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11 Responses

  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    I think Piper is bored

  2. Dallas says:

    From the Keller link

    “According to Leadership Network, the average megachurch pastor in America is 55 and has served at their current pulpit for 21 years; Keller has several years on that. With his recent announcement, he joins a trend of pastors of big congregations opting to plan for their succession, rather than leaving due to age, illness, or scandal.”

    I happen to love that the word trend is supposed to link to an article apparently explaining or giving examples of this trend, but turns out to be a broken link instead. 😉

  3. Steve Wright says:

    Offered solely as an observation but I found it fascinating that Keller’s wife is on church staff and his son is in ministry there in NYC as well….

    Once more, just goes to show one can’t paint their criticisms with too broad a brush.

  4. Steve Wright says:

    I’m not a subscriber and could not read the whole Calvary Chapel article but the opening part I notice is not quoting any CCA council members by name, on record.

  5. Michael says:

    I didn’t know they put the CC article behind a pay wall… my apologies.

    It’s not really much of an article…

  6. Steve Wright says:

    It’s not really much of an article…
    The part I could read is basic stuff covered here at this blog over 2 months ago. 🙂

  7. Michael says:


    Not meaning to be boastful,but this is one of the few times CT hasn’t contacted me on a CC piece…and it shows.
    I was left wondering why they bothered…

  8. Michael says:

    They did talk to Reis and Randall…and Brodersen.

  9. Tim says:

    Thanks for including a link to my post “Pastors and Judges” regarding Doug Wilson and blame shifting.

  10. Michael says:

    Tim, thank you…excellent article.

  11. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks Tim for your post and Michael for including the link today.

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