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  1. Erunner says:

    My eight year old grandson and I were talking about God this past weekend. As he was asking questions he started talking about dinasours and were they here when men were and what happened to them. He had more questions along those lines and I admit I didn’t do well in answering them. Could someone suggest a resource I could use to educate me and in turn allow me to better answer his questions? Thanks.

  2. Michael says:

    A lot of that will depend on your theology.
    You have ICR on the conservative side and Biologos on the more science/faith side…

  3. Jean says:

    If anyone is looking for dinosaurs and humans co-existing, may I suggest the Jurassic Park movie franchise? Some of them quite entertaining. 🙂

  4. Erunner says:

    Thanks Michael. I have to take into consideration my son’s and his wife’s thoughts about this. I’ll look at your examples. Gene, yes they were a lot of fun.

  5. Em says:

    Institute for Creation Research used to be a very grounded look at reconciling Biblical accounts with geological evidence…
    As i recall they theorized that this planet was here for an indeterminate time before God put human beings in the image of God here
    My grandmother told of hearing the creation story when she was five and going home to make mud dolls and attempting to breathe life into them. ? … No, she didn’t become a Christian Scientist

  6. Em says:

    CORRECTION – it was Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe, not ICR
    “Of all the things I’ve lost over the years, I miss my mind the most” somebody said … amen

  7. The New Victor says:

    My son is starting to talk about AiG that they are teaching at the church. I’m going to encourage him to know all sides and to think critically and that there is plenty of philosophical bias (assumptions based upon one’s world view). My measly 7 units of college geology will come in handy finally…

  8. Eric says:

    Hillsong leaving the Australian Christian Churches – I heard it first here.

    ACC (which is the AoG in Australia) is one of the big five denoms here. I quickly grabbed their church list and it stands at 1030, including 28 Hillsong locations. There are lots of other networks of congregations – some of them near each other and some that reach interstate. The list of churches changes a lot year to year are churches are planted & close, some join or leave the denom, lots change their names, often when they are absorbed into one of the networks, of which Hillsong was the largest.

    Hillsong’s main site was the maybe the biggest church in the country, certainly the most famous, effectively the cathedral church for the ACC in Sydney.

  9. CML says:

    Appreciated the article on widows, as I am a fairly recent one. I think widows are somewhat neglected in many/most churches. One suggestion. It would be a real service to widows if the men’s ministry would come along side widows and provide (as a an example of brotherly service, or even for a small fee) handyman service for Widows. I’m not talking big projects, simple things she may need and doesn’t have family to help. Like changing washers in faucets, cleaning roof gutters etc. Guys could dedicate one Saturday a month to help or such… Heck I don’t even know how to put air in my own tires! It would be a simple help if some brother would teach me how. It’s very difficult to ask for help as a widow when you have never had to, you always feel you are bothering folks. Just to get a call from a handyman ministry once a month and be asked “ma’am is there anything we might help you with?” What a blessing that would be to widows with no family to help…. It would bless the Lord as well. I’ve had to pay through the nose for simple things, $500 to install a new sink disposal, $600 to install a new kitchen and bathroom faucet… sigh

  10. Em says:

    CML… I have a tire with a slow leak and was out there this a.m. putting air in… and i thot about how my M.O. over the years was to tell my husband that one of my tires looks low (half the time he’d say it’s your imagination 🙂 ) … FWIW, IMO, there’s nothing more attractive in a man than a Mr. Fixit… was going to say “sexy” but didn’t seem age appropriate LOL

    for a time we were affiliated with the Local Church movement (best described as evangelical, i guess) and the men met Saturday mornings for breakfast and then spent the day doing just what you’ve described

  11. filbertz says:

    Kerr’s list of novels pastors should read isn’t worth the read for the list, but for the reasons pastors should (bother to) read fiction. I will say his inclusion of “A Prayer For Owen Meany” was a pleasant surprise, one which I would second.

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