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  1. Xenia says:

    The article about icons is very good.

  2. Michael says:


    I thought so, too…this is an area of Anglicanism I’m enjoying…

  3. John 20:29 says:

    Professional sports figures refusing to honor the flag of their nation is wrong headed. But it does put the spotlight on some unresolved issues… The folks in this nation with a black heritage are not far enough away from the ugly past – they well may have a grandma who saw her daddy hanging from a tree… and on the surface that was certainly a “black and white” issue… The black person’s self respect and sense of justice is still fragile – IMO – What we all have to come to terms with is the evil that permeates the human race… the whole human race
    I recall hearing the stories of those lynchings and confess that I didn’t identify with the perpetrators – I saw them as evil people period… the worse evil was that we whites, as a whole, turned out backs for decades… now we have a new attitude, we wouldn’t turn out backs to such actions in this nation today. The next step, in my view, is to come to terms with evil. It doesn’t wear a color. It can’t be recognized by skin color.
    Dear Michael Bennet ran from the scene of a crime in Law Vegas and was pursued and brought down by the police (a pro football player tackled by a cop? ). A gentle soul, I hear, Bennet was deeply offended. He thought it was his color that made him suspect. I understand where that feeling is rooted, but it just isn’t that simple.
    Ask almost any white person if they’ve ever experienced injustice… We’ve got to come to terms with the fact that injustice is a part of the human experience on planet earth and pick our battles with a more mature attitude – this may simply take time – time for old wounds to heal, but I pray we all, irregardless of the color of our skin, all of us who hate evil, become more mature in the fight…
    An honest person knows that we’d be in a sorry fix without the beat cop… those folks aren’t infallible superhumans – we’ve got to meet them half way at the very least… Furthermore, our flag represents the best opportunity the common man has ever had on planet earth IMNSHO

    didn’t mean to let my pontificating get so long – sorry

  4. Patrick Kyle says:

    As to military service, the early Church may have reached too far. John the Baptist instructed the soldiers that came to him to not steal or extort.He did not tell them to quit being soldiers. Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant and praised his faith. Paul evangelized the Imperial Guard, and in Romans 13 calls the powers that be ‘God’s servants’ wielding the sword to punish evil. Peter went to Cornelius the Centurion’s house where he had a vision and baptized the whole household. Nowhere does our Lord or His Apostles forbid military service.

  5. John 20:29 says:

    London’s link does a good job of explaining where the minds of the protesting athletes are, but I still say that the object of their protests is wrong headed… But if the objective is to get attention…. fortunately this tablet is a pain to type on… so, I’m done. ?

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