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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    “8 Rules for Social Media Wisdom”….good stuff…kind of obvious, but sometimes we need to be beat over the head repeatedly with the basics.

    Just as an aside…for some reason, I had a feeling that article had to be penned by the Gospel Coalition or some similar group. Why? I don’t know, maybe the use of the word “rules” triggered that reaction in me..

  2. Owen says:

    Some good reading in these links……
    Not quite understanding how any Christian could “unhitch” from the OT (link: “connection between old and new testaments”). Some excellent points made in the article.

    Also looking forward to delving into some of Eugene Peterson’s work, the article has me curious.

    The 1970’s? Well, I was very young, but I still remember about half of that list.

  3. Jtk says:


    “Experts say that the only way to truly work through devastating loss is to fully express and reveal the emotions of that loss with another human present in the room. Another human. In the room. Emotion revealed and validated.”

    This is so vital. We, the church, have such a valuable role.

    And just as I’ve seen two different family members dying of cancer separate themselves from people in their local church out of shame, embarrassment or “introversion” in their last days, it hurt them, their spouse and their kids greatly.

    Some things CANNOT be dealt with privately.

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