Jean’s Gospel: The Ten Lepers

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  1. John 20:29 says:

    have to think on this one a bit… lots of good things to think on again…
    the Samaritan had no priest to show himself to, did he?
    that said, wasn’t it required of a Jew to go to the priest when he found himself cured of leprosy? didn’t the priest have to examine the leper over a period of time to validate the healing before he could be welcomed back into their community?

    thank you, Jean, for things to think on again today

  2. Jean says:

    Hi Em,

    Thanks for reading. The Samaritans had their temple and priests on Mount Gerizim. This also appears to be the mountain referred to by the woman at the well in John 4.

  3. JD says:

    Jesus, Master, have mercy on us
    Jesus, Master, have mercy on us
    For we’ve sinned in Your sight
    And we repent this day
    Jesus have mercy on us
    Jesus have mercy on us

    From a song I wrote several years ago inspired by this passage of scripture.

  4. Jean says:

    Very nice, JD!

  5. John 20:29 says:

    #2 – thank you, Jean… for some reason i thot that the Samaritans had distorted Judaism into some sort of cobbled together religion that was far from “orthodox” Judaism and was not recognized by the Jews of the day…

  6. Jean says:

    One of our readers sent me this lovely song, titled The Leper, by Terry Clark.–unR3iTX8

  7. Owen says:


    Thanks very much for this study, it has more applications for me than I’m comfortable with, actually….

    And after all the times I’ve read this before, it never dawned on me that all ten actually were cleansed before they got to the priests. So when you wrote “Jesus disappoints human reason”, and that “Reason would remain in place”, my mind automatically assumed that the nine never bothered to actually believe they would be healed, and just gave up. Only one had the faith to be healed. So apparently I made an incorrect assumption.

    How often do I receive from Him without gratitude? This is one question this study brings to my mind……

  8. Jean says:

    Hi Owen,

    “How often do I receive from Him without gratitude?”

    70 x 7 my friend. However, you’re not alone. Christ’s peace be upon you.

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