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  1. bob1 says:



    Really…is there anybody this guy hasn’t attacked over the years?? He typifies the term “fighting fundy.”

  2. Dennis says:

    Always have mixed feelings about Johnny Mac. He has been extremely helpful to me at times, but on the other hand, I’m not sure there is anyone he agrees with other than himself and Phil Johnson- who is also not known for being very gracious. Grace to You- Oh the irony.

  3. Bob Sweat says:

    One should consider it an honor to be attacked by Johnny the Mac!

  4. Jtk says:

    Engaged in my neighborhood…
    I just prayed for the physical healing of my aging neighbor (female) whose husband grows medicinal marijuana.

    When our neighbor locked her 2 year old inside and herself out, I prayed the door would miraculously open, and it did.

    So lately, it’s been pretty good.

    But you can’t imagine i don’t have much time for the “sky is falling” perspective.

  5. Sherlock says:

    Hopefully MacArthur will be retiring soon…

  6. John 20:29 says:

    John MacArthur has been a decent to good teacher of the Faith. He was an early on voice for sound teaching over the, then popular, nebulous preaching. Yes,he is firm and outspoken, maybe showing signs of his age, but it is always incumbent upon us who listen to listen with discernment …
    even tho i listen to N.T.Wright and agree with most what he teaches, it is still my obligation to listen thoughtfully and not just swallow what he says because he is smarter than me and has the bona fides to prove it – even he isn’t smarter than God or as smart as…

    just a ubiquitous fundy view, i guess … dunno, tho, do i? 🙂

  7. John 20:29 says:

    from the last link in the lineup… “God finds Himself delightful. The unity of Persons within the Godhead is beautiful. And the joy of the Christian is to be brought into God’s divine communion.”
    amen – yet when we think on it, so few of us grasp what he said there, let alone live in it

    worth the read, and while i love the beauty of cathedrals and stain glass, i think they speak more to the beauty of our religion that to the ineffable beauty of the triune God, Himself – even though connected… worth the read and the ponder

  8. Jean says:

    If anyone is interested in hearing from N.T. Wright directly on what he actually believes and teaches about atonement, the following video includes his exegesis of atonement theology in Romans. If you want to hear more about his critique of other atonement theories, let me know and I can post a prior video from the same series.

  9. Rick says:

    Quite a contrast between MacArthur and Peterson. I am sad as well that Peterson will be going quiet. His is one of the few voices I trust.

  10. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I just watched the JMac video – did anyone else. I would be curious of your thoughts I what JMac read from NT Wright’s book on what he denied about the atonement.

    Now JMAC could be making it up out of whole cloth, but if what he quoted was true that would seem pretty condemning to me – but then again, I have never been much of an NT Wright fan. But I do love the beard and the accent. 😉

  11. Josh the Baptist says:

    The one issue that overrides everything else in our world. Such a shame:

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Josh, it is so big in the church, on both sides, because the homosexual (I don’t say ‘gay’) lobby puts it right to the church like poking their finger in God’s eye.

    This is telling in the article and probably a good reason for Petersen to fade away “but now I know a lot of people who are gay and lesbian and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do.” My response – So what?

    I can just as easily say that I know many people living in adultery who “seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do.” You never can tell, that Iranian guy who we blast here may have as good a spiritual life as we do.

    This is just terrible reasoning let alone trying to follow the Bible.

  13. Steve Wright says:

    MLD, I found telling the example of the music director who “is a real good musician” and gay. Sounds an awful lot like “he’s a great Bible teacher” when justifying adulterous pastors.

  14. one of the little people says:

    So Jonas Goldberg in the National Review article missed the irony of arrogant ignorance when he stated, “Having never read the series, I also don’t read the countless articles using the books to explain the political climate, but I do marvel at their ubiquity” when referring to the Harry Potter books?

  15. Col46 says:

    @14 also “good musician” does not equal “good worship leader”

  16. Seraphim says:

    I like Eugene Peterson, but he is absolutely dead wrong on this marriage issue. It is a big deal, and it will eventually pit Christians in the western world against the state. Like others have stated, perhaps this is a good time for him to fade away.

    I highly respect the man, but he is wrong on this one.

  17. Kevin H says:

    I, too, like Peterson, but am disappointed to read this.

    All the more disappointing, the reasoning he gives is not even based in any Scriptural reference. Now, if he were to make a more fuller attempt to address the issue, I would think it quite likely he would draw from Scripture. But the answers he chooses to give here about the acceptance of gay marriage and homosexual behavior basically boil down to “they seem like good people”.

  18. Steve Wright says:

    But there was one more topic I wanted to cover: same-sex relationships and marriage.
    It’s one of the hottest topics in the church today, and given Peterson’s vast influence among both pastors and laypeople, I knew his opinion would impact the conversation.
    “It’s one of the hottest topics in the church today.”

    Glad to know it’s not just the opinion of some of us conservatives in the comments of the blogosphere.

    The guy is going to interview a living legend on the eve of his retirement after decades of service and this is the “must ask” topic of focus for the interviewer.

    (And despite the views of some of my brethren, I’ve never had an ax to grind against Peterson, either here on this blog (as is known) or elsewhere in my ministry)

  19. Papias says:

    Disappointing about Peterson’s comments on gay marriage.

    This may tarnish an otherwise stellar career.

  20. Michael says:

    I wrote about Peterson’s statement on the front page if any are interested.

  21. Babylon's Dread says:

    John MacArthur has attacked NT Wright? Like a mosquito he will attack almost anything.

  22. Miss ODM says:

    No equal time for my tribe and new launch of The Christian Sentinel?

  23. Josh the Baptist says:

    Jackie, the site looks great. That is well-built, whoever did that for you.

  24. Jean says:

    Regarding #25,

    I hope those prayers were for the cure from amnesia for Trump and his family members, so they can remember all their Russian connections, which they have continually denied until forced to admit them by the “fake” news.

  25. Erunner says:

    Jean, My concern was that Paula White Cain and Rodney Howard Brown were among those laying hands on the President. The Russia issue for me is a separate issue.

  26. Erunner says:

    I’m trying to process the idea there may be as much pedophilia among protestantas as there is in the Catholic church. That is downright scary.

  27. Jean says:

    I know Erunner. I was just being snarky.

    I assume Trump is just manipulating them for political support and they are manipulating him for their agenda and celebrity. If Trump wasn’t such a disgrace to our nation, I would just laugh.

  28. The New Victor says:

    @28: Molestation crosses all sections of society, unfortunately. Sad to say, children are most victimized by family members and those closes to them. I read the whole long piece about the missionary abuses in a past link-a-thon (it’s linked in the article above). It’s long, but worth a read… if you can stomach it.

  29. Erunner says:

    Jean, I understand there are believers on both sides of supporting or not supporting Trump. As he is president the idea they may have his ear concerns me greatly considering the world we live in. This has been a concern for me since I first became aware of his spiritual advisors from the beginning.

    What made me smile is remembering when Trump referred to two Corinthians in the Bible and the comments that provoked. Lasst night as I listened to Alistair Begg he referred to two Corinthians as well! 🙂

  30. Erunner says:

    TNV, I’m sadly only too aware of what you speak. But the idea that men who are supposed to represent God could do these things in such large numbers is quite disturbing. That there has been so much in the way of cover ups is sad and to think Cardinal still resides in the Vatican saddens me greatly.

  31. JoelG says:

    Thanks for the article about Spurgeon. I had no idea. My interest in Spurgeon has been piqued.

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