Holy Saturday

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  1. Alan says:

    Christ plundered Hades – nothing happened to him. He happened to death and tomorrow the grave. Nothing is safe from him.

  2. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    not too coincidentally I’m working through Matthew Y Emerson’s book “He Descended to the Dead”: An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday. Emerson is/was making a long-form argument that guys like Wayne Grudem have been wrong to reject the doctrine of the descent as not being defensible in terms of scripture. Short version so far, Anglo-American evangelicals need to recover this doctrine after a few people have rejected it without giving it sufficient attention.

    I’ve had a Holy Saturday custom of posting some like to Blind Willie Johnson’s haunting performance of “Dark Was the Night”. Conventionally the traditional text of the hymn is more Maundy Thursday but Johnson’s wordless performance and some flubs by Samuel Charters (perhaps) ingrained Johnson’s “Dark was the Night” as a Holy Saturday meditation for me. If you haven’t heard Blind Willie Johnson and have any fondness for pre-WW2 blues you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    “Nothing is safe from him.” YES!!!

  4. Dread says:

    Someone else has descended into hell today with a different message to the captives.


  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Both dates on that document are 2023. Didn’t this come out today? In any case, to place this on the same day as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord is beyond vile.

  6. Captain Kevin says:

    There’s a version that came out yesterday dated 2024.

  7. Rob Murphy says:

    I really like Dread’s responses. When I read Alan’s words I think, ‘This guy just got done having lunch with Jesus’…. reminds me of the 1st century dudes – recognized for the fact that they had been with Jesus.

    Interesting response from a guy on Twitter to the declaration of desecration of Sunday. This guy, who (by his words) is not a Christian, but I thought it was worthwhile.

    Link below, but here’s the money quote:
    ” On the reactionary side at present, it must be indicated that there are multiple overlapping active measures to drag faithful Christians into reactionary stances. One is the prevailing “Operation Christian Nationalism,” which this same administration is framing as one of the most dangerous threats to “democracy” in the world today. Another is the more local and specific radicalization attempt during Holy Week that follows the Christian rhetoric of “Christ is King,” which has been successfully tied to an antisemitic trope and active measure meant to drive a wedge between Christians and Jews and Christians and Christians. I have taken tremendous heat for exposing this active measure, as have many others, which is a testament to its status as an active measure.

    This provocation, published yesterday, is overwhelmingly likely aiming to feed into those prevailing active measures (“ops”) meant to drag Christians into a positions of fruitful reaction that the Regime can use to clamp down on them. Again, Christian reaction is their real action, and we know for certain that Christian circles are deeply infiltrated with a chest-beating and growing radicalism that is being baited toward and associated with a growing antisemitism. The responses to this post will almost certainly prove this out, btw. Your evil government wants this to happen. They are baiting you into it.

    What should you do?

    You should cleave to your faith with wisdom and discernment. You should celebrate your Christianity as loudly and publicly as you want, and you should do so aware that a reaction is being solicited from you. Pray for those caught up in the trans cult. Make your prayers visible. Welcome them to healing and communion, even if they’re not ready to take it. Likewise, pray for these evil “leaders” that they repent of this wickedness. Pray also for those professing Christianity but not practicing it, seeking to lead Christians into error from within, that they repent and find forgiveness, peace, strength, and ultimately faith.

    More than that, celebrate your faith openly and on terms that avoid the desired reaction of these enemies of both the church and our nations. Proclaim “He is risen” and celebrate your salvation through Him. Do not be afraid, but do not take the evil path that is being offered to you. I advise reading Matthew 10 in its entirety in this dangerous time in which your religion is targeted and in which you are being targeted and identified for this persecution, which is being set up through these provocations. It contains wisdom and guidance for times precisely like these.

    Happy Easter, everyone, and may the Good News of your faith overpower the evil being done against it, not through chest-beating reaction and temptations to evil, but through the power of peace, repentance, and forgiveness that is at the heart of it, for all the people in all the nations of the world. Let not this weapon that has been forged against you prevail. Keep your faith, and keep you head. These are trying times.”


  8. Michael says:

    March 31st has been TG Day of Visibility for 15 years…including 4 under Trump.

    It is an obscenity that this year it falls on Easter…though He came to set those captive to this lie free as well.

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Thanks Michael. I suppose I didn’t recall that since it hasn’t shown up on Easter.

  10. Alan says:

    @2024 That might be a little misleading. The day has existed but my searching indicates that Biden is the first president to issue a proclamation which he has since 2021.

    Here is something issued by the White House about the extend of their commitment


  11. Alan says:

    Over the years I have had many want to press to me that Jesus “had to go to hell” and “had to suffer the punishment of hell to redeem us” they often cite the creed. One teacher even proposed that Jesus’ Spirit went to the Father, his body went to the grave and his soul went to hell. I refute those notions with all kinds of lines of evidence. I would not expect to find those notions here.

  12. Michael says:

    “I would not expect to find those notions here.”

    Thank God!

    20 years ago was a different story…but the herd has been thinned…

  13. Josh says:

    What’s the problem with Biden’s statement? We would prefer an insincere statement of conservative Christian faith?

    The fear ( and probably hatred if we’re really honest) is off-base. I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing the trans group is made up of two types of people: Those with some sort of mental disorder that is causing them great distress. No amount of shame is going to make them feel right. They should be loved and cared for as they are.
    The other do it for the shock value. If we take away the shock value, like Biden’s statement attempts to do, they’ll rebel in another way.

    Just relax. Worry about things that actually matter within your small sphere of influence.

  14. Michael says:


    I would assert that these things do actually matter to any of us that have young people in our lives that we love.

    I am of the opinion that there is a direct correlation between the growing rates of despair among young people and the confusion about personal identity that has been sold to them.

    My personal angst about being forced to lie about someones sexuality by using the wrong pronouns to address them is a minor matter…

  15. Josh says:

    I think you know that I spend every possible second I can with a 20 year old and a 16 year old, and am happily taking on another 19 year old and 12 year old very soon.

    So care for young people is not the defining condition.

    If there isn’t some other issue there, no amount of selling will convince a boy that he’s a girl or vice versa. The vast majority of our young people know which gender they are, and they will end up reproducing with the opposite sex.

    There is some confusion there, and the culture is changing in the way it addresses these issues. I would assert that the confusion is a byproduct of the despair, not the other way around.

    So what is the cause of the despair? We probably all have our boogeyman we would point at. I think there are some real correlations between the rise of social media / technology and rising despair in young people.

    In all of these issues, the parents are really the only agent that can make a difference.

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