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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Jack Deere’s book may bear reading. I have always found him enigmatic. I once tried to access him unsuccessfully but never lost my appreciation for his role bringing me into the renewal with his first two ‘Surprised By’ books.

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    “Let’s talk about your virginity. As far as we are concerned you have taken something that was once upon a time pure and beautiful and you’ve made it dirty.”

    From the Virgin Cheerleader story,

    If true it is one more striking example of how Baal has conquered Christ in American culture and how we now call good evil and evil good.

    The Canaanites have their revenge. It also shows us that a veneer of Christianity smeared over a culture is not the kingdom imperative. New creation means a new humanity not simply a conforming to a majority code. That religion cuts both ways.

    Jezebel Yet Lives Dread

  3. Michael says:


    I would strongly commend Trumans videos on the second matter…

  4. John 20:29 says:

    you’ve done it again a whole list of links that i’m going to have to find time for…
    God called us to be peacemakers, not peacekeepers… yep
    Why Christian high schools are filling with atheist students… say what?
    Dead, dirty, and weak…that’s us… NO it’s not! ! !
    the whole durn list is peaking my curiousity, but later…

    thank you, i think 🙂

  5. Josh the Baptist says:

    A very education-centric Linkathon…tasty and nutritious!

    The nytimes Liberty article is soooo biased. Listen, I don’t like the Falwells, or Trump, or any of that stuff either. But the thing they focus on, rapid expansion of the online school, should be celebrated rather than scorned. Liberty was simply ahead of the curve in that realm. Early adopters reap the spoils. That’s how it works.

    The article sounds like someone criticizing Netflix because it doesn’t have as many physical DVD’s as Blockbuster did. That’s just not the way the world works anymore. Colleges will compete in that market place or go out of business. Period.

  6. Jean says:

    Montana church leaving SBC…

    “Fellowship Baptist argues that the conference’s speakers ‘repeatedly denied the efficacy of the accomplished work of Christ in matters of sin and forgiveness.’ ”

    That’s a grave charge. Although I only listened to a Moore video from the conference, I am very skeptical of the charge.

  7. Josh the Baptist says:

    It’s a stupid charge.

  8. Jean says:

    It’s ironic that conservative Christians often are vigorous proponents of free speech and religious liberty, but when the speech comes from within their church and doesn’t fit their narrative, they condemn it with slander.

  9. Josh the Baptist says:

    Here’s where that charge comes from:

    Moore (and others) are saying, basically, “Racism is a sin. We need to do something about it.”

    The response is, “No, Jesus paid for that sin!”

    It is really, really stupid. And racist.

  10. Dan from Georgia says:

    “No, Jesus paid for that sin!”

    Well! I guess that makes everything all well and happy-clappy! Problem solved!

    Amen Josh! It is indeed stupid. And ignorant too.

  11. Josh the Baptist says:

    Of course, Jesus also paid for the sins of abortion and homosexuality…but for some reason that’s not the same to these guys.

  12. Jean says:


    The Horton article on justice and the church outlines pretty well where I’m at. What do you and others think about Horton’s article?

  13. Josh the Baptist says:

    Which one is the Horton article? Think I’m missing it.

  14. Josh the Baptist says:

    RE: Horton.

    On quick look, I think I agree. Certainly, with the ending:

    “Where Scripture speaks, the church speaks. Where it presses God’s claims of justice on behalf of our neighbors, we must hear and obey. Yet the church has neither the authority nor the competence to bind its members’ consciences in matters beyond Scripture’s scope.”

    I would have to think through some of the particulars, but its a good article.

  15. Duane Arnold says:


    I thought the article good and fairly balanced, but it does not speak to how the Church is to conduct itself in “extreme” political situations, which might call for some different reflections. Then again, I’ve been reading about Gerhard Kittel (Theological Dictionary of the New Testament)… frightening.

  16. Steve says:

    Good article on Evangelical Gnosticism.

  17. bob1 says:


    I’ve read some stuff about Kittel, too. Good night.

    I think it’s a good reminder that any of us can be co-opted by peer pressure and
    extreme nationalism to abandon the Historic Faith and exchange it for something

  18. Duane Arnold says:

    #17 Bob

    Absolutely frightening. I used his dictionary for decades before I knew…

  19. Nathan Priddis says:

    I’m having a hard time with the idea that christian schools are filling with atheist. And what exactly defines an atheist anyway?

    I went to eleven years of very conservative Christian education. I believed there was no correlation between attendance and religious status. It was a guess that most where not Interested in things of the Spirit. Of those I knew, some have become religious in older years.

    I look at it as a matter of people are people, and you never know what sort of outcome people have.

  20. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I had not heard of Kittel before this mention. Interesting read on Wikipedia. Hadn’t used his dictionary – I am sure I saw it in the book stores and although I had / have a large reference book collection I was never compelled to buy it. Looking at the pictures of the 10 volumes I am sure it was too expensive for me.

  21. bob1 says:

    Seems like a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

  22. Duane Arnold says:

    #21 Bob


  23. This is quite the quote from the Jack Deere article:

    As A. W. Tozer once said, “Christian literature, to be accepted and approved by evangelical leaders of our times, must follow very closely the same train of thought, a kind of ‘party line’ of which it is scarcely safe to depart. A half-century of this in America has made us smug and content. We imitate each other with slavish devotion.”

  24. Duane Arnold says:

    #21 Bob

    This is a documentary that profiles Kittel, Althaus, and Hirsch… it’s worth watching.

  25. Josh the Baptist says:

    I didn’t even notice that the church leaving the SBC is pastored by J.D. Hall of Pulpit and Pen infamy.

    A. I’m glad he’s gone.
    B. He can freely be the new Westboro Baptist now.

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