Jean’s Gospel: The Canticle of Mary

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4 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing this article with your readers. For the benefit of your readers, I wrote this article as a private communication to a number of friends as the result of a local suicide. It was all I could think of. I, like many, wish I could have shared this with the victim before the suicide. Perhaps these words, or the wise words of others here, may be effective to counteract similar feelings of helplessness that may be stirring in the hearts and minds of others.

    To those among us who are not suffering, please be on the look out, especially during this season, for those within your circles of influence who may be showing signs (even the faintest signs) of suffering.


  2. Owen says:

    Thank you Jean – we have many within our own church family who are suffering. Encouragement is much needed.

  3. surfer51 says:

    Mary is not spoken of too often in evangelical circles.

    It is refreshing to read what Jean has shared.

    Hope extended can save lives.

  4. Muff Potter says:

    Luke’s Magnificat has no equal in any other holy book on the planet, even though I’ve heard various academics claim that it’s just a rehash of other ancient near east myths.
    Its beauty and fetching quality is like no other.
    How do I know it’s true?
    I don’t.
    I don’t have an iron-clad Euclidean style proof of it.
    I simply choose to believe it because it gives this old gentleman comfort and joy.

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