Jack Hibbs Calling CA Churches To Open On May 31st

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69 Responses

  1. Captain Kevin says:

    I didn’t realize Hibbs was such a medical expert. Must be because of all that deep eschatological study he’s done. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. Em says:

    Let the churches open their doors, let the people come and if they catch this virus, let their pastors take care of them

  3. Duane Arnold says:

    By the way, it’s National Nurses Day today. We ordered flowers for friends who are serving as nurses and are ordering pizza later today for an ER evening shift. I think if there is anything we can do to show support, it’s well worth it… I do understand that cookies are appreciated!

  4. Steph says:

    They need money. Older people aren’t tithing online. This is the way to get money and they’re masking it as patriotic and holy civil disobedience. This will cripple Calvary Chapel. God willing.
    Hopefully the beginning of the end. They’ll call this an attack. It’s nauseating how blind they are.

  5. Michael says:

    Steph has spoken wisely…

  6. Michael says:



  7. Mike Ehrmantrout says:

    I’ve never even heard of Jack Hibbs, and I’m happy I haven’t!

  8. Michael says:

    Hibbs is very influential…this is a big deal.

    We’ll see what happens..

  9. Patty says:

    Ha! 100% Scrambling for funds.
    Chuck Smith used to say “Where God guides, God provides” Never heard the disclaimer about taking it into your own hands when in virus mode. Hibbs and Graves must have missed the God guiding part in that secret Pastor Assisting handbook that’s out of print *wink*……Did it talk about God guiding in that….?!

  10. Steve says:

    CC is definitely blind. Can’t help but think some of their 2020 visions of the future are now being exposed for how foolish they are. I always questioned why so many of these CCs needed their own fancy buildings. They may never use these buildings again. Steph may very well be right.

  11. bob1 says:

    Gonna be tough for pastors to take care of ailing parishoners if said pastors
    themselves are DEAD!

    I’ve also never heard of this guy. But even so, in the immortal words
    of Bugs, “What a maroon!”

  12. DavidM says:

    Dear Lord, I couldn’t even finish watching it. A couple of thoughts: It is too bad that God cannot hear our prayers for healing unless we lay hands on the sick. Think of how frustrated He is if even we feel a frustration. So, the work of the Holy Spirit cannot go on without the building being opened. Also, he said that the “community is spiritually starving”. How can ANYONE be spiritually starving in this culture of thousands of podcasts, church online meetings, and so much more? I wonder exactly how one defines “spiritually starving”?
    But the kicker is that the date May 31, 2020 “popped into” his head. Well, that seals the deal! How can anyone take this guy seriously? It seems like a money grab to me. Giving is down, so it’s time to pass the plate . . .er, lay hands again. The veneer of spiritually here is so thin it seems to be invisible.

    Now, yes, many states are suffocatingly restrictive when it comes to church gatherings. I have no problem with anyone in disagreement with that. But, come on, this is just silly.

  13. pstrmike says:

    a few observations.
    I’m not a fan of Jack Hibbs, but I also want to be fair.

    California, like the rest of the nation, is struggling in dealing with the unknown. Hibbs is describing a frustration with what he believes is poor leadership at the state level.

    I wonder what Christians who meet secretly would say about Hibbs’ arguments? Surely they would underscore the importance of gathering together.

    I wonder if gathering in homes is a viable option? CCCH is a big church. What type of small groups do they have? Are we in a place to begin to encourage small group gatherings? Obviously, that would depend to some degree, where you live.

    Hibbs’ argument is neither cogent nor consistent. I sympathize with him, but his argument is too much the mix of American liberty and modernistic evangelicalism. I would say, compared to what I have heard from him in times past (which I rarely do), he did tone down his rhetoric a bit.

    The church is not a building that we need in order for us to “do what God tells us to do.” There is ministry taking place at the local level. We do not need to publicize every cup of cold water in the name of Jesus from the rooftops of social media for it to be affirmed. Our Father in heaven sees, blessed is He.

    I’m beginning to pray for the time to reopen our doors, and I anticipate it will be soon. Perhaps as early as Pentecost Sunday. I’m waiting and seeing. While I have little confidence in the leadership in my own state, I’m not sensing that now is the time to disregard authority.

    If it this is in fact “Church 2.0,” I pray that we do not go back to the deficiencies of the modern expression of what “Church 1.0” had become.

  14. Duane Arnold says:


    “Hibbs’ argument is neither cogent nor consistent.”

    Truer words could not be spoken about this video. You used the word frustration. I would use the word “desperation”. “Far less lethal than they say”… only 70,000 plus. Or do we use economics? Or how about slanted biblical exegesis? Or personal revelation? Or… ?

  15. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Sorry Steph. It’s not remotely about money, at least for Hibbs. That church paid off their mortgage years ago.

    What I find troubling is that Jack really cites no scripture to support his decision, instead relying on a private revelation. Not even an attempt to address scripture that clearly speaks to this issue re yielding to those God placed over us for governance.

    I guess I have to ask this question. When you forgo the authority of scripture, then how can you cite scripture as the authority re God’s position on sin, homosexuality, adultery, etc. Very slippery slope there. For me, personally kind of sad as I recall when building that church facility, Jack had the place underneath his pulpit filled with bibles (cemented into ground) signifying that the Bible had final authority on all things to be taught from that pulpit, not the private revelation of a pastor.

    …and since when did Calvary Chapels give a rip about celebrating the day of Pentecost ?

  16. Em says:

    Covering Bibles with cement? I have a hunch God thought, “what a waste!”

  17. Steve says:

    Jeff,. You are right it’s all about private revelation vs. scripture. However, can’t help think $$ has some impact. Somebody pays the pastor a salary. No mortgage means more for salaries. But doors closed now have even bigger effect on salaries. The book stores and cafes being closed in the church I’m sure hurts. Most mortgage payments can at least be deferred but pastor’s getting paid not so much.

  18. Patty says:

    A paid off mortgage is one thing, but keeping up with some of those salaries, housing and travel etc is another. Didn’t I read that one Calvary Chapel pastor gets paid $500,000 and also employs his children? They need their congregants to keep up the tithing and the online thing probably doesn’t work 100%. Those churches have no accountability. The faithful givers have no idea where the money goes and if they ask, they’re labeled a problem. “Not remotely about money” could possibly be true for Hibbs, although I would still question his motive, but I tend to doubt that money has nothing to do with the decision. Steph, they call everything an attack. Agree with CC, or you’re in sin.

  19. Kathleen says:

    @Jeff, didn’t Calvary Chapel Chino Hills build a new sanctuary just a few years ago? I remember they were meeting outside under a tent during the building of it. I would be surprised to hear that’s already paid off but could be wrong.

  20. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    CCCH built its three buildings about fifteen to eighteen years ago. Time flies

    Jack has been an extraordinary steward unlike a number of pastors and churches I am familiar with. One doesn’t pay off a mortgage without keeping salaries and other expenses and costs in line and the like, all without lessening commitment to missionaries support and outreaches.

    Cafes and bookstores are money pits. Those “good” days are long gone. The church I work for sells it’s products at near cost, recognizing that it is the true purpose of a bookstore to get Christian product into the home, especially given that the congregants financially floor the rent and inventory.

    Leaving all that money stuff aside, to me that is a distraction to the real issue at hand here.

  21. Steph says:

    This has little to do with mortgage. Although it would make sense that a church still needing to pay one would do this drive by nonsense for that. The CC I know of has a HEFTY sum going to several pastors on staff. This is the more obvious concern. Their six weeks paid vacation has gotta come from somewhere!

  22. Patty says:

    Without taxes on those buildings with thousands of congregants, one might be able to pay a mortgage as well as afford exorbitant salaries. And as for their missionaries….let’s not even go there! But I do agree, money aside, this guy is making a lousy name for Christians. Anything about that business called Calvary Chapel just gets so many people fired up because it’s corrupt.

  23. Steph says:

    Calvary Chapel has not ever, nor will they ever “leave all the money stuff aside”. This is the point. Just frame it as patriotism and throw a few things in to try and scare people. “Spiritually starving” OH NO! We HAVE TO open the church!!!! Seems like the date popped into his head like the several dates that popped into “Pastor Chuck’s” head about when the Lord was returning. Not the greatest track record.

  24. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Steph. I’m not trying to be contentious with you. Actually I think has merit when it comes to a lot of churches, CC and otherwise.

    My concern is with what I see is an abandonment of the authority of scripture by making decisions based upon private revelation, political motive, or any other methodology what does not give place to the absolute preeminence of scripture and it’s authority

  25. directambiguity says:

    But Jeff that’s how CC works, the Senior Pastor hears from God and then tells the sheep err…people just like Moses.

  26. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    I know this may not be well received, but many people paint with too broad a brush when it comes to CC’s and other denominations/tribes. Not to say that many of the traditional CC distinctive are either unscriptural or just plain stinky.

    Gotta go. Must complete my study on the errands of scripture and justification for interpretative changes based upon ones circumstances

  27. Patty says:

    CC is not a denomination. Lol!!!

    After you’re done reading the CC Distinctives, make sure to check out the CC Assistant Pastor Handbook written by Larry Taylor. Never mind unscriptural and plain stinky, absolute cult material. Hence, the broad paintbrush.

  28. Michael says:


    Jeff is the only person that knows more about CC than me…trust me on this one…

  29. Patty says:

    Michael, I’ll absolutely take your word on that one. Maybe he hasn’t been burned as badly as my family and I have. I can not imagine defending, even slightly, an organization that has done so much damage.

  30. Jeff Sheckstein says:


    I have been burned, as have my family, and badly. In some regards my experience around CCCM and working directly for Pastor Chuck, and the dynamics of that almost caused me to leave the faith. I am not defending by any means Calvary Chapels at large and many of them, specifically.

    I am sorry for your experience. Yet I know, there are CC’s that do not adhere to the distinctives, nor follow the heresy of Larry and his kind. Candidly, it was North Coast Church with Larry Osborne and a dear, dear friend of mine who I co-labored with while working at CCCM (and who now pastors a fairly vibrant and fruitful church and who pulled me back into ministry) that restored me and encouraged me and promoted my healing.

    So, no, they are not all bad, CC’s or otherwise. That said, there are “distinctives” in CC that are cultish , unscriptural and worse, and provide an environment that not only allows, but attracts abusive egomaniac senior pastors.

    I am so, so sorry for where you found yourself. I hope and pray that this time finds you recovering, healing, and being renewed in your love for the Lord, wherever that may be.

  31. Jlo says:

    Vintage Jack. The Hibb-ittes are giddy.

  32. Bride of Christ says:

    Jeff, North Coast Church and Pastor Larry Osbourne is where my family went after we left Calvary Chapel, also. I want to point out to anyone who might be confused that North Coast Church is not the same church as nearby North Coast Calvary Chapel Church in Carlsbad, California. Thanks for your comments and stay safe.

  33. CM says:

    Hibbs another Court Evangelicals are just supporting the party line of what Trump (and his followers) want. Pure and Simple. Of course, he likes to wrap it in a veneer of Scripture for a fig leaf of plausible deniability.

    As for Sheck’s comment about CC’s and Pentecost, they care about as much for celebrating that day as much as they do for Ascension Day. The only use CCs have for the Book of Acts to push their flawed doctrine of subsequence.

  34. pstrmike says:

    as of 9:55 am PDT, this you tube had 54,946 views.

  35. parker says:

    This is just the latest with Jack Hibbs. It’s sad how the CC’s have devolved even more into something where a person like Jack Hibbs would be one of their superstars. He and his thousands of trump-loving followers seem very divisive and have this “Us vs. Them” mentality. He gets a lot of attention and occasionally some press time. I recently saw him on Fox News where he was telling everyone to bring their mail-in voter ballots to his church so they could deliver them directly to the election headquarters so the US Mail could not alter or throw away your ballots because he says this is a huge problem. The false conspiracy theories he promotes from the pulpit and on youtube are many. He references sources for these that just don’t exist when you go look. And the way he promotes end-times prophecies and tries to twist scripture into current events is just sad. If you dare question or have an alternate view and post to one of his youtube videos, you will get viciously attacked. And I have noticed if they get too many questions or opposing comments they just delete and disable comments. He is all about Politics, conspiracy theories, and eschatology. And this latest stunt, endangering peoples’ health and lives, I would assume is all about money. Disturbing.

  36. CM says:


    That only confirms that Hibbs is a Court Evangelical like Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas and all the other hacks on Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board. And he should be treated as such. Period.

    I am always heartened by the tweet Michael Reagan (the conservative son of RR) sent after the good reverend Robert Jeffress saw fit to trash Ronald Reagan as a womanizer (even though he wasn’t) in attempt to defend his Orange Dear Leader in the White House.


    The same should be said for Hibbs in a tweet.

  37. CM says:


    Given reproach Jack Hibbs brings upon the Church and pulpit all those antics you have described, he may suffer the fate of Darwin Award nominee Landon Spradlin:


  38. I was going to comment on that video, but my tablet spontaneously rebooted (it does that). Likely better as I’d invite the wrath of the internet.

  39. Robert says:

    I agree with Hibbs. Way past time for this to happen.

  40. CM says:

    I hereby nominate Jack Hibbs and Robert for Darwin Awards should their antics results in a fatal coronavirus infection for them.

  41. Em says:

    Can Hibbs be said to be “tempting” God? Hmmmm

  42. Julia says:

    Most you people are fools without common sense!!! EVERY church along with EVERY business should OPEN!!!! This virus clearly is NOT as deadly as they are proclaiming it to be. If you all can’t see the future of communist rule coming from this fake pandemic, you are just blind sheep!!! Do our research!!!! Bill Gates obtained a US patent for the virus in 2015!!

  43. Michael says:

    Try loosening the chinstrap…

  44. Em says:

    Julia, you need some more reliable sources – fact based ones
    BTW – while i am no a Gates fan, why would he patent a virus?

  45. CM says:

    Methinks Julia is a future Darwin Award nominee…

  46. Mike Ehrmantrout says:

    Oh my Julia…Jesus said something about calling people fools…maybe you can find it in a video on YouTube. Peace to you. Oh, and don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

  47. bob1 says:

    If you all can’t see the future of communist rule coming from this fake pandemic,

    Ah, yes.

    Just today I was thumbing through my well-worn copy Das Kaptal.”

    Here comes the crazy!

  48. Em says:

    Das Kapital? The Nazis are coming… 😳

  49. bob1 says:

    Well, that would be “Mein Kampf.”

    But I get the idea. ):

  50. parker says:

    I guess Bill Gates beat me to it. You see, I’ve been working on my own killer virus in my kitchen in my spare time, which I have a lot of right now. I wasn’t aware that I needed a patent before I could release a killer virus. This could slow down my plans. Now I’m going to have to call the U.S. patent office and see how long it would take to get a patent on a killer virus, and if my virus is different than the Gates virus. I assume if I try to release it without a patent Gates could sue me. I don’t need that.

  51. Dan from Georgia says:

    After reading Julia’s comment from yesterday, I am reminded of this quote from the classic Billy Madison…(and I make NO apologies for the following)…

    “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it”

  52. JoelG says:

    Bonus points for Dan for the Billy Madison reference lol.

  53. Dan from Georgia says:


    But in the spirit of full disclosure…I’ve never seen the movie (saw The Waterboy though). Just giving proper credit.

    I know of the quote from back in Minneapolis. A sports radio station (KFAN) used it as a bit when a caller would say something outlandish (now THAT never happens on sports radio).

  54. JoelG says:

    Never on sports radio. Or Christian blogs. Or social media. 🙂

  55. Dan from Georgia says:

    Ha! True!

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  56. Em says:

    Many smart people are noticing that this virus is opening the door to government control of our lives…
    now they are saying that paying with cash puts us in danger… 😳
    Uh oh

  57. Em says:

    bob1 @ 8:49
    can’t help but feel we are moving toward a nazi version more than a Bolshevik version
    Maybe they’re the same? Dunno…..

  58. bob1 says:


    Thanks for the quote! Made my day.

  59. Dan from Georgia says:


  60. Pete B says:

    Jack Hibbs is running the church as Republicans outlet. More specifically is as Trumpers church. Anything Trump says will be good & should be followed. I’m pretty sure most of his congregation are Trumpers too.

  61. CM says:

    Pete B,

    To quote what conservative Michael Reagan said about Robert Jeffress, Jack Hibbs can go eff himself.

  62. Michael says:

    I’m not a supporter of Hibbs or trump…but lets speak to each other and those who disagree respectfully.
    The last thing we want is the strife we see elsewhere.

  63. Ian says:

    I am most concerned about the damning comments against Jack Hibbs. I have been following him for a couple of years and I have yet to see or hear anything not biblical.
    Therefore I call upon those making the negative comments to please quote chapter and verse. If you are not able to do so it is time to close your comments.

    I would be the first to oppose any who are not teaching biblicaly and there are so many that do not such as , Benny Hinn, Joyce Myer, Patricia King, Kenneth Copeland, The Pope and thus the Roman Catholic Church, Che An, John Arnnot, C P Wagner [now deceased], Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle and all of the NAR ”groups”

    So people come on stop blowing hot air and be specific. Paul did.

  64. Michael says:


    “Biblical” is in the opinion of the hearer.
    In my opinion, it’s unbiblical and anti-Christ to associate the faith once delivered with partisan politics.
    I also believe his eschatology is in error.

  65. Em says:

    Well…. 😇
    It seems to me that the Redeemed can -probably should – call out antichrist viewpoints when they impact the commerce of the Church. BUT…
    Wallowing in politics? Wrong kingdom!

  66. bob1 says:


    I’ve never seen a phrase so misused in christendom.

    As often as not, it’s used as a cudgel.

    It’s pretty damn meaningless when it’s used in a generalized sense.

    Like Michael said, it’s really in the eye of the beholder and as an exclusionary tactic — “you don’t believe in my version of the antichrist?
    You’re pbviously not orthodox — not biblical.”

    This term has been so misused that it ha little meaning. Like my late dad would say, “It has all the impact of a popcorn fart.”

  67. Dale Beaver says:

    Philippians 2:3
    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. (NIV)

    Pretty sure I do not read or see much of this happening in most of these comments.

    The fools are those who actually think the government is never going to lie to you. To think that Russia, impeachment, pandemic, destroying businesses and lives over the flu have no agenda, is quite naive. As for all the non-sense from those who seem know who is biblical and who is not, you are behaving exactly as (if you are truly born of Christ) you are told not to. Fine you disagree, then pray, go to a different church. Lift fellow believers up. As for Trump, not what any Christian is missing, as a Christian, abortion is wrong, homosexuality is wrong for multitude of reasons, (I know, name them) for another conservation, I support Isael, I am pro-family, old-school choice, minimal government, pro conservative judges. So is Trump. He has my vote. Not sure how any Christian can disagree, but many do. Not sure how any Christian who understands the platform of the democratic party can actually be a registered Democrat, so I pray, do my best to honor God, and honor my convictions. Stop being divisive, if you don’t agree great, give God and join on what we do agree on.

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