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  1. brian says:

    I dont think the Reformation failed it did create economic growth and helped lead the way to the Nation states in Western Europe. It eventually broke the back of the Holy Roman Empire, it did not do much to curb the desire to burn witches, persecute Jewish people, Anabaptists, or elevate women in the political realm. Of course, that is shallow and broad brushed. I know Michael has corrected me on this before but I am still convinced that many of the reformers struggled with deep-seated mental health issues. But it is unfair for me to judge them given the world they lived in. Luther wrote some of the most beautiful hymns.

  2. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    The article of the ELCA church trying to be relevant is an exact description of their apostasy.
    Another thing – and this goes for any church – when they say they want to be relevant, what they are saying is God’s word is not relevant, that the work of the Holy Spirit is not relevant, but, as in this case, this 34 year old pisser, will make it relevant – kind of a Lutheran Steve Furtyick.

  3. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I am attaching a link to a page at Issues etc that includes many past shows on the Lutheran Reformation. I would highly recommend all shows from the top most current down at least to the Oct 11th shows.

    Drop the link on your desk top for easy availability.

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