Holy Week 2022: Duane W.H. Arnold,  PhD

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  1. Shawn says:

    Interesting article. I learned a lot about the faith and various historical practices that I have never had access to. Well I guess technically I have had access but rather had no knowledge or experiential reference regarding. I have been the product of an Evangelical education that disregards many traditional or historical practices as “dead religion” or something akin to superstition. All the while I am coming to realize that some sort of speculative esotericism is given prominence.

    Sadly, I have to admit that I probably will not attend church this week as I have become accustomed to not going anymore but more so because I have no idea where I fit in (understand I use that term very loosely. I should probably explain myself better but I don’t have the time or energy). Sometimes I feel like a ship without a rudder but I know that is not entirely true because I still have the one indistinguishable light to guide me through a seeming aimlessness.

    However, in the interm I am grateful that your article has given something to aspire towards in my inner life this week- deliberate reflection on the gravity of what is the Pinnacle of our faith. Hope your on the mend. Keep on!

  2. Josh says:

    Shawn, I would pass on Eugene Peterson’s advice “Go to the nearest small church and commit yourself to being there for 6 months”.

    There are problems. Huge problems. But we still need community.

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    I would echo Josh’s advice…

    Yes, I’m on the mend. Two major surgeries in six weeks set me back a little…

  4. JD says:

    I tried saying “Happy Holy Week” to people. That went over like a cob in a hog wallow.

  5. Shawn says:

    Josh and Duane,
    I appreciate the concern and advice. I know your advice is sound and reflects a shepherd’s heart. I have done that many times and it just has not ended well, amiably sure but the years have taken their toll on me.

    The last time I stayed for six or seven years only to have another cycle of promises go unfulfilled in much the same way it did the two churches I attended and served at before that. The first was nearly ten years, the second three years though I was not promised as much as the first and most recent. I am no longer the young and ambitious (I use that word lightly) man I was twenty-four years ago when I started my journey of faith. I was wide-eyed and full of excitement. Yet, little by little much of that has died (to be clear I am not referring to my faith as Christ is the sole remaining vestige that remains).

    Frankly, I am tired of perpetually chasing the carrots dangled in front of me (trust me this needs a lot of clarification as it is extremely vague). I have simply settled that the supposed gifts and calling I was told I had may have been offered with good intent but unfortunately the inability of it to materialize simply confirms that not only was I misled but they were wrong (this is cryptic but a clue nonetheless). Years ago I had my “joy and fun and seasons in the sun” but much of that eclipsed long ago. There are too many layers and nuances to unpack.

    I just don’t have the energy to continue this post. Maybe I will continue later or maybe I won’t. I will say that while let down, disappointment, abuse, abandonment, and so much more are part of why I do not have much desire to attend church anymore there is a physiological component as well.

    I appreciate any prayers anyone may offer on my behalf. I am also comforted to know that there are people, though we may never physically meet, who are looking out for my best spiritual interests. Maybe that is something to reflect on during Holy Week 2022.

    Also, glad to hear you are on the mend though I do not envy what you are going through. I genuinely hope that in your suffering you are drawn closer to Christ. May His Resurrection be an all consuming reality.

  6. Josh says:

    Shawn, I understand, and I did not mean to heap guilt upon you. Keep the faith however you can, brother. Its a tough world we live in.

  7. Shawn says:

    Josh, brother I did not sense any attempt at guilting but rather the heart of a pastor who desires a that a wandering sheep return a flock, any flock and enjoy the fruits of Christian fellowship. It is something I sorely miss. I do have my wife who is quite a wonderful source of it. Us sometimes when I write or think out loud as I try to sort things out. It is a tough world but I am tearfully, joyfully reminded of the lyrics of a Keith Green song,

    “Well, nothin’ lasts
    Except the grace of God
    By which I stand in Jesus
    I’m sure that my whole life would waste away
    Except for grace by which I’m saved…”

  8. Officerhoppy says:

    I dunno/Maybe I’m off base but I have been pretty consumed with the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. Been in prayer, talking with others, wishing I could do more. This Passion week, My heart breaks at the injustice and the inability to stop it. But for one week, or a few days, while I will still pray for Ukraine, , I just wanna focus on my Savior and rejoice thru that his sacrifice death was conquered.

    But that’s me

  9. Linn says:

    This week always brings me back to the Gospels, Christ’s suffering, His triumph over death, and the great love He has for me, His child-a love I did not deserve. I’ll be translating the Good Friday/Viernes Santo service, praising my Savior for His love for me, knowing that Resurrection Sunday is coming!

  10. Em says:

    “If it be possible, let this cup pass from me.”
    Jesus knew

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