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  1. Jean says:

    The cheap theology books for Kindle looks pretty good. Except that one on John Calvin: 12 Classic Works at $1.99 looks a bit over priced. 🙂

  2. Michael says:


    It’s priceless… 🙂
    I don’t expect a big run on the book…

  3. CostcoCal says:

    “We need preachers to challenge the political establishment…” – From Preaching and Politics article.

    Amen! We preach politics which goes against the Left and the Right.

  4. Descended says:

    Much encouragement from Leveraging My Autism

    Thanks Eric

  5. Descended says:

    Faith based film fill of f-bombs

    “Mom! If I don’t dress like the other kids how can I reach them?”

  6. Linnea says:

    Love J.I. Packer– he teaches with such grace. Thanks for sharing the Holy Spirit video!

  7. Descended says:

    JI Packer’s video is outstanding. God Bless him.

    Ready unfortunate typo, though :-\

  8. Descended says:

    I hope someone hacks an IHOP conference and starts playing that video on repeat

  9. brian says:

    I remember when I loved to give and receive prayer requests, after a while it just got so tiring and discouraging micromanaging how, when, where, what etc to frame the prayer request so it did not appear like I was asking for help, want attention, wanted support, was bothering people, was manipulating … I never felt that here, in my real world faith community I did not feel that way, it was pointed out to me that was my intentions in requesting prayer. I am extremely careful when I ask and keep very careful count on how many requests when where how etc. Basically I dont ask anymore. That seems to work just fine.

  10. Josh the Baptist says:

    You aren’t a happy person, are ya brian?

  11. Josh the Baptist says:

    And I say that, not to heap guilt on you, but because I’m sorry. I wish you were happier.

  12. Xenia says:

    You can get the whole giant Church Fathers series for $2.99! That, a Bible and a prayer book and you will have everything you need to know about the Christian life.

  13. I posted the Packer clip on our church Facebook page. Such a clear, concise description of the Spirit’s character and activity.

  14. JoelG says:

    When it comes to specific prayers I try to remember Paul’s words:

    “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.”

    My “prayer life” is terribly lacking, but I often fall back on “Thy will be done” and “Lord have mercy”. I figure those just about cover everything and everyone. 🙂

  15. Michael says:


    I was going to suggest Joni Eareckson Tada’s book “When God Weeps” for your class…it’s kind of the high water mark in my opinion.

  16. The New Victor says:

    It’s great that Pastor Hardwick finally received a diagnosis of Austism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 as an adult. My son, recently turned 7, received an official Dx this past December. Saying, “he has autism” sounds dramatic to me. Most people also aren’t aware that they no longer say “Asperger’s” as the last revision of the DSM eliminated that in favor of ASD1 (“needs support”). It’s easier to say “he has Asperger’s” though.

    We’ve started in-home ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) sessions though. While to is a bit of a burden to have these 2 hour sessions from 6:30-8:30 (homework-dinner-bath-sleep… while having to stay in the same room as the T session… is a juggle), I see that it’s a good thing to get tips and tricks to work on our son’s issues with transitions, over-focus on certain tasks, and making eye contact when conversing with people. Of the last trait, I never had a problem with it, and I’d make a joke by turning his head with my hand to meet eye contact with me.

    He also over-dramatizes if something isn’t “just right” sometimes resulting in him crying. He cried over spilt milk, literally, when he was 4. I didn’t make a big deal out of it; instead, getting a paper towel and showing him how to clean it from the floor. I have only seen him overreact on the playground at the park once. A slightly older kid came by asking, “why are you crying?” This is the kind of thing where other kids may bully about, making things worse.

    ABA with little D5 in the mix can be a challenge, as she thinks the therapy techs are there to play with her as well (I quipped after she threw a tantrum, “can we get a two-for-one?”), but she isn’t ASD, just a dramatic princess sometimes, and she has a dominant personality, very expressive.

  17. Thanks for the suggestion, We may have it in our church library. I leaned a bit on a book called LIFELINES FOR TOUGH TIMES, which she endorsed. Glad to have good tools!

  18. Descended says:

    The New Victor

    God bless you and your family. What level was he diagnosed with? Obviously knowing nothing about your son or family or your endeavours, but having worked in the special ed field for a number of years especially with ASD clients I’d like to offer advice without need of reply, unless you are comfortable.

    Always get a second and third opinion on the diagnosis, preferably from a psychologist who specializes in autism. Many pediatricians have no clue what they are looking at, especially understanding the difference between intellectual disability and autism, even diagnosing as comorbid deafness and autism, blindness and autism, ID and autism. I’ve seen clients who are from Asian cultures where eye contact is considered rude, and based on the lack of it, diagnosed the child as having autism. The core defecit of autism is not sensory, definitely not behavioral, but the core is social.

    How long have you been receiving services? Is your worker a BCBA or BCABA? Depending on the length of time you have received services, has the ABA company sent the overseeing BCBA to do a Functional Behavior Assessment on your child, or, rather, was there an observation and interview where problematic behaviors were discussed? You might think asking for an FBA, and if they can’t or won’t do it, find a service which can or will.

    Finally, you said “tips and tricks”. ABA is a lifestyle. Home services have a family as a client, not only the child with the needs. Unfortunately many parents are led to believe by well meaning behavioral techs and company owners that it is just one service among a smorgasboard of many, it being the best. Your vendor should be working toward tapering their services off, educating your family (when applicable, obviously) in ABA philosophy and methods so you can assume the role of Behavior Specialist within the hours you are now seeking help. Hopefully the company you are receiving services from understands this and is charting their own progress towards concluding services.

    If you are receiving services from the state or county subcontractors, always approach it as if you are shelling out thousands by the month.

    Last one, have you heard of RDI, Relationship Development Intervention under Dr. Steven Gutstein? It is ABA foundational but, well, better, imo.

    Hope I was some help which you weren’t even looking for anyway.
    Warmest greetings

  19. JoelG says:

    Packer: “The Holy Spirit is shy”

    God is shy


  20. Descended says:

    God is certainly humble, isn’t he?

  21. JoelG says:


  22. filbertz says:

    “A Story of Slavery in Modern America.” An excellent piece, well-told by an insider.

  23. brian says:

    Josh I really thought hard on what you said.I am not happy so much as deep down there is this sense of joy I still have in me. But know honestly I am not a happy person. Thank you for your kindness. It does mean quite a bit to be honest.

  24. Josh the Baptist says:

    I always sense a deep hurt in your writing. I’m glad there is inner joy to keep you going. You are a good guy, brian.

  25. Jean says:

    Here’s something to cheer up the hard core Trekkies among us:

  26. The New Victor says:

    Thanks for all of the info Descended. He’s Dx’d with ASD Level 1.

    I could have not given permission last spring for the evaluation, after the Psychiatric internist suggested that it might be a good idea, but then I wouldn’t have looked good. His mom pushed for this.

    The assessment was done by two behavioral psychologists with Kaiser, part of their Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit, so unless I go “off the reservation” there won’t be a second opinion. I think a lot of this is missing the big picture. D5, then D3/4, was in TF- CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for her molestation over a year before. No lasting trauma, but it was unnerving for our daughter to mention her uncle touching her a year after she last mentioned it, so something stayed with her.

    During one of the last sessions,”Mommy” admitted to exposing the kids to domestic violence (She had called me two nights previously to tell me what happened, and I was on edge for two days on whether to report it because the other parent can lose custody for not taking action) but she admitted it to the therapist, who after consulting with colleagues, decided not to report it.

    Fast forwarding… there were two other incidents, one when the kids were with me, and the last one less than a week before she and her husband officially separated domiciles. Our daughter awoke to cops in the apartment Christmas night. They were lucky one or both of them weren’t arrested. The verbal abuse they witnessed may have been worse than I thought. The kids mentioned it a few times. I talked to her about it twice, but to no avail.

    Two summers ago, the H commented to me how much calmer the kids were when I brought them over. He told me another time. I didn’t see him much. She isn’t abusive to them, but it’s overall something else: she’s clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and my arm-chair Dx is traits of BPD. I think all of the professionals are missing the bigger picture. Frankly, I’m surprised the kids are as well adjusted as they are given the past 4 years. I think that the ASD isn’t the most significant issue. I actually feel for their mom a bit, because when she can’t handle the kids in front her of her family, their answer is to smack them. (or pinch them like grandma used to do, but we took them from being watched at that home for that and other reasons).

    The intake person at the Easter Seals complimented me on one routine or game I do with our son, saying “that’s similar to an ABA technique, good job.”

    We had our fist clinical meeting last night at my home. They did indicate, as you said, that there were going to start getting us involved more to teach us techniques, and a once per month parent training will commence in June.

    I wish I knew none of these things, but like the psych and abuse stuff I’ve learned over the past few years, I’ll learn and pay it forward to help others the best that I can.

    The affirmation prayers the kids are being taught is something I’ll save for the open blogging on Friday since I’ve already hijacked a bit… Thanks again, Descended. I’ll keep RBI in mind as well. It’s kind of you to reach out.

  27. The New Victor says:

    That trailer makes ST:D look good. I so wanted to like Enterprise, but I could never do so. If you can find the “I Am Spock” documentary (made by Nimoy’s son), it’s worth a watch. I caught it on Netflix.

  28. Descended says:

    The New Victor

    That’s quite something. You are always welcome and I will pray for y’all.

  29. David says:

    Thanks for posting that video by J.I. Packer. That was true soul food.

    I love Dr. Packer. I realize that he’s not in the best of health and would probably prefer to depart and be with Christ , but honestly I’ll be sad when this tired old world doesn’t have Dr. J.I. Packer kicking around here . He’s been a mentor (through is writings) to me from the very start of my Christian life. He is one of the people who kept me sane .

  30. em... again says:

    the video is a gift and i should thank you for it (i’ve bookmarked the series) … “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?” … to see someone sit and speak with quiet assurance of the truth of his words so extemporaneously and so lovingly … i see Christ

    ……………… ?

    it’s almost 5 pm where i am – so few comments being posted? i hope, if the political upheaval has folks distracted that they can recover enough to cover the times and our leaders with some serious prayer

  31. JoelG says:

    “so few comments being posted?”

    Maybe it’s all been said. 😉

    Have a peaceful evening, Em. 🙂

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