Jean’s Gospel: He Has Done All Things Well

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2 Responses

  1. John 20:29 says:

    “Upon reflection, we do have many reasons to be astonished today, indeed many more than the short list above describes. Jesus has done, and continues to do all things well, for us. “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” (John 1:16)

    May our Lord and God open our ears to receive His Word of astonishing grace, and release our tongues to sing aloud of His righteousness, both now and forever. For “He has done all things well.” Amen.” and Amen

    worth repeating – IMHO

    my take-away today is thinking on holiness – we/i tend to think of it as esoteric and untouchable – when, in reality it is holiness that is powerful and beautiful and has made all things that are solid and satisfying to the soul – the essence of life is wrapped in holiness, is it not?

  2. Owen says:

    “that Jesus enables us to pray to God as Father for all our needs and in times of trouble by the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, and that our prayers will be heard?”

    This has always been astonishing to me. That God actually wants to hear from me, that He actually wants me to come to Him. That He has made me worthy of His attention.

    This is an amazing thing.

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