Heathen Rozell’s Re-Open Mudman Burgers

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4 Responses

  1. Steph says:

    Gross. And I really, really hope that Don McClure thinks long and hard about what he helped to allow. The Calvary Chapel that is near me sent young kids for years; and also had the Potter and his traveling “show” come and do weeks of “shows” to lure in congregants. There were a number of interns from that one CC who were victims. There were warnings, at least a few, if not more, that were either ignored or attempted to be discredited. I hope that particular church knows what they enabled. Awful method for a church, that Moses model. Horrible.

  2. Bride of Christ says:

    So true Stephanie. We also experienced the same promotion of Potters Field Ministries ministry at our large southern California church. ‘Enabling’ is the perfect word to describe the involvement of Calvary Chapel. They have yet to ‘own’ this which is very sad, indeed , and doesn’t give me much faith that Calvary Chapel is able to redeem themselves.

  3. The No Talk Rule says:

    Thanks Steph you are right. I have deleted 2 of my comments because they come after you. I’m getting stronger but just wanted to say thank you.

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