Heitzig Radio Station Carries Gospel For Asia Programming

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17 Responses

  1. Cash says:

    Who can hold Heitzig accountable for this?

    No oneā€¦and thatā€™s the real story.

    Indeed that is the real story. Heitzig would seem to be untouchable. He has survived scandal after scandal and still he sits at the top of his kingdom in Albuquerque. Now adding this fresh scandal to his litany of greatest hits, he has no fear of any accountability which makes him a very dangerous man, in my opinion.

  2. Michael says:


    It never ends…and few have the guts to care.

  3. Steve Wright says:

    FWIW – The two CC-owned radio stations here in So Cal (which dwarf the audiences in ABQ no doubt)…no longer have the GFA program. We broadcast on one of those stations on the weekends.

    Consider that a small victory, Michael.

    Thank you for the update.

  4. Nonnie says:

    I have no words. Yes I do….I’m disgusted.

  5. John Calvin's disciple says:

    It is possible that GFA has something on Skip Heitzig?

    The reality is that sometimes corrupt ministries or organizations make it a practice of compiling a library of dirty laundry for the very folks they partner with. Unfortunately this dark unspoken practice keeps many folks from speaking out and from breaking free of something they deep down inside no longer support, but they fear being exposed or their own dirty laundry. It is also much easier to look the other way when there is a problem then to disrupt one’s cash flow. True spiritual freedom comes at a big price.

    A lesson for all, beware of whom you enter into a partnership in ministry. If there is something that can be used against you they will use it if you want to speak out. May Christ help us.

  6. Em ... again says:

    i would have no knowledge of this fella, if it weren’t for this website… he is part of a trend, is he not? the Church needs a Teddy Roosevelt/Billy Sunday voice in our face and in our path right now
    Heitzig (rhymes with earwig, BTW) is just one of a very large group of personality types who have gone off the rails and, yet, continue to thrive … maybe, they never were on track, just found their calling to fleece sheep? maybe they even tell themselves that they’re doing good? see themselves as some sort of life coaches?

  7. Michael says:


    That is a small win…but because of the number of people they reach it is really bigger than I acknowledge.
    The fewer people at risk, the better.

  8. Kevin H says:

    When there is no fear of accountability, one needs not have a conscience.

  9. brian says:

    “organizations make it a practice of compiling a library of dirty laundry for the very folks they partner with. Unfortunately this dark unspoken practice keeps many folks from speaking out and from breaking free of something they deep down inside no longer support, but they fear being exposed or their own dirty laundry. ”

    I know this might be a character flaw on my part, but this would be a horrible way to live.

  10. openeyes says:

    Believers Church is still humming along despite all the trouble. My only hope is that the Indian government is looking into it and will lower the boom on tax evasion, or something like that. KP has broken many Indian laws but to date he has the money to “gift” his way out of consequences. Course some Indian Christians will scream more persecutions if the boom is lowered since they refuse to clean up the corruption in their own ranks. Sad for the Gospel over here. Sad image for American Christians over here as well. Makes it so hard for the rest of us serving in these areas. I sincerely wish there was more we could do to bring justice to this situation. I feel so bad for the donors that were mistreated in this.



  11. Xenia says:

    I believe the reports that this “Believers Church” is being lead by less than honorable people but I sincerely hope it is not shut down by the Indian government because even in its current situation, people are being brought to Christ and they are innocents. It would be a real shame if their churches were shut down because of the sins of the elders. I don’t think the Indian government needs another excuse to stifle Christianity in that country.

  12. John Calvin' disciple says:

    Yes that is a terrible way to live but many “celebrity pastors” live this way. When organizations go corrupt they will not hesitate to use the dirty laundry card to silence former directors, staff , if they feel you are a threat. Also some folks who refuse to call out the corrupt organization it is often is because they themselves are receiving some form of kickback. For many of these organizations and their sponsors cash is king. It is also quite common practice to sign Non disclosure agreements (NDA’s)and speaking out against an organization will surely bring about lawsuits or character assassinations by the rogue organizations.

    This my friends, is the truth.

  13. openeyes says:

    Christianity will survive without Believers Church. You can count on that. Many believers in Kerala have gone to the police to report KP, and his church, due to the activities they engage in. Nothing has been done because KP has millions to use to “gift” government officials just like any other corrupt leader here in India. He is no different than the unsaved in that regard in my eyes. My opinion is that they do more to harm the cause of Christ in India than help it. Sad fact that there are 100 KP’s here in India ready to step into the limelight given a chance. And sadder still is the fact that many Westerners will support these corrupt characters.

    Foreign missionaries are psychologically tested, culturally trained, Biblically trained and have accountability while in the field. No one does that for the national worker. The double standards of vetting each category are mind blowing when I look at the comparisons. The training standards for a national worker are very low when one looks at a foreign worker side by side. What do you expect will happen?

    I think many Westerners misunderstand the story here in India. If persecution is so horrible then why don’t the big leaders here run around with body guards or body armor on? Why don’t they run around India with fear on their faces? Why is it only the small village Pastor that gets hurt and none of the big names do? I can only think of one big name here that really had problems but stories of his bribing tactics seemed to be the real issue. Millions and Millions of Christians go to church every week without one single problem. Indians are free to buy Bibles, buy Christian book, go to Bible studies, share their faith respectfully (the last word is the qualifier), and engage in many Christian activities without a problem. I firmly believe that the stories in the West actually make things worse for those of us trying to reach the lost here. Not all Hindu’s are radicals nor are they against the Church. Christianity has a long and comfortable history here. The stories that reach the West are skewed to make you believe it is hostile everywhere in India which is simply untrue. Yes, there are problems and it is horrible, but to be honest there are persecutions here in every walk of life for people of all faiths, not only Christians. A Christian woman has a better chance of being raped, due to the fact she is a woman rather than Christian, than of being persecuted for her faith.

    Even when the Indian government does protect believers and make sure they get their rights no one in the Christian community thanks them. I have only read of one story in an Indian Christian email newsletter where they publicly thanked local officials for helping the Christian community.

    I think it is high time for Christians in the West, and in India, to own up to how we are making this problem worse by the language we use and the things we print. Most of it is done in the fundraising spirit, which really is persecution in reverse when we label all people groups the same. We need to go out of our way to be gracious to those in government that REALLY DO help our brothers and sisters. Just maybe they might help us more if we do acknowledge the small steps they take in the Church’s direction. I also think it is high time for the Indian Church to take a radically stand against corruption in the Indian church. WE are called to be different. The church here in many respects is acting like the culture around them. There are small lights of hope but it needs to spread like wild fire in India!!

  14. Jim says:

    openeyes, “Foreign missionaries are psychologically tested, culturally trained, Biblically trained and have accountability while in the field. No one does that for the national worker.”…yes there are other ministries in India that pay great attention to national pastors, and they train them well. Check out serve india ministries… I’ve been working with them for the last few years. They are doing what GFA was supposed to be doing all along, -raising up local pastors and planting churches… but in humility!

  15. openeyes says:

    @Jim–> I will look them up! Thanks. Does anyone have any more to pass on?

  16. openeyes says:

    @Jim..I did look them up. Can’t find out who is involved with this on the Indian side though. Anyway you can let me know who is the main group in India? Will help me in my research. They only post an address. Thanks for your help.

  17. openeyes says:

    Just an FYI…I did go look up Serve India since I am really interested in being proven wrong. This is what I found. Ebenezer Samuel is the president here in India for last 10 years. Before becoming president he worked nine years at Gospel for Asia as General Director!!! I was told that Ebby, in the USA, was KP Yohannan’s right hand man until he got fed up playing second string and formed his own ministry..Serve India.

    Hardly the testing and training I was looking for in Indians. I am sure that as things heat up more GFA will jump ship and form their own ministries taking Western contacts and GFA training with them. Not a thrilling prospect to many of us.

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