Happy Independence Day!

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12 Responses

  1. A guilt free holiday….

  2. For all of her shortcomings, I’m still proud to be American.

  3. filbertz says:

    Happy fourth of July all. Looking forward to comforting my two dogs as the fireworks explode later on…our Cocker Spaniel goes into a frenzy with the booms, but I love mortars and all the stuff that blows up. BBQ action is always a highlight.

  4. London says:

    We used to rate our dogs on the fourth and put a radio in the room with them. Since they always slept in their crates, it was comforting to them. Plus it kept them from running away

  5. Ricky Bobby says:

    Ironic that we are celebrating the 4th of July as freedom from the “tyrannical” and “oppressive” and freedom-stifling British rule…yet we are more hog-tied than ever by our Government, by Political Correctness and by the Double Standard of Liberalism and Corpratocracy. We are slaves to a corrupt System celebrating our Independence from a past corrupt System.

    But, I’ll still have a hot dog, drink a beer and blow some s*** up and wave a flag 🙂

  6. filbertz says:

    Crates are a good idea…Trigger out-grew his, but he’s not as worked up as Ellie, the Cocker.

  7. Reuben says:

    Block party today. Grills, beer, boxes of fireworks…

  8. Muff Potter says:

    I still think Jimi Hendrix does the best rendition of The Star Spangled Banner ever.

    Happy Independence Day to all!

  9. 2. What CK said. Just saddened with our direction as a country.

  10. erunner says:

    Ditto CK. Family, food and now fireworks. Our neighborhood puts on a better show than Knott’s and Disneyland with all the stuff they bring into town!!

  11. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Just remembered an old song, from a 5 percenter perspective but still makes you think

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