, too 8)

  42. Michael says:

    It may be that the DNS change will take some time to completely go through.

  43. David (Everstudy) says:

    Wow, 6 years?

    I don’t remember how long I’ve been coming to this site… I’ve lurked for so long and then just jump in once in awhile. I think I started coming around during the Skip thingy… I was Everstudy back then, but for some reason had to sign up/in for something… ah, yes, to get my ‘icon’ pic to show up, I signed up with my real name, came back here, and have been David ever since… or still…

    I’ve enjoyed this site for a few reasons… I’ve asked for prayer, and have had multiple saints lift me up… I’ve been encouraged, enlightened and many times have given an audible chuckle at some of the vigorous back and forths here.

    I got to go to E-Fest 2008 and have lunch with some good people, went to MLD’s church (for a funeral), and found out I live spitting distance from Erunner (in BuenA Park).

    And, I’ve been able to finally let some bitterness and other stuff go from a few bad episodes with CC. I grew up in CC, learned how to walk at one of the old communes (so my dad says), graduated from CCBC; so when I had to leave, it wasn’t easy, and I dragged a lot of crud with me, to the point where I would cringe if I heard that someone even goes to a CC. But, God has healed that portion of my heart and mind, and He used this site as a final dose of needed medicine.

    So… I really like this site…

    David (Everstudy)

  44. Augustine says:

    I think you’re doing a fine job. I really love how Augustinian/Calvinists and Quasi-Arminian/Semi-Pelagians can debate on here without being called heretics by those who hold to opposing views. I was on another site where the Calvinists and Semi-Pelagians were calling each other heretics and false Christians and Dispensationalists and other eschatological schools were ripping each other as idiots instead of disagreeing in love. As a Calvinist on salvation with an unsure eschatology (I think Sproul and MacArthur both make pretty compelling cases, and I’ve read some interesting Historicist exegesis recently) I enjoy reading what other Believers think.

  45. Apple of His Eye says:

    I guess I’ve been around for four years…I am blessed by PP, Michael’s heart for the Lord, His Word, and His people…I anticipate PP growing and maturing in God…It’s maturing that makes light bright, and salt salty…I’ve appreciated the prayers of the saints here…I’ve appreciated the teaching and words of wisdom…I am blessed to be a part of an amazing local church, but PP has a special place in my heart too…Blessings on everyone in here…

  46. philbertz says:

    I’m getting a carbon dating service on the .com site. Hmmmm. Guess I’m just getting old.

    Been here a little while. Worked through some stuff. Joked around a bit. Tried to be serious sometimes, but that didn’t work. Realized the real nite crew had become some ghosts or phantoms and the rest of us were cheap imitations. Getting more sleep as a result. Have a lot more to say than I usually do, but that is ok. There are some really faithful folks here who walk the talk and I have tremendous repect for them.

  47. BrianD says:

    I’ve grown a thick skin over the past few years, Psalm, but it still hurts a little when you believe you are grossly misunderstood and not at all liked by some people. That’s life, though.

  48. Psalm62 says:

    BrianD,”Psalm, glad this site is easier to open up for you! It’s easier to open for my phone, too” ❓
    dial-up? nope, Verizon is my ISP, but it’s not dial up… my operating system is my problem from what I’m told (by google, adobe and real people, too) – I don’t deserve any special consideration as I’m just too cheap to go buy a new computer… so, if I complain here anymore, just ignore me 🙂

  49. Psalm62 says:

    BrianD, I started to respond to your 9:41, but it sounded like a fortune cookie 😆

    still you do have a good heart and nobody’d better take offense to you when I’m around 🙄

  50. philbertz says:

    is grossly misunderstood like twelve dozen times? 😉


  51. Psalm62 says:

    philb, “I’m getting a carbon dating service on the .com site. Hmmmm. Guess I’m just getting old” took me a minute, but I love your puns

    I’m off for the nite with that chuckle – God keep all close

  52. Psalm62 says:

    😳 BrianD, I meant my intended response sounded like a fortune cookie – I didn’t mean that what you observed sounded like a fortune cookie… ah me… now I’ll be grossly misunderstood, too 🙁

  53. philbertz says:

    you’re still top drawer sharp & thanks for the nod.


  54. brian says:

    PP has been a great comfort to me and I am truly grateful for that.

  55. beard snolybab says:

    http://www.freshfireusa.com/ fresh webinar…

  56. I’ve been here about 5 years. I came here because “they” told us not to (I had problems obeying even when I was a kid)…I think I am one of the patriarchs at PP :-). The PP has taught me to appreciate and respect other people’s theological views and that we can disagree and still be friends and co-workers. While I appreciate the methodology of CC I have also learned that solid biblical teaching extends well beyond the ivory towers of CC. Most importantly, what joins us together is not our eschatology, or whether we are Calvinist or Arminian or somewhere in between but our mutual belief in Christ as Savior. (But I still can’t figure out how some one with a literal hermeneutic can believe in the A-mil position–sorry Dread; couldn’t help my self).

    I am also thankful for the patience shown me…in my developing views and…for my poor typing. Some pastors want to learn Greek…this one wants to learn to type bettwer (I made that last mistake on porpose..purpose)

  57. Phil

    “carbon dating” is that something like eharmony?

  58. Babylon's Dread says:


    I am sorry … I did not mean to confuse. I do not have a literal hermeneutic about Revelation … it is not literal. It is just true. Literally true in everything it means to convey by the symbols in the book.

    LOL, bless you Steve

    beard snolybab

  59. Dread
    I have learned to appreciate you…and I really do. You still drive me nuts at times…but I think you like that…and that’s OK too…bless you my friend

  60. sister D says:

    beard snolybab, I knew it was you when I read the 8:05am!

    I came here about 2 ½ years ago because my brother had been talking about you for a year or more and I wanted to see what he was having so much fun doing. I fell in love with the hearts here who pray for needs of people everywhere and make this place a family. I do not talk much on threads other than the prayer thread. I am very simple in my faith and many times what is going on is over my head or not part of my life.

    Happy birthday PP. Michael, this was a big baby for a man to birth. Job well done!

  61. Captain Kevin says:

    Happy Birthday Everyone!!!

    Don’t know exactly when I started lurking, then posting. Definitely at the height of the Heitzig debacle (get it? height…Heitzig…oh never mind).

    The most positive effects are an appreciation of other Christian faith traditions and the many friends I’ve met here, a few I’ve even met in person.

    Negatively? It bugs me when someone misunderstands someone else, jumps to conclusions, and starts firing darts. The night Costco Cal was run outta town really pissed me off. I miss the Night Crew!

    Do well? Provide opportunity for wounded soldiers to dialogue/vent, and be accepted into a community. Michael’s verbal lashing of ODM’s have brought me many moments of delight. Also, the prayer support is incredible, better than any church prayer chain I’ve ever known of.

    Do better? Keep the computer hackers and theological hacks out. On second thought, I like it when Steve Hopkins body slams Joshua Guild to the mat. Very entertaining 🙂

  62. Violatte says:

    I’ve been here off and on for a few years. Can’t remember if I ever posted a comment though. Was delighted to reconnect with Diane Moos who was one of the first people I’d contacted when praying about relocating to Santa Cruz. Would like to say more but am in crisis mode right now and would really appreciate your prayers for my daughters Suzanne and Michelle. Serious health issues. Thanks.

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