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  1. CostcoCal says:

    Barely alive and barely breathing? Hopefully, she wasn’t implying that due to the circumstances she listed. Because she got off light in life. I mean, a death of a grandmother? Really? Of course, this is just my opinion.

  2. Xenia says:

    The reason evangelicals are not terribly concerned about Palestinian Christians is because many (if not most) evangelicals do not consider them to be “real” Christians. (Most of them are some flavor of Eastern Christian, be it Orthodox, Coptic or Eastern Catholicism.) You know, they are all “idolators” who follow “vain traditions of men.”

    The only Palestinians I know happen to be Christians. And believe me, they have a thing or two to say about Israel.

    Nevertheless, I believe Israel should be supported, as much as is possible.

  3. CostcoCal says:

    Wow! That Paul Tripp article on living in the moment and the key to contentment was fantastic. Beautiful.

  4. dusty says:

    Mk’s mom passed away today

  5. Kevin H says:

    To support Xenia’s point, we had a Messianic Jew preach in our very large CC a couple years ago, and although I can’t remember the exact numbers or terminology used, we were basically told that something like only 1% of Israel was saved, because that is the percentage of population of Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel.

  6. Paige says:

    I love the When You Feel Like a Failure…. so good.
    Also, I love the Surviving the Wasteland of Faith.

    Barely Alive and Breathing… poor girl. just total cumulative overload, plus depression.

    I believe we all have appointments with The Dark Night of the Soul… perhaps several times. Little preaching and teaching prepares us for it, but it is inevitable. IMO

    Costco Cal’s life has been brutally peppered with life’s most painful trials. Many of us would have succumbed to the grief of so much loss, yet he continues preaching the Gospel. I admire him.

    The migration issue is massive, to say the least. The world is in upheaval, yet such is history. At the risk of offending our host here, I will ask, realistically, aside from living a life of kindness and generosity as we are able, in our own spheres (home, work, neighborhood, contacts) what CAN we do about it beyond prayer? I would guess that most of us are not in a position to open our homes for extended stays to immigrants or taking on the support of others when we are barely making it ourselves. (apply Good Samaritan story here) We can Contribute to legit organizations perhaps and certainly pray.
    I’m not willing to take this on as a guilt thing.

    I am currently involved in a team taking care of ONE 35 year old woman from Nigeria who legally immigrated here, has a PhD in biology & job, but now has stage 4 cancer. One person, and a church full of people have taken on tending her needs. While thankful for the help, she is humbly embarrassed, yet thanks God all the time.

    I can honestly say that I, personally, would have taken in Mary & Joseph… (What Would You Do to Your Neighbor)… We have in times past, hosted long term folks in distress. We are blessed to have an extra room and we feel called to host. Not everyone does. On the other hand, I won’t host out of guilt. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt, entire wardrobe.

    However, I feel like these sorts of articles tend to heap burdens of guilt on people who are perhaps themselves already “barely alive and breathing”. If God Himself does not supply, be it via miracles, humans or organizations, we’re all in serious trouble.

    Lord, where else can we go? Only You have the words of eternal life.

  7. CostcoCal says:

    Paige, you are kind.

    I’m preaching the Gospel today.

    One day at a time.

  8. dusty says:

    Good morning pp family. Hope your day is full of giggles and fun

  9. j2theperson says:

    The article on marriage was really interesting.

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